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The “What” of Pipeline Building: Relevant Engagement Mediums


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By now, most recruiters understand the importance of proactively engaging talent pools, but what do we do to actually engage them? Send newsletters? Open job lists? Funny jokes? Our goal is to engage them, but we may just be another annoying source of SPAM.

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The “What” of Pipeline Building: Relevant Engagement Mediums

  1. 1. Candidate engagement starts with effective talent pipelining, which is why we focus on it daily. Sales Director, Avature Federal (2015 – present) Founder & CEO, Provato (2007 – present) • Lead Federal Contractor Practice, adoption support & sales • Lead Government Sales Practice, project management & sales • Founded innovative and affordable recruiting services partner to help small federal contractors compete through talent strategies Previous Experience: 10+ years in staffing firms and human resources outsourcing RecruitDC Spring Conference 2017 Aaron McElroy – Perspective from My Background
  2. 2. The What of Pipeline Engagement – Relevant Engagement Mediums The “what” is what are you going to tell candidates? Engagement is most effective as a “two- way” interaction. “Mediums” are all of the means or methods you will use to interact with candidates.
  3. 3. Candidate engagement starts with effective talent pipelining, which is why we focus on it daily.
  4. 4. Thanks to the viral power of social media, we can… find anyone we need, build close relationships, and stay connected. 96% of companies recruit through social media, per 2016 SHRM report.
  5. 5. With broader geographical access to talent pools, we have historically unmatched access to qualified, interested, and available talent.
  6. 6. Candidates spend their time on mobile devices, so our communications are mobile and SMS friendly.
  7. 7. True engagement means lots of loyal followers, just waiting for your call.
  8. 8. Delivering inspirational content within a defined recruitment marketing strategy creates an efficient and powerful talent acquisition engine.
  9. 9. Time for a Reality Check… • Social Media Use LinkedIn is great, but how are you incorporating LinkedIn connections into your greater corporate strategy? How many hires can you attribute to non-LinkedIn social media? • Daily Talent Pooling How often do you look proactively for core needs? Do you adequately segment candidate data? What do you collect? How do you use it? • Geographical Access What percentage of your hires are offered a relocation package? Aren’t most searches confined to a reasonable commutable distance? Do viral campaigns work within a limited geographical area?
  10. 10. Time for a Reality Check… • Measuring Levels of Engagement How do you know if your engagement strategies are working? What is the evidence you need to prove ROI? How do you define conversion? • Mobile Readiness Are you communications meant to be read and responded to by someone on a mobile device? How do candidates feel about you texting them? • Plan vs. Production How can you institute a long-term strategy when you have priorities today? • Content Strategy How do I send relevant content instead of SPAM? Who provides the content? What is my recruitment marketing budget?
  11. 11. Between technology, creative costs, and the time to cultivate results, recruitment marketing can be expensive. Start by doing the basics right, then grow from there.
  12. 12. Embrace the pipeline… Vary your channels/mediums toward conversion.
  13. 13. Everything Starts with Data… CRM Persona Development • Core Competencies • Basic Info (commutable locations, education, compensation, etc.) • Unique Interests • Relationships/Influencers • Compelling Dates/Deadlines • Values & Culture Indicators Important Tips • It’s okay to gather information gradually • Data collection is on the rise – decide how you want to use it
  14. 14. • Productive – must show tangible results Content Strategy Goals & Objectives • Scale – define your reach • Realistic efforts / realistic results • You are telling the story of your authentic Employment Brand
  15. 15. How do you align your content strategy?
  16. 16. Aligned Concepts Make quality hires Predictable outcomes Extend employer brand End to end process delivery Stakeholder participation Persona Segmentation Find jobs that suits their lives Maintain employment options Verify employment brand Ease of participation Authentic points of validation Receive information that is useful Productive Use of Time Market Intelligence Transparency Technology & Messaging Productive Influencers Relevancy Candidate ObjectivesEmployer Objectives Focus on What Candidates Really Want to Know
  17. 17. Every Interaction is an Opportunity to Influence & Energize
  18. 18. Effects of a Negative Candidate Experience
  19. 19. Effects of a Positive Candidate Experience
  20. 20. What Candidates Want to See on Career Sites
  21. 21. Your Employment Brand is your story. It is your “What.”
  22. 22. Authentic Employee Validation – ECS Federal
  23. 23. Don’t Dispose of the Dispositioned
  24. 24. “The Good Guys of Recruiting” – Virgin Media
  25. 25. Raytheon – Demonstrate Values through Community Service
  26. 26. Landing Pages that Support Professional Expertise - Autodesk
  27. 27. Talent Community Medium - Ericsson
  28. 28. Landing Pages for Specialized Expertise - WalMart
  29. 29. Employee Testimonials - WalMart
  30. 30. Blog Campaigns – Toffler Associates
  31. 31. Triggered Email Campaigns Silver Medalist Campaigns • Re-engages “regrettable losses and silver medalists” two years after disposition via simple, triggered email campaigns • Emails have a 40% open rate • For those with relevant positions open, they have a 98% acceptance rate the second time
  32. 32. Segmented Email Campaigns by Verticals • Developed and track potential college recruits by 15 unique verticals • Emails have 47% open/click- through rates • No opt-outs to date
  33. 33. Non-Recruiting Events – BTI360
  34. 34. Video Campaigns Through YouTube – BTI360
  35. 35. Engaging Influencers & Stakeholders • Recruiter builds list of potential applicants • Sends list to Hiring Manager Segmented Vertical • Hiring Manager reviews for relevancy • Automated email on behalf of HM invites candidate to Special Landing Page Calibrated through Hiring Manager • Candidate more likely to consider invitation from trusted source (HM vs. Recruiter) • Candidate reviews landing page and registers interest Managed by Portal Registrations
  36. 36. The Sniffing Station, by A group of chemists were tasked to come up with a scented candle that smelled like MNY’s office. 15 scents were created containing traces of coffee, beer, and bad musk. The final scent chosen was turned into a scented candle, placed inside a scaled down replica of MNY’s office, and sent to college campuses to give soon to be graduates a real idea of what it’s like to work at MNY.
  37. 37. As part of a series of edgy billboards, MNY placed billboards around the city as part of its campaign to promote its employer brand to talent from other ad agencies in greater New York. Edgy Billboards, also by