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indian general Election 2014


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indian general Election 2014

  1. 1. A general election will be the next election for the 16th Lok Sabha in India. Voting will take place in all parliamentary constituencies of India to elect members of parliament in the Lok Sabha. The current 15th Lok Sabha will complete its constitutional
  2. 2.  Gujarat Chief Minister N a r e n d r a M o d i was chosen to lead the B h a r a t i y a J a n a t a P a r t y 's c a m p a i g n a f t e r a p a r t y c o n c l a v e i n G o a .[16][17]This came amid controversy L a l K r i s h n a A d v a n i opposed the decision and resigned from his party posts, only to later rescind his resignation. M u r l i M a n o h a r J o s h i and S u s h m a S w a r a j were p a r t o f T e a m 2014, u n d e r M o d i 's leadership, for the campaign. R a j n a t h S i n g h , A t a l B e h a r i V a j p a y e e and L a l Kr i s h n a Ad v a n i - wh o h a d o p p o s e d t h e d e c i s i o n t o n a me M o d i i n f a v o u r o f h i m s e l f [19] w o u l d b e t h e me n t o r s f o r t h e B J P 's c a m p a i g n ] A 12-m e m b e r
  3. 3.  and will have other BJP stalwarts on its committee: M. Venkaiah Naidu, Nitin Gadkari, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Chattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh and Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar. Twenty sub-committees will assist the main committee with focus on such aspects of electioneering, including rallies, publicity, manifesto, social media, courting first time voters, "crowd sourcing" and a "charge-sheet" against the UPA. general secretary Ananth Kumar said: "All the sub-committees will be steered under the leadership of Narendra Modi...The party has given Modi the responsibility of 2014 elections...Under his leadership the whole campaign will move forward," BJP general secretary Ananth Kumar said. Gadkari was also tasked with paying "special attention" to Delhi for its forthcoming provincial assembly election; he will be assisted by Amritsar MP Navjot Singh Sidhu.
  4. 4.  The Indian National Congress had announced, on the fourth anniversary of the second United Progressive Alliance government, that its campaign for the election would be led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, INC chairperson Sonia Gandhi and general secretary Rahul Gandhi. Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari said: "The government and the party have decided while Singh is the PM and Sonia is the Congress chief, Rahul Gandhi has energised the party cadre. So the 2014 elections would be fought under the leadership of the triumvirate."[26] Sonia Gandhi appointed her son Rahul to head a six-member committee to formulate and implement alliances, the party manifesto and general publicity for the election.
  5. 5. I n r e s pons e t o s a ggi ng o p i n i o n p o l l n u mb e r s f o r t he ge ne r a l e l e c t i on, t he I N C s o u g h t t o f a s t -t r a c k a de c i s i on on s e pa r a t i ng T e l a n g a n a from Andhra Pradesh, create a coalition government with the J h a r k h a n d M u k t i M o r c h a and the R a s h t r i y a J a na t a D a l in J h a r k h a n d , sought to take sole credit for the F o o d S e c u r i t y B i l l and t a b l e a c ont r ov e r s i a l l a n d h o l d i n g f a r me r f r i e ndl y La nd A c q u i s i t i o n B i l l .[28] R a h u l Ga n d h i c r i t i c i z e d a U P A g o v e r n me n t
  6. 6.     Media in India are highlighting Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi's "emotional speech" ahead of key elections in five states. Mr Gandhi spoke of the assassination of his grandmother Indira Gandhi and father Rajiv Gandhi - both former prime ministers in his speech at a rally in the northern state of Rajasthan on Wednesday. "Rahul Gandhi raised an emotional pitch addressing two rallies in poll-bound Rajasthan, portraying himself as a victim of the 'politics of hatred', adding he could be assassinated like his grandmother Indira Gandhi or father Rajiv," says The Economic Times. "I understand the pain of losing someone very close. My father too was killed… Anger over violence is natural but it only hurts common people. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP - India's main opposition party) makes use of people's anger," the Hindustan Times quotes Mr Gandhi as saying.
  7. 7. The CNN-IBN website says "taking a look at Mr Gandhi's election rallies over the last few weeks, it seems the Congress leader has ensured he re-visits his past and recounts emotional anecdotes".  Newspapers say Mr Gandhi's strategy is largely aimed at voters in rural and tribal areas.  "Mr Gandhi's aim it appears is two fold: to strike a direct connect with his audience, mainly in rural and remote areas, who have in the past been strong voters of 'Indira Amma' (Mother Indira) and evoke the 'sacrifice' that his family has made for the nation," says The Business Standard.  But media say it's too early to analyse the impact of his emotional pitch on voters.  "Wednesday was the perfect day for him to try out his (new) strategy. But on the basis of evidence at hand, it is difficult to know if it worked," the First Post website says. 
  8. 8.  1. Desh ko ACT nahi ACTION chahiye 2. It is my dream that we should be a nation supplying arms to the world. A Global 'supplier' not a 'buyer' 3. It is not enough to build buses. Making sure the conductor behaves well with the people is what constitutes good governance. 4. Government, cannot change the nation. It is people who must bring about real change. Many people sacrificed their lives for the freedom struggle. But when Gandhi ji said, every work people do is for the nation, that spirit of community made India a free country. Similarly, Government, cannot change the nation. It is people who must bring about real change. The Sujalam Sufalam canal project included meetings with farmers and they were given charge of various aspects of the project and the work was completed in 2 years. 5. Democracy is a collaboration between the people and the Government. In Gujarat, development is a combined effort.
  9. 9.  6. Farmers in Gujarat used to agitate because of lack of electricity. We told farmers to stop relying on electricity. We told them they don’t need electricity, they need water. Today, farmers in Gujarat have started thinking of agriculture as irrigation-based. 7.Our mindset is our biggest problem. Why can’t we see every challenge as an opportunity? 8. Bureaucratic mindset during British rule was to keep the empire happy. Today we are an independent country and our bureaucrats need to work for the people and not the Government. 9. Development should not be at the cost of environment. 10. Eco friendly and durable source of energy is solar energy. 11. Canal top solar power plants save water and harvest energy.
  10. 10.  Well, the answer is simple anyone. Anyone you want. What is the worst thing that could happen? Nothing… n o t h i n g ..!! The s i t ua t i on c a n ’t b e a n y w o r s e ..!!