Mr pre poll survey of chattisghar


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Mr pre poll survey of chattisghar

  1. 1. Political Scenario of Chattisgarh Presented by: Bharat sharma(11) Mohit pareek (46) pulkit agrawal (63) pulkit tiwari(64)
  2. 2. Executive Summary • In order to predict the possible results upcoming National Assembly election our group have formed questionnaire which aims to find out what are the major problems that CG state is facing, and In order to solve those problems what is there opinion towards implementation and execution of policies that states have made, and we also tired to find out which govt does CG state people wants next.
  3. 3. Contd…. • The total responses we got were 73 respondents, 68% of respondents are from Chattisgarh state. This shows we got mixed respondents, though majority are from stated but there are many respondents who are from different states.
  4. 4. Naxalist Problem Our group believes that naxlism is amongst the major problem that our Democracy is facing today. Started as an Revolutionary movement it started deviating from its ideology of Maoism now. Therefore Our group believes that these questions on Naxalism in CG and its retialiation by GOI and CG Govt can be used as an yard stick to measure the success of Assembly election 2014.
  5. 5. We had asked this Question with an Action Plan to respondents • Naxalism is one of major deep rooted problem in CG. Rate the following strategies in the order of significance formulated by state govt (BJP)to fight naxalism
  6. 6. Smart police work, identifying the areas where the Naxalites were active and isolating their leaders • On this Question the response of the Respondents is indifferent • On the scale of five 35% of respondents scaled it to 3 and 20% scaled it to 2 • We believe more people believes that this action is less effective and GOI and CG Govt must come up with different action plan.
  7. 7. Proper Implementation of Constitutional Rights to the Tribals and Improving Education and Health Facilities • Majority of the respondents scaled it to 3 i.e 46% of total responses • It may be possible that respondents believes that these things matter less to that section of the society
  8. 8. Introducing New Battalions of CRPF • 38% of total respondents scaled 3 and 28% scaled it 2 • Mixed responses of respondents gave mixed picture and to some extent they believe that Introducing new battalions of CRPF would not going to be good Idea.
  9. 9. One Central Command for Anti Naxal Operations • 43% of the respondents scaled it 3 and 26% it to 4 • It can be assumed that respondents were in favor making central commanding authority for fighting Naxal menace.
  10. 10. To involve Army to fight with naxalites. • Of the total respondents 32% scaled it to 3 and 25% scales it to 4 • As we observed we believe that respondents were not clear about involvement of army in to fight Naxal menace
  11. 11. On Naxal Issue • As we analyzed the response total respondents, our group believes: • Respondents were not clear about the social need of the tribals • They are seeking mixed plan of all action plan suggested as an possible action to fight naxal menace.
  12. 12. Salwa Judum(anti-terrorist movement) As we observed majority of Respondents believes that yes it should be bring back into action to fight naxal menace, but 13% of the respondents believes that it is not good to give arms in the hand of civilians.
  13. 13. Performance of BJP in tribal areas As we can observe that respondents have mixed responses about asking performance of BJP in tribal's areas, This may because of development issues those tribal area facing.
  14. 14. Effect of Recent Attacks by Naxals on Congress leaders On asking the effect of naxalities attacks on congress leaders on 2014 assembly election, 28% of respondents believes that yes it will effect BJP in CG.
  15. 15. Rank in order of highest to lowest contribution of BJP to solve these issues. Education: On scale of 5 respondents response were indifferent in nature as we can see 39% have scaled 3
  16. 16. Reservation for SC/STs On this issue respondents responses were quiet clear, As most of the responses were scales it 2 or 1, our group assumed that they were unable to solve reservation issues
  17. 17. Weak Public Distribution System to supply rice at 3/- per Kg to Below Poverty Line People As we observed that on this question respondents believes that the CG govt is not fully able to implement its PDS scheme.
  18. 18. Labor Migration As this is one of the major issue that CG is facing, its skilled labor is migrating to other states in search of better job, also on these issue respondents response were more negative than positive.
  19. 19. Naxalism On this most crucial issue respondents seems to confused, because both central and state were fighting with this naxal menace and inefficient in solving this issue raise question towards both GOI and CG govt
  20. 20. Health and Sanitation On the total respondents majority of respondents believes that CG govt is unable to provide proper health and sanitation facilities to its state people.
  21. 21. Mining Issues This issue is important because it about safeguarding the national resources, if we observe we will find that majority of respondents believes that CG govt is able to slove issues related to Mining.
  22. 22. Electricity Supply 43% of respondents scales 2, that CG govt is unable to provide regular electricity to its people, but is small section of people who believes that the CG govt have done satisfactory job in supplying electricity.
  23. 23. Low mortality rate of infants IMR is one the major issues that most of the states like CG facing today, as we can see majority of peoples were not satisfied about CG govt policies towards savings the lives of small one’s
  24. 24. Being one of the youngest state, Chhattisgarh’s growth is dynamic. Are you satisfied with the overall progress of this state? On such big question present CG govt is lagging behind, about 31% of the total respondent responds negatively when they ask about the govt satisfaction.
  25. 25. In your opinion, for the benefit and progress of Chhattisgarh, the next government should be- It is shocking but true that majority of respondents believes that yes BJP will come back in election next time also. As we can see 40% of the respondents responded positively in favor if present BJP govt.
  26. 26. • Thank you