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Mr PrePoll Survey delhi

  1. 1. Pulse of Delhi : 2014 Elections .. A Primary Research Presented by: Himanshu Bhatia Ritesh Sood Sumit Singh thakur Ragshree sirohi Giteshwari bisht Ashna Sharma Neeraj Bhandari Prashant
  2. 2. DEMOGRAPHICS OF DELHI  Current Population of Delhi in 2012 20,438,946  Population of Delhi in 2011 16,753,235  Total Male Population 8,976,410  Total Female Population 7,776,825  Sex Ratio in Delhi 866 females per 1000 males  Literacy Rate in Delhi 86% District wise Population of National Capital territory(NCT)  Total Population in Delhi 20,438,946  South Delhi 2733752  South West Delhi 2292363  North Delhi 883418  North East Delhi 2240749  North West Delhi 3651261  East Delhi 1707725  Central Delhi 578671  New Delhi 133713  West Delhi 2531583
  3. 3. LOKSABHA SEATS  Loksabha is composed of representatives of the people chosen by direct election on the basis of the adult suffrage.  There are seven loksabha constituencies in Delhi mentioned as under: Constituency Name of member Party 1 Chandni Chowk Kapil Sibbal INC 2 East Delhi Sandeep Dikshit INC 3 New Delhi Ajay Maken INC 4 North East Delhi J.P. Agarwal INC 5 North West Delhi Krishna Tirath INC 6 South Delhi Ramesh Kumar INC 7 West Delhi Mahabal Mishra INC
  4. 4. MAJOR ISSUES IN DELHI ELECTIONS 2013  Corruption  Inflation  Rising electricity bills  Women security  Sealing Drive
  5. 5. POLITICAL PARTIES & THEIR STANCES FOR THE NEXT ELECTIONS BJP – BHARTIYA JANTA PARTY  The party advocates welfare social policies, self reliance, robust economic growth, foreign policy driven by a nationalist agenda, and strong national defence.  For the next elections, it has laid down a roadmaps making good governance and development as its poll planks.  Hike in power tariff is likely to become a major issue for BJP in the run up to the assembly elections slated to be held in November. Promising Modi, Gujarat, Leadership, Development/Change
  6. 6. INC - INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS  The party has focused on its core areas of concern for next elections which include farmers, women, the socially deprived and the weaker sections.  The Congress plans to implement reservation for minorities, on the basis of social and economic backwardness, in government jobs and educational institutions.  The Congress has promised to implement reservations in the private sector for the economically weaker sections of all communities, without prejudice to the existing reservations for SCs, STs and OBCs. Weak PM, Good for nothing Rahul, Backstage Control by Sonia, Minority as vote bank
  7. 7. Research Analysis
  8. 8. Survey constituents : Gender
  9. 9. Survey constituents : Gender  Total population of Delhi is 20,438,946  Total male population is 8,976,410  Total female population is 7,776,825 In our market research total number of male and female participants were 352 out of which: No. of male participants were 198 constituting nearly 66% of people No. of female participants were 153 constituting 43% of the people who participated in the survey.
  10. 10. Survey constituents : Religion
  11. 11. Survey constituents : Religion  In New-Delhi Hinduism religion consist major population and after Hinduism Islam consist second largest population . People of different religion participated in survey were Hindu 266 (75%) Muslim 33 ( 9%) Sikhs 32 (9%) Christian 16 (5%) Others 6 (1%)
  12. 12. Survey constituents : Constituency
  13. 13. Survey constituents : Constituency  There are in all total 7 constituencies in DELHI.  Number of participants from different constituencies were : New-Delhi 73 (21%) South –Delhi 70 (20%) West –Delhi 55 (15%) East-Delhi 54 (16%) Chandni chowk 34 (10%) North east Delhi 27 ( 8%) North west Delhi 38 (11%)
  14. 14. Would you vote for 2014 General Elections? After doing survey we found that majority of people are ready to vote in 2014 general election . 93% people who participated in survey are willing to vote while 7% said no when asked about their participation in the upcoming elections.
  16. 16.  In this survey we tried to find what would be the main issue of upcoming general election we found some interesting results like: 46% people said corruption 23% people said Inflation 20% people said security 5% said privatization of electricity and water 2% said of Illegal migration of bangladeshi people 5% said others.  Major concern proved to be corruption by the union government and high prices of goods and services along with the issue of security.
  17. 17. Which party will win the maximum seats in Delhi The survey revealed the mood of the common man with BJP winning all the seven seats in Delhi, If this mood turns into vote then it is sure that BJP is going in for a clean sweep this time with very little left for INC. The anti incumbency factor is high in Delhi with 79% of people favoring BJP while mere 21% favored INC.
  18. 18. Preferred Prime Minister Candidate Narendra Modi Rahul Gandhi L.k.Advani Sonia Gandhi Nitish Kumar Other 61%14 12 4 3 3 Narendra Modi is the most favorable candidate for PM position according to our survey Rahul Gandhi holds second position as PM but is a weak candidate as compare to Modi
  19. 19. Do you think Gujrat Riots have an impact on upcoming elections? 47% 53% 00% Yes/No Yes(164) No(184) According to the survey conducted for knowing that Gujarat riots of 2002 will impact the current elections or not the results were 47% said Yes, and 53% said No so marginally it can impact the current elections.
  20. 20. According to you which alliance can handle nation efficiently? NDA can handle the nation efficiently according to survey, it is clearly visible 79% of the people voted for NDA rest UPA and OTHERS got only 21% vote
  21. 21. Do you think that local issues have an impact on general elections Local Issues does impact the general Elections
  22. 22. How would you rate the performance of UPA II?
  23. 23. Rating of UPA… INC was regarded “worst government ever” by 29% of people due to corruption and inflation Worst government ever 29% Bad 23% Average 22% Good 14% Excellent 3%
  24. 24. Which party would come to power if elections are held today? According to public opinion BJP clearly has an edge over INC
  25. 25. SUMMARY  According to the pre poll survey conducted, it is evident that present UPA II government is lagging far behind the major opposition NDA due to increased corruption and high rate of inflation.  The government has failed on various ends like security, lack of economic stability, etc.  People are gaining trust on NDA because of its leaders like Narendra modi, Shivraj Singh Chauhan and their credibility as the leaders focusing on development. For Delhi, BJP might get a clean sweep in the upcoming general elections !!!