Indian 2014 elections


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Views on the 2014 general elections in india

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  • allegedly showed him taking bribes from  Mathew Samuel  on a hidden camera while he was the president of the BJP. He resigned as the party president by BJP and a criminal case was registered against him which has entered prosecution stage. He was convicted by a Special CBI Court on 27 April 2012 for taking bribe under Prevention of Corruption Act and was taken into custod
  • Indian 2014 elections

    1. 1. The Battle for Supremacy!!
    2. 2. Political Parties: Major Candidates - Indian National Congress Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)
    3. 3. 2014 Elections: Strategy for the People The founding fathers of the nation or the architects of the constitution had perhaps never in their wildest of dreams imagined that the Indian democratic system would one day become a forged democracy. The Constitution envisages the people of the country electing their representatives to the Lok Sabha.  The largest political party in the Lok Sabha in turn was expected to choose their leader to be appointed as the Prime Minister.
    4. 4. The Prime Minister was to nominate his council of Ministers from amongst his party MPs and those amongst the coalition partners based on his perception of the capabilities and experience of the elected representatives. That was all well said. But have we as a country stood by the spirit of the constitution?
    5. 5. The Maladies: No one today can fight an election without money and muscle power. A common man can only be a voter and never a candidate in the system. It will always be the chosen rich or the powerful that would represent you in the highest body of democracy. Candidates being nominated for a price or because they belong to a particular caste, religion, ethnic group or linguistic considerations are the norms. This is particularly disturbing as Indian people value secular democracy free from divisive and partisan influences.
    6. 6. Qualifications, experience, capabilities and character of individuals have very little impact in the present muddy and opaque system of selection of candidates. After the votes are cast, the voters are forgotten and even despised Under the circumstances, the voter has to learn to work within the tweaked system to elect a Government that would work for the betterment of the people. India needs a Government which will perform and towards the common man’s interests. The rural and the urban class definitely deserve a better treatment and quality of life
    7. 7. Political Party Option: INC The present UPA Government consisting of the Congress Party and its allies has proved a disaster. The so called “coalition dharma” has proved to be an “adharma” to the nation, opening up the gateway to corruption and nepotism Law and order situation in the country has become unmanageable. Our political class has abetted to refashion a Gandhian society into a sick one, where not a day passes without a rape being reported
    8. 8. Even in matters military and foreign affairs the Government is paralyzed to the extent of compromising on India’s sovereignty
    9. 9. The BJP: Though their record of misdeeds has been relatively less, probably because of limited opportunities, have they shown any resolve to eliminate corruption? The Karnataka example of squandering the mineral wealth and above all exporting the plunder to China has no parallel. Though they shout endlessly about the Bofors scandal or the Bhopal tragedy victims, they have done very little while in power to bring these issues to their logical conclusion.
    10. 10. the Bangaru Laxman episode, Petrol Pump and Gas Agency allotment Scam or the Jain Hawala case. Fundamentalist threats to Christians in Orissa and the demolition of Babri Maszid are fresh in the minds of the people
    11. 11. Prime minister Options: BJP- BJP’s Narendra Modi has done much better than any other political party or individuals in the state of Gujarat in terms of generating job opportunities and improving the quality of life to its people. There have not been any major corruption charges against him individually or within the state He has shown his firmness in handling political power brokers and the bureaucracy
    12. 12. He has won the state elections thrice continuously indicating the approval of the people. He does appear to be leadership material worth giving a chance. Yes the Gujarat riots haunt him. He has however not been indicted by any court for his complicity in the affair till now
    13. 13. Indian National Congress: UPA’s Rahul Gandhi has himself rejected proposals for being appointed the PM of the country. Why have an unwilling horse run the race?  His educational qualifications, experiences in governance are very limited. He has indeed gone about doing party work in UP during the recent elections. His infrequent utterances and speeches in various forums do not reveal any exceptional vision for the country or the people of the country.
    14. 14. As for Dr Manmohan Singh the current PM who has staked a timid claim for the post, the least said the better. He has failed to show any leadership quality in all these years as the PM.  The country has had enough of him.
    15. 15. The Choice: Looking dispassionately, the country needs a change very badly. Going by past record of political parties, once voted to power they are usually back to their old ways irrespective of their promises or experiences. An individual may be a better option It is for the people to make their choice of the leader based on the demonstrated performance and experience of the available candidates within the existing system
    16. 16. India has any number of honest individuals with great leadership qualities capable of steering the country to its glory which it rightly deserves. But in our system there are no way such talents and capabilities can be put to use at the national level It is time social workers, organizations and prominent people like Anna Hazare go down to villages and educate the people so that voters’ power is utilized for the benefit of the people and the country
    17. 17. Conclusion: The country can no longer tolerate corrupt politicians with criminal background designing laws for us. The old and the tired legislators need to give way for the young and those of the present generation. Routine standard responses to grave situations and issues of national importance no longer impress people. The country has been deceived enough by feeding on divisive stories and issues such as secularism, fascist forces, religion, caste, language etc
    18. 18. If we fail to make use of the next general elections to bring about the much needed transformation, India runs the risk of becoming a failed state under a fake democracy. The answer is change, new faces and a PM of peoples’ choice