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RV 2014: Rail~Volution 101 by GB Arrington


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Rail~Volution 101 AICP CM 2

What have we learned during Rail~Volution’s first twenty years? How can we make a place better? What are the fundamental principles of building livable communities with transit? What have we learned across disciplines in the public, private, nonprofit and philanthropic sectors? How can transit-oriented design be a catalyst for positive solutions, as well as meeting energy and environmental challenges? How do green design, reduced trips and energy usage, and a smaller carbon footprint come into play? How can we promote long-term sustainable economic growth in our neighborhoods? Hear the voices of experience from Rail~Volution’s first two decades. Participate in an in-depth discussion on where we’ve been and where we go from here. What’s changed? What’s happening? What’s ahead?

Moderator: Tim Baldwin, Principal, Rocky Mountain West Transit & Urban Planning; Associate, Steer Davies Gleave, Denver, Colorado
Dan Bartholomay, Chief Executive Officer, Rail~Volution, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Shelley Poticha, Director, Urban Solutions, Natural Resources Defense Council, Washington, DC
Scot Spencer, Associate Director for Advocacy and Influence, Annie E Casey Foundation, Baltimore, Maryland
Peter McLaughlin, County Commissioner, Hennepin County, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Earl Blumenauer, 3rd District, Oregon, United States Congress, Washington, DC
GB Arrington, Principal, GB Place Making, Portland, Oregon

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RV 2014: Rail~Volution 101 by GB Arrington

  1. 1. MAKING PLACE BETTER Reflec%ons: Rail~Volu%on @20
  2. 2. OVERVIEW Topics § 20 years § Beyond myths § Tomorrows stations § TOD principals § Creating value § TOD market § Case studies § Conclusions
  3. 3. LOOKING BACK QUICKLY What’s changed from Rail~Volution 1 to Rail~Volution 20 Circa 1980 Portland LRT & Transit Station Area Planning renderings "
  4. 4. LOOKING BACK QUICKLY What’s changed TOD cartoons to 1,000’s of built TOD projects Portland Cartoon " Portland, Dallas, Cleveland Washington DC, San Francisco, Minneapolis TODs "
  5. 5. LOOKING BACK QUICKLY What’s changed Export Portland TOD to a na%onal movement Minneapolis, Phoenix, Charlotte, Boston, Seattle, Miami " VP Gore, Rail~Volution 1998 Orenco Station "
  6. 6. LOOKING BACK QUICKLY What’s changed Educa%on & advocacy to a growing lifestyle West Baltimore, Denver, Chicago, California, Brisbane AU " My home, Portland Urban Infill TOD"
  7. 7. LOOKING BACK QUICKLY What’s changed Planning is sufficient to an implementa%on focus Miami " Garland, TX"
  8. 8. LOOKING BACK QUICKLY What’s changed Any TOD is ok to equitable + sustainable + jobs TOD Affordable TOD 10th & Osage Denver " Arlington VA, San Jose, Vancouver BC "
  9. 9. LOOKING BACK QUICKLY What’s changed Transit a “good” to transit designed for development Seattle 60th & I-84 Portland " Streetcar "
  10. 10. LOOKING BACK QUICKLY What’s changed A residen%al project to a mixed use district Pearl Del Mar, Pasadena " District, Portland "
  11. 11. LOOKING BACK QUICKLY What’s changed Limited TOD examples to a market preference SW Mockingbird Station, Dallas " Waterfront, Portland "
  12. 12. TOD MYTHS Development next to transit is TOD
  13. 13. TOD or TAD? § Majority of development at US transit stations are not TODs § TOD is still illegal in at most US transit stops § Not enough to be next to transit, must be shaped by transit LRT Station" Transit-Oriented Development Transit Adjacent Development Cisco Systems TAD San Jose, CA" Street Car TOD Portland, OR"
  14. 14. SHAPED BY TRANSIT § Greater density § Less parking § Better public realm § Mix of uses § Very walkable § Tame the car San Diego, Portland, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Denver San Francisco, Dallas"
  15. 15. LRT Station ORENCO STATION The fundamentals for a successful TOD ~ a great neighborhood § Safe streets § Strong center § Local services § Parks & open space § Housing choices § Good jobs Hillsboro, OR"
  16. 16. TOD MYTHS geSng the planning right is sufficient
  17. 17. KEYS TO TOD SUCCESS: IMPLEMENTATION FOCUS § Planning based in development reality § Apply the power of partnerships § Market driven, not transit driven TOD § Designed for the pedestrian 41st & Fox Commuter Rail Station Denver "
  18. 18. VISION FOR WHAT YOU WANT Overlake Transit Village, Redmond, WA"
  19. 19. CLEAR PATH & ROLES TO GET THERE Overlake Transit Village, Implementation Plan, Redmond, WA"
  20. 20. TOD MYTHS This is a great TOD project
  21. 21. a successful PRINCIPLES FOR TOD Active defined center § Series of projects " § 18 hours of activity " § Quality public realm / sense of place " § Employment closest to transit" § Compact & dense "
  22. 22. TOD: A DISTRICT NOT A PROJECT T! Orenco Station A District The Round A Project T!
  23. 23. MISSION BAY SAN FRANCISCO § Mission Bay redevelopment § University Campus § High Density Housing § Mixed-use § Station at SF Giants ball park
  24. 24. TOD MYTHS Transit enables TOD
  25. 25. LINK TO A BROADER STRATEGY TOD: a “means to an end” to achieving community objectives § More than transit § Part of community’s vision for growth § Building partnerships essential § Basis to gain greater broader support & success State Center TOD Strategy, Baltimore MD"
  26. 26. 21ST CENTURY STATIONS City shaping with transit requires a new approach to transit. Quality design Make transit work Create a place Connect to the community Navy Yard Station Washington, DC
  27. 27. TOD MYTHS Transit riders: the market for TOD
  28. 28. UNDERSTANDING YOUR MARKET § Emerging Trends in Real Estate ‘10: – "The future is about green development, infill, & TOD" § Majority of TOD residents are childless – Empty-nesters & young urban professionals § TOD households tend to be higher income – Reflects newer construction Portland TOD Condo"
  29. 29. MILLENNIALS WANT URBAN 2011 National Association of Home Builders: § 88% of Gen Y want to be in an urban setting § 1/3rd willing to pay for the ability to walk § Huge market: 80m Gen Y v 76m Boomers
  30. 30. WHAT TOD RESIDENTS WANT From Transit Community Resident Surveys: § Well designed communities § Easy access to a center § High quality residence § Quality transit service § Pedestrian Friendly § Good price value The Merrick" Orenco Town Center" “The ability to walk to a pint of milk”
  31. 31. TOD MYTHS TOD needs less parking
  32. 32. a successful PRINCIPLES FOR TOD Limited, managed parking § Always a challenging issue § Consider: size, loca%on, design & management § No minimum ra%os, maximums § Disconnect parking from buildings, manage by district § Park ‘for sale’ nearly conven%onally
  33. 33. 10 Trips " TODS BEHAVE DIFFERENTLY T O D h o u s i n g g e n e r a t e s 5 0 % 6.67 Trips " l e s s a u t o t r affic t h a n c o n v e n t i o n a l h o u s i n g 3.55 Trips " Single Family" Multifamily Multifamily " TOD " Daily Vehicle Trips "
  34. 34. TODS CREATE LESS TRAFFIC TOD residents are: § Twice as likely not to own a car as US Households § 5 times more likely to commute by transit than others in region Self-selection: § Responsible for up to 40% of TOD ridership bonus Rio Vista, San Diego" Columbia City, Seattle"
  35. 35. TOD MYTHS ½ mile is the TOD walkshed
  36. 36. a successful PRINCIPLES FOR TOD Compact pedestrian-oriented § Block sizes for 5-minute walk" • Max of 400 ft block face" § Orient buildings to sidewalks " § Calm streets " § Active street edges with wider sidewalks " § Retail & office closet to transit"
  37. 37. DISTANCE, USE & MODE SHARE WMATA Survey – transit share decreases with distance § First 600 ft really matters § Office mode share drops about 1% every 100 ft § ½ mile residential share 200% higher than office Lesson: put office & retail closest to station "
  38. 38. TOD MYTHS Density makes TOD viable
  39. 39. a successful PRINCIPLES FOR TOD Medium to higher density § Greater than community average" § Distance to transit matters" § To support transit on average:" – 6 to 7 du/ac for frequent bus" – 9 to 25 du/ac for rapid transit" § Minimum density effective tool "
  40. 40. TRANSIT ALONE DOES NOT CREATE VALUE Value results from: § Overall development market § Land available for development § Supportive plans & policies § Designing transit for value New Lynn Station, Auckland, NZ" West Corridor, Denver"
  41. 41. TRANSIT RENT PREMIUM Locations within ½ mile of transit command much higher rents § Washington D.C. +28% rent premium § Northern Virginia & Montgomery Co + 40% rent premium CoStar Group 2011 Navy Yard & Waterfront Metro Stops
  42. 42. RAIL DEVELOPMENT PREMIUM TriMet Blue Line study – Hillsboro to Gresham § Found a 36% premium over & above what could otherwise be expected without LRT – Blue Line LRT: 36% increased rate of & density of development Blue Line TOD"
  43. 43. TOD MYTHS TODs maximize mixed use
  44. 44. a successful PRINCIPLES FOR TOD Mix of uses § Planners require it too often " § Vertical or Horizontal" § Most difficult TOD element" § Great TOD benefits" – More walking + ridership" – Reduced auto-use" § Prohibit auto-oriented uses closest to transit "
  45. 45. PEARL DISTRICT PORTLAND Mixed-Use TOD Public & private partnership – Housing – Infrastructure – Parks § Since1997 – $1B+ Devlp – 3,000+ units § Tight parking § 22% affordable
  46. 46. TOD MYTHS We need rail before we do TOD
  47. 47. DON’T NEED TO WAIT FOR TRANSIT Same planning & development fundamentals apply § Transit-Oriented § Pedestrian-Oriented § Development-Oriented " " T O D P O D D O T
  48. 48. TOD MYTHS These ideas won’t work here
  49. 49. FIRM BASE TO DRAW ON § Market preference for urban housing § Lot’s of experience to draw from § Demographics trends are favorable § Federal policy support Blue Line, Twin Cities"
  50. 50. COMMUNITY BUILDING + PEOPLE MOVING § Trends are on your side § Plan for the pedestrian § Leverage the power of partnerships § Raise your aspirations § Make TOD legal & easy § Develop a strategy equal to the task Melbourne AU, Seattle, Portland"
  51. 51. THANK YOU 971-282-5118