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Why votein2014tovideo


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Why votein2014tovideo

  1. 1. Ever dreamt of changing India? • Eliminate Poverty • No child sleeps hungry • Quality Healthcare • Safety for women • Education & jobs for all • 24X7 electricity and water supply • Good roads • Clean cities A nation of our dreams. • Timely delivery of justice
  2. 2. Ways to achieve these goals. • Donate to charity Vote, & Vote Right! • Take initiative • Join NGO • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) • Use RTI But most importantly, because the biggest impact is made by good governance. Electing the right representatives is paramount !
  3. 3. Who votes in India?Who votes in India? Urban India is growing apathetic to elections !!
  4. 4. Why voting in upcoming election matters! • No Jobs – only 2 million/year jobs created in last 9 yrs versus 12 million/year in ‘99-04 period • High corruption – 2G, CWG, VadraGate , CoalGate, Adarsh, RailGate..list is endless! • Terror attacks continue – masterminds of 26/11 sit safely in Pakistan! • Weak foreign policy – Pak provokes, China intrudes, Lanka & Nepal snub, the I in BRIC is now Indonesia! • Rising prices – Oil, grains, onion – Common man’s life is miserable ! • No disaster management – Kedarnath mishap was the worst India witnessed. • Crumbling infrastructure – only 1600 km/year national highway added v/s 4763 km/year by NDA govt. Power generation projects delayed. Message is clear : India needs a change - a better Government this time ! Ensure you are registered to vote , next general elections could happen soon!
  5. 5. Why vote - mujhe kya? What’s in it for me. • Below 30 yrs : Shape the India of your dreams – a developed, secure nation which commands respect in the world. (65 % of our population is below 35!!) • Age 30-50 : It’s all about the economy! Hand-outs alone won’t solve anything, but growth which creates jobs, will. • Above 50 : You have seen it all - pro-poor & secularist rhetoric is the last refuge of crooks! Time to bequeath a better legacy to the next generation. 50% of youth in 18-24 age bracket are NOT registered to vote!
  6. 6. Get up youth. Gear up for India !
  7. 7. Why should women vote Women can influence their family members and house maids to vote for the right party. Women can drive the change for a clean and transparent politics.
  8. 8. How to Vote? • To exercise your franchise, your name should be in the electoral roll. You cannot vote without registration of your name in the Assembly Constituency (AC) for the area you reside. Therefore, it’s your duty to find out whether your name has been registered or not. • What is an electoral roll? –An electoral roll is a list of all eligible citizens who are entitled to cast their vote in elections. –The electoral rolls are prepared Assembly Constituency (AC) wise. –An electoral roll for any Assembly Constituency is subdivided into as many parts as the polling booths. –The Election Commission of India has set a limit of 1200 electors per booth. –Polling booths are so set up that no voter travels more than 2 kms to reach the booth.
  9. 9. How to check name in electoral roll? • Election Commission of India (ECI) has directed the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of each state to publish online the electoral roll for each Assembly Constituency (AC) in their state. • Links to the different CEO sites can be seen at • If you don’t know which AC your address falls under, check with a volunteer or look up the AC list at – • If your name does not show in the electoral roll for your constituency OR details like name, address, sex, age are incorrect, you need to fill out form 6/8/8A.
  10. 10. Check your name in MH electoral roll For Maharashtra, you can search below site– with voter ID card number or name.
  11. 11. EPIC Do you have an Elector’s Photo Identity Card (EPIC)? •The Election Commission of India has made voter identification mandatory at the time of poll. •The electors have to identify themselves with either Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) issued by the Commission or any other government issued identity proof (driving license, PAN card etc) as prescribed by the Commission. Will possession of an EPIC alone entitle you to vote? •Mere possession of an EPIC does not guarantee you can vote, it is mandatory that your name appears in the electoral roll. •Having your name in the electoral roll and possessing an ID proof (EPIC or others), you become entitled to vote.
  12. 12. Voter registration/update process-1 How to register to get my name added in the Electoral Roll? Eligibility - You should be 18 years or older as of 1st Jan, 2013. Documents Required - If your name is not in AC electoral roll, fill out Form No. 6 • Attested photocopies of following documents (refer slide 14) • Age proof • Address proof and id proof • 2 passport size photographs • If you have an existing EPIC, attach photocopy of both sides of the EPIC Card • If your name has to be deleted from the electoral roll of another constituency, those details can also be provided in same Form 6. A voter should be registered from only one constituency. •If there’s any modification in EC such as name, house number, middle name, last name, age, sex, epic number etc. a claim in Form No. 8 can be filed. •If you have changed your house from the polling area of one booth to other booth in the same Assembly Constituency ,you can file application in Form No. 8A for change/transposition from one electoral part to other part.
  13. 13. Voter registration/update process - 2 Submit Form, document, photo to Volunteer Volunteer validates form, Submit to EC and collects Receipt Applicants Name appears in Electoral Roll Verification successful (4-8 weeks) Name not in EC Contact Volunteer Submit Form 8 with Corrections Mistake in particulars
  14. 14. Documents needed for Voter Reg. Age Proof a) Any Government document showing age (e.g. Passport, Aadhaar) b) Birth certificate c) Copy of the mark sheet of class 5, 8, 10 or 12 d) A declaration in prescribed format by parent Address Proof i) Bank/Kisan/Post Office current Pass Book. ii) Passport/Aadhaar Card/ Driving License/ Income Tax Assessment Order iii) Latest Water/Telephone/Electricity/Gas connection Bill either in the name of the applicant or immediate relation iv) Rent or tenancy agreement (with supporting affidavit) v) Postal department's posts received/delivered in the applicant's name at the given address. vi) An affidavit stating the present address vii) Marriage certificate/Invitation card + spouses address proof. viii) If you are a student residing in a hostel / mess, you might not have any of the above mentioned address proof documents. In this case, you can get a Student Declaration Form signed by your college dean/principal/registrar. ID Proof Passport, Driving License, PAN Card, Service ID Cards issued to employees by State/Central Govt/PSU/Public Ltd. Co., Registered Property Deeds, Passbook with photograph issued by Public Sector Bank/Post Office, Student’s Identity Card issued by recognized Educational Institution, SC/ST/OBC Certificate, Pension Document, Railway Identification Card, Freedom Fighter ID Card, Arms License, Certificate of Physical Handicap
  15. 15. Join hands for a better India !!