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Rail~Volution 101 - Fundamentals: Principles and Practices


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New to Rail~Volution? Need a picture of what Rail~Volution is all about? Ground yourself in the origins of the movement to build livable communities with transit. Find out where we're headed. Inspirational and practical, hear about the innovative ideas at the foundation of the movement. Listen as leaders in federal and state government, representatives from developer and foundation communities, as well as TOD and livability experts, share experiences. Dig deep. Ask questions. Join the discussion about making places better. You'll lay a foundation to build on throughout the conference -- and beyond!

Moderator: Lynn Peterson, Secretary, Department of Transportation, Washington State, Olympia, Washington
Earl Blumenauer, 3rd District, Oregon, United States Congress, Washington, DC
Christopher Coes, Managing Director, LOCUS, Smart Growth America, Washington, DC
GB Arrington, Principal, GB place making, Portland, Oregon
Grace Crunican, General Manager, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District; Vice President, Board of Directors, Rail~Volution, Oakland, California
Scot Spencer, Associate Director for Advocacy and Influence, Annie E. Casey Foundation, Baltimore, Maryland

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Rail~Volution 101 - Fundamentals: Principles and Practices

  1. 1. Getting TOD 
 Right Reflec%ons  From     40  Years         Doing  TOD
  2. 2. OVERVIEW §  Four things §  TOD evolution §  TOD benefits §  Your guide ~
 Rail~Volution Topics
  3. 3.               Four  TOD   things  that  may   surprise  you      
  4. 4. Mode is not as important 
 as you think.           1.
  5. 5. TOD WORKS WITH BUS OR RAIL §  That said, for shaping development 
 rail is nearly always better than bus Location, market & frequency all matter more than mode Bus TOD, PortlandRail TOD, Los Angeles
  6. 6. Not your fathers rail line.          Community Building + People Moving 2.
  7. 7. City shaping with transit requires
 a new approach to transit. 21ST CENTURY STATIONS Quality design
 Make transit work
 Create a place
 Connect to the community
 Navy Yard Station
 Washington, DC Design for walking to transit Not driving to transit 

  8. 8. Distance matters differently
 for different uses           3.
  9. 9. DISTANCE & MODE SHARE §  First 600 ft really matters §  Office mode share drops about 1% every 100 ft §  ½ mile residential share 300% higher than office Lesson: 
 put office & retail closest 
 to station Transit share 
 decreases with distance DC  Metrorail  Mode  Share     Office   Residen%al   At  sta%on   35%   54%   ¼  mile   23%   43%   ½  mile   10%   31%  
  10. 10. DISTANCE & WORK MODE SHARE §  Workers with jobs near transit much more likely to use transit than those with homes near transit Jobs near transit Denver Commute Mode Share By Workers Distance From Transit Live Only Work Only Live + Work ¼ mile 26% 37% 62% ½ mile 18% 31% 50% 1 mile 11% 26% 35% Sweet Spot: Jobs + Homes near Transit 
 more important than homes Journal of Transportation Research October 2015
  11. 11. Achieving TOD 
 is no longer enough 
  12. 12. RAISE THE BAR Create Complete 
 TOD Communities §  Time to push market fundamentals further §  Consider displacement 
 & gentrification §  Link economic opportunity, affordable housing, good jobs Paseo  Verde,  Philadelphia   Mixed  Use,  Affordable  LEED  Pla%num  TOD      
  13. 13.               TOD  driven   evolu%on  
  14. 14. VANCOUVER, BC Main Street Station Vancouver, BC The Economist: 
 World’s most livable city 
 6 years in a row 10 years: §  total trips up 23% §  vehicle trips down 10% §  Doing TOD for 40 yearsD
 TO TRANSIT CITY A quick look at the building blocks 
 on the journey to transformation   Melbourne, AU
  16. 16. TOD EVOLUTION Getting Started
 TOD 1.0 Circa 1980 Portland TOD Planning § Education & advocacy § Collation building § Adopt supportive policies § Best practice library § Visit Portland or Washington, DC
  17. 17. TOD EVOLUTION Getting Plans in Place
 TOD 2.0 § Plans & policies adopted § TOD is now legal §  Focus on residential 
 & a few select sites § Transit agency lead Seattle TODs
  18. 18. TOD EVOLUTION Implementation Focused 
 TOD 3.0 § More district based TODs § Many plans require TOD § Reshape transit for TOD § Robust TOD tools § City leadership Denver TODs
  19. 19. TOD EVOLUTION Transforming Your Region 
 TOD 4.0 § Market prefers TOD § Green, equity & jobs TOD § Tight parking ratios § TOD part of regional DNA § The world visits you Main Street Station Vancouver, BCWashington, DC TODs
  20. 20. SO WHAT WILL YOU 
 ASPIRE TO BE? Or a city with transit? A transit city? Dallas 14.7 Transit trips per capita Region shaped by highways Portland 58.7 Transit trips per capita Region shaped by transit
  21. 21.             Some  TOD         benefits  
  22. 22. TOD BENEFITS For the Transit Agency §  More riders at a lower cost §  Repositions transit – 
 as a means to the end of a 
 livable community §  More “choice” transit riders 
 v focusing on commuters Auckland, NZ & Portland
  23. 23. 
 LINK TO A BROADER STRATEGY State Center TOD Strategy, Baltimore MD §  More than transit §  Part of community’s 
 vision for growth §  Building partnerships essential §  Basis to gain broader 
 support & success TOD: a “means to an end” to achieving community objectives
  24. 24. Senior   Apartments   Townhouses   Market  Rate   Apartments   Affordable     Family  Apartments   Senior  Housing   For  Sale     Townhomes   Affordable  Family  Apartments   Rental  Market  Rate   TOD BENEFITS For the City TOD 
 is a means to leverage: §  Implementation of 
 local plans §  Catalyzing economic 
 development §  Advancing mixed income housing 
 Center Commons Portland, OR 

  25. 25. TYSONS CORNER Existing Proposed Transforming America’s 12th largest employment center into its largest TOD Time Magazine highlighted the plan as one of 
 “10 Ideas for Changing the World Right Now.” 

  26. 26. TOD BENEFITS For the Community TOD 
 is a way to have: §  Less traffic, cleaner air 
 and a healthier lifestyle §  More money in your pocket §  More choices for housing, retail 
 and access to jobs Denver & Portland TODs
  27. 27. 10 Trips 6.67 Trips 3.55 Trips Single Family MultifamilyMultifamily TOD TODS BEHAVE DIFFERENTLY T O D h o u s i n g g e n e r a t e s 5 0 % 
 l e s s a u t o t r a ffi c t h a n c o n v e n t i o n a l h o u s i n g DailyVehicleTrips
  28. 28.               Adding       it  all  up    
  29. 29. Hillsboro, OR LRT Station ORENCO STATION Hillsboro, OR §  Safe streets §  Strong center §  Local services §  Parks & open space §  Housing choices §  Good jobs a great neighborhood The fundamentals for a successful TOD ~
  30. 30. SHAPED BY TRANSIT §  Greater density §  Less parking §  Better public realm §  Mix of uses §  Very walkable §  Tame the car San Diego, Portland, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Denver San Francisco, Dallas
  31. 31. RAIL~VOLUTION An abundance of tools and connections 
 for building livable communities with transit
  32. 32.
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