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Quarterly Product Release Webinar: Q1 Edition


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In this edition of the Quarterly Product Release Webinar, LinkedIn's product experts give you a full look at all the Q1 product updates rolling out across LinkedIn Talent Solutions.

Speaker Names:
Lauren Kuemmeler, Senior Customer Success Manager
Tucker Johns, Senior Customer Success Manager
Sankar Venkatraman, Global Product Evangelist

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Quarterly Product Release Webinar: Q1 Edition

  1. 1. March 2019 Quarterly Product Release Webinar
  2. 2. Lauren Kuemmeler Senior Customer Success Manager Sankar Venkatraman Global Product Evangelist Tucker Johns Senior Customer Success Manager Meet your hosts
  3. 3. Housekeeping • Muted by default. • Use Chat window to post questions. • Questions will be answered throughout the session. • Recording and slides will be sent via email after webinar. We will do our best to answer as many questions as possible throughout the sessions via the chat window
  4. 4. Agenda 1. Introductions 2. Product updates 3. Sneak peek 4. Q&A
  5. 5. Vision Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce Mission Connect the world’s professionals, to make them more productive and successful.
  6. 6. D E V E L O PP L A N H I R E LinkedIn helps talent-first companies develop winning teams by providing intelligent tools and unique insights.
  7. 7. D E V E L O PP L A N H I R E Talent analytics Workforce planning Peer benchmarking Smart sourcing Pipelining Scheduling Collaboration Rediscovery Job posting Employer brand Recruitment ads Company pages Career pages Learning paths Course content Learning platform Employee engagement
  8. 8. D E V E L O PP L A N H I R E Talent Insights SOURCE Recruiter ATTRACT Job Posts Talent Ads Career Pages LinkedIn Learning Glint
  9. 9. Product updates
  10. 10. PLAN | Drive business strategies P L A N D E V E L O PH I R E
  11. 11. Make informeddecisions. • Where shouldyou look for engineers in a saturated local market? • Why is attrition skyrocketing on the Sales team? • Where shouldyou open a new office,based on hiring difficulty? Talent Insights LinkedIn Talent Insights
  12. 12. LinkedIn Talent Insights
  13. 13. Make informeddecisions. • Compensationdata for US, Canada, and UK talent pools is now included. • Learn what key talent is paid to source more effectively and have more productive conversations. Salary Insights LinkedIn Talent Insights
  14. 14. Make informeddecisions. • Staffing and recruitment firms can now also benefit from real-time actionable insights through Talent Insights. Staffing availability LinkedIn Talent Insights
  15. 15. D E V E L O PP L A N HIRE HIRE | Find & recruit the best talent efficiently
  16. 16. Jobs
  17. 17. Connections Education Skills Open Candidate Industry Location Interest Salary Job searches Job views Content views Companies followed Connections at company Hires Industry Company size Experience Current employees Similar companies Macro labor trends Alumni Location Culture & Values Hiring Marketplace 30M Companies 60K Skills 610M Members 20M Jobs COMPANYJOB SEEKER AI
  18. 18. Deep member insights Likely to apply for your role Lives in San Francisco, CA Software Engineer Interested in Product roles Open to new career opportunities Passionate about Healthcare tech Ready for transition Actively applying to jobs Works at ACME co. What their actions and network say about them. (inferences made via LinkedIn data standardization and machine learning) What actions they take on LinkedIn. (includes both affinities & intentions) What members say on their profiles. (identity)
  19. 19. Understanding hiring needs What recruiter prefer. (inferences made via LinkedIn data and machine learning) What we infer based on successful matches. (includes both affinities & intentions) What you say on your job description. (structured) Based in Bay Area Title: Software Engineer Computer Games /Software Industry Required skills in bio: Java and SQL Inferred years of experience for this job: 2-5 years Inferred education for job: bachelors or masters or willing to relocate within same country
  20. 20. Job Wrapping updates Job Wrapping automates the job posting process. Now with additional fields: • Skills • Experience Level • Education Level • Salary Range • Commute time LinkedIn Jobs
  21. 21. Easy sharing of Jobs to Newsfeed. Use your status update fieldon LinkedIn to share specificjobs with your networks & company connections. • All employees can easily share job listings to their networks. • New notification for job seekers. “Share that you’re hiring” post LinkedIn Jobs
  22. 22. Push notifications Drive engagement for your jobs. • Targeted push notifications to relevant, activejob seekers. LinkedIn Jobs
  23. 23. Now available in Australia and Ireland. • Estimates and employer verified salary data on job postings. Salary insights expansion LinkedIn Jobs
  24. 24. Attract
  25. 25. The way candidates make decisions have changed. Candidates are increasingly influenced by their peers, reviews, and research as they make employment decisions. And your investment engages target talent witha relevant message at every touch point. Views a recruitment ad Views a job Views company page Views another job Visits career page Connects with an employee Receives an InMail Got hired
  26. 26. Know your member audience before you reach out Cold member A cold member does not know who you are as a company or likely never engaged with your company. Warm member Unaware Aware Engaged Considering A warm member has a good idea of who you are as an employer. Applied *Warmmember = Visiting company/ career page, viewing ajob, following your company, impressions and clicks on recruitment ads and clicks/social actions on updates.
  27. 27. Sponsored Content allows you to target LinkedIn members with desired skills LinkedIn Talent Media
  28. 28. Objective Based Advertising Upgraded Campaign Manager experience. • Easy-to-launch ads to attract top talent. • Easier measurement of results. • Forecasting and ad previews. LinkedIn Talent Media
  29. 29. Campaign Manager upgrade Achievethree core groups of objectives: • Brand Awareness • Consideration • Conversions LinkedIn Talent Media
  30. 30. Guided ad preview means you can see exactly what your ad will look like on LinkedIn (no more guessing). LinkedIn Talent Media
  31. 31. New forecast panel gives predictive results. LinkedIn Talent Media
  32. 32. Objective Based Advertising will ultimately deliver better results for customers. Easier setup Streamlined campaign creation, leading with objectives FEBRUARY 2019 Better results Optimized targeting. Reach the right people at the right time COMING H2 2019 Improved measurement Ability to track key results based on your objectives COMING H2 2019
  33. 33. Source
  34. 34. Increase response rates from candidates • Candidates quick reply buttons (Yes/No). • Frictionless way for candidate to express interest in role. InMail quick reply LinkedIn Recruiter
  35. 35. Recruiter System Connect Connect LinkedIn Recruiter and your ATS. • Save time. • Collaborate efficiently. • Ensure accuracy. LinkedIn Recruiter
  36. 36. LinkedIn integrates with other services to streamline your end to end recruitment process.
  37. 37. Global approach to GDPR Members first You own your data
  38. 38. “Members first” manifested Source: Business Insider
  39. 39. D E V E L O PP L A N H I R E DEVELOP | Nurture & develop talent
  40. 40. LinkedIn Learning Engage people in the moment. • Nurture and developyour teams with LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning
  41. 41. Employee engagement Glint people success platform. • Increase employee engagement. • Developyour people. • Improve business results. +
  42. 42. Sneak Peek
  43. 43. new intelligent hiring experience. 4 things you’ll love about your Coming soon!
  44. 44. Manage hiring channels – all in one place. Builda single unifiedpipeline for your sourced leads, job applicants and Pipeline Builder leads. Coming soon!
  45. 45. Proactive recommendations See recommendations as soon as you start adding candidates to your pipeline. • These suggestions will get smarter over time as we learn more about your preferences. Coming soon!
  46. 46. Quick view profiles Review candidate profiles without losing your place in search. • A new slide-in candidate profile in Recruiter will let you review candidates without opening dozens of new tabs. Coming soon!
  47. 47. Closing the loop Update candidates on their application status with just a few clicks. • You can now send messages to candidates individually or in bulk to let candidates know they are not moving forward. Coming soon!
  48. 48. Things to remember • Easier job posting flow: tap into your company's network with the 'Share that you're hiring' feature & automate with job wrapping • Attract talent with easy-to-launch ads through Objective Based Advertising • Let the tools do the work for you: talk to your LinkedIn Relationship Manager or ATS provider to get the most out of our apply integrations • Exciting future: look out for more details on the intelligent hiring experience in the next Quarterly Product Release Get the most out of this quarter's updates
  49. 49. Q&A Thank you for joining us! Before you leave: Please take the survey. Your feedback is valuable to us. You can access it by clicking on the survey icon in your console.