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Linkedin Survival Guide


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Power Point Presentation For the Biz Buzz Social Media Conference 2016.

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Linkedin Survival Guide

  1. 1. Linkedin Survival Guide
  2. 2. ABOUT ME  Social Media Strategist at Be Socially Awesome  Owner of No Fuss Accounting Services (since 2007)  Business Consultant and Trainer  Planner Addict, Chihuahua Owner, Whovian
  3. 3. #MyKosmo
  4. 4. Make sure it is filled out 100% Head Shot – Updated picture (Not from 7 years ago) Invest in a good photographer Background Image – Great for branding and matching other social profiles. Use that profile title section to stand out from the rest. Custom URL Avoid Flooding Your Updates with Profile Changes Profile Tips
  5. 5. Story Telling Area Summary Section
  6. 6. Summary Section
  7. 7. Summary Section
  8. 8. Add Media to each Experience Position Summary Section
  9. 9. Summary Section
  10. 10. Profile Tips Review and edit the “Endorsements” of your skills. Remove the ones are not applicable and reorder and highlight the ones that count. Ask for recommendations: if you are unable to post recommendations on your business transactions, consider ones for your volunteer work, or networking / connecting abilities etc. Get creative. How amazing are you?
  11. 11. Skills / Endorsements
  13. 13. Skills / Endorsements
  14. 14. Recommendations
  15. 15. Recommendations Only Send Requests To People You Have Done Work For
  16. 16. Finding and Making Connections Opportunities to socialize; get in front of a connection (anniversaries; new jobs etc)
  17. 17. Finding and Making Connections Add connections; using email connection, Recheck periodically ( I do it monthly)
  18. 18. Finding and Making Connections
  19. 19. Finding and Making Connections Find Alumni Linkedin Recommended Connections
  20. 20. Finding and Making Connections Join LinkedIn Groups  Network with potential new connections  In groups you can build your brand and authority in your field. By answering questions and adding value to conversations and topics.  In groups you can look at questions people are asking and use as inspiration for blog posts or videos.
  21. 21. Finding and Making Connections LinkedIn Groups
  22. 22. Finding and Making Connections Use For Content Ideas; SEO suggested Long Tail Keywords LinkedIn Groups
  23. 23. General Tips Become Invisible!  Did you know when you look on a persons profile, they can see that you were there?  You can also view who checked your profile out.  If you turn yourself invisible; you will no longer be able to see who checked you out, until you turn yourself visible again.
  24. 24. General Tips
  25. 25. General Tips
  26. 26. General Tips
  27. 27. General Tips Keep Track of Your Contacts  Did you know that you can export your entire Linkedin directory of contacts to a spreadsheet?  Easier to search and sort in a spreadsheet than inside of Linkedin.  You can also tap into the emails for use in Facebook ads.  Do NOT add them to your newsletter / email list- that is spamming
  28. 28. General Tips
  29. 29. General Tips
  30. 30. General Tips
  31. 31. General Tips
  32. 32. General Tips
  33. 33. General Tips  Limit industry lingo in bio / job descriptions  Connect with people you know or vet connection with others  Blog on Linkedin Using “Publish a Post” VS “Share an Update”
  34. 34. General Tips
  35. 35.  Do NOT spam with Linkedin emails  When requesting to connect; don’t just use the template email; add why you want to connect  Make sure you use your status updates  Like, comment and share other’s updates (being Social!!)  Add your Linkedin profile link to your email signature  Upload PDFs / Presentations to  Consider / Try Linkedin Premium (Free Trial) to see if you feel it is worth the price. General Tips
  36. 36. LinkedIn / Slideshare.Net
  37. 37. LinkedIn / Slideshare.Net
  38. 38. LinkedIn Premium
  39. 39. LinkedIn Premium
  40. 40. LinkedIn Premium
  41. 41. LinkedIn Premium
  42. 42. CONNECT WITH ME! @JoanneLDelBalso Search “Be Socially Awesome” on Facebook For My Private Facebook Group @besociallyawesome Search “Be Socially Awesome”
  43. 43. QUESTIONS? S To grab this pdf!!!