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LinkedIn basics 2014


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Are you a small business?
Are you wondering what YOU need to know about LinkedIn?

My latest presentation was designed to take you through all the basic points on how to Optimise your profile and then how to "use" your profile to attract connections, to network and gain new clients.

Please let me know what you think, or share what YOU would like to know more about! I am here to help YOU!

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LinkedIn basics 2014

  1. 1. LinkedIn Basics 2014 Everything a SME should know
  2. 2. What will we cover?  LinkedIn Statistics 2014  LinkedIn 101  Who is your Ideal Customer?  Optimise your Profile  What to do with Groups?  Status Updates – Why?  Privacy Settings
  3. 3. LinkedIn Statistics There are over 300 million LinkedIn Users 48% state they are on LinkedIn 2 hrs a week 53% of B2B have acquired a customer via LinkedIn Posting status updates is rose by 10% to 39% 70% of users state LinkedIn is Important Information sourced from :
  4. 4. LinkedIn Basics 101  LinkedIn is a powerful tool that generates leads  LinkedIn is not a resume  LinkedIn reflects your business & career future  LinkedIn shares your story and why you are unique  LinkedIn sells your services, product and expertise 24 / 7
  5. 5. LinkedIn Basics 101
  6. 6. Who is your ideal client? Before you even begin your LinkedIn Profile Who is your ideal client? Design your Profile with them in mind!  Do you know their age, gender or nationality?  Who do you like to work with?  Do you know what they need to earn to pay for you?  What are their interests?  What do they do in their leisure or recreational time?  Are they single, married, family or grandparents?
  7. 7. Your LinkedIn Profile
  8. 8. Step One Your LinkedIn Photo Do you use a professional current photo?
  9. 9. Step Two Does your headline grab the viewer’s attention? Be creative Use keywords that apply to your profession Add some "bling", make sure your profile
  10. 10. Stunning Headlines
  11. 11. Step Three USE KEYWORDS  Be "found" on LinkedIn.  Research your keywords  Check out your competitors  Write your summary with keywords  Fill in your experience in your keywords Tip #1 : Use Google Keyword Tool to find keywords you should use on your profile!
  12. 12. Step Four Customise your LinkedIn Profile URL Why?  Your LinkedIn Profile will be one of the very first listings found when “googled”  Make it your personal name so that it is optimised for search engines! Tip #2 : You should also include this link in your email signature,
  13. 13. Click Edit & change to your name Customise your URL
  14. 14. Step Five Your Summary – Your Story Your have one chance for a first impression and why your summary is extremely important!  Tell “your story”  Write as though you are talking to your “ideal client”  Less is more – Write about you in 10 seconds  Include a “Call to Action” at the end of your summary  Include a video link of your written summary  People these days don’t like to read, give them a easy way out!  Allows the view to like, know and help them to trust you  Talk personally to your ideal client and touch on their pain points and how you can solve them!
  15. 15. Step Six Your Experience  Be relevant with writing your past & existing experience  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) sensitive  Each individual position listed is keyword rich  Optimise your descriptions to be found in LinkedIn’s “search”
  16. 16. Customise your Profile Customise Personalise your information to stand out!  Go to your profile : on the right hand side of your photo is a blue “Edit” button  Edit Contact info : personalise your webpage information with a “call to action”
  17. 17. Customise your Profile
  18. 18. CUusset oVmisuisael syour Profile Five clever ways to use visuals 1. Photo that is professionally taken 2. Use your skills & endorsements section 3. Use your corporate logos 4. Rich Media | Publisher Rights 5. Be active in Groups
  19. 19. Endorse & Recommend  Only endorse a person for a real ability you know of  Endorse your work associates and clients  Choose what you want to be endorsed for  People will reciprocate  If you make a recommendation, ensure that it is factual and genuine.  You do not have to accept an endorsement or a recommendation.  You can remove a endorsement  Remember perception .... Quantity = Credibility
  20. 20. What to do with Groups?  Join Groups where your ideal client would choose  Start a topic that is a pain point  Ask a question  Lurk to find out what they worry about  Respond on subjects you know  Join Groups that include fellow professionals  Great B2B opportunities  Keep up to date with industry updates  Network & Communication  Share ideas & helpful information  Gain valuable new connections
  21. 21. Privacy Settings
  22. 22. Your LinkedIn Control Page Control what people can see!
  23. 23. Untick to keep out of activity feed Save Changes Activity Broadcasts
  24. 24. Stay in touch If you’ve found this LinkedIn Basics 2014 workshop useful and would like to stay in touch, or would like to receive more information on how best to utilise social media, contact me at: