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RV 2015: Transit Cost + Equity: Current Trends in Affordable Fares and Passes by Chris Arkills


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Learn about the leading examples of transit fare and pass programs available or in development for the lowest-income residents of three regions: Pittsburgh, Denver and Seattle. Explore the details of the programs. Gain fresh perspectives on how the programs came to fruition. Understand the roles of a range of partners -- public, nonprofit, philanthropic and others -- in implementing these efforts. Practical experience to bring back to your own system.

Moderator: Dace West, Executive Director, Mile High Connects, Denver, Colorado
Zoe Williams, Transit Organizer, 9to5 Colorado, Denver, Colorado
Chris Arkills, Transportation Policy Advisor, King County, Seattle, Washington
Molly Nichols, Community Organizer, Pittsburghers for Public Transit, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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RV 2015: Transit Cost + Equity: Current Trends in Affordable Fares and Passes by Chris Arkills

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