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E waste’ management final


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Munna Chaudhary

e-waste management

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E waste’ management final

  1. 1. ‘e-waste’ DESHWAL E-WASTE RECYCLER Authorised Licensed by: Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board
  2. 2. About usDeshwal E-Waste Recycler has involved into ElectronicWaste Recycling from 2011 by an approved process ofPollution Control Board. ExperienceWe have an experience of 8 years of running an ITorganization which is involved in selling computerperipherals and accessories within corporate world. Weunderstood the industry need and setup theorganization which helps consumers in recycling their e-waste through a legal and environment favorablemethod.
  3. 3. What is E-waste ?E-waste consist of Wastes generated fromused IT, Electronic and Electrical appliancessuch as Computer Monitor, CPU, Printer, Harddisk etc which are rejected and not fit for theiroriginal use and are destined to Recycling orDisposal.
  4. 4. Impact of e-waste on Human LifeIn addition to its damaging effect on theenvironment and its illegal use into developingcountries, researchers have now linked e-waste toadverse effects on human health, such asinflammation and oxidative stress -- Leads toHeart disease, DNA damage and possibly cancer.
  5. 5. Type of e-wastes IT and telecommunication Devices: -1. Personal Computers (CPU with input and output devices)2. Laptop (CPU with input and output devices)3. Printers including cartridges4. Electrical and electronic typewriters5. Pocket and desk calculators6. And other products and equipment for the collection, storage, processing, presentation or communication of information by electronic means7. User terminals and systems8. Facsimile9. Telex10. Telephones11. Pay telephones12. Cordless telephones13. Cellular telephones14. Answering systems etc….
  6. 6. Consumer Electrical & Electronics:-Television sets (including LCD & LED)RefrigeratorWashing MachineAir-conditionersMicrowave
  7. 7. Current Disposal TechniquesIn India Scrap Workers areusing Unsystematic mannerfor the disposal of e-wastewhich is a dangerouspractice for Environment.
  8. 8. 10-Year-Old Asif washesMotherboards ripped ofgold and silver in the banksof Ganga River. He will sellit as plastic scrap Rs. 2 perkg.
  9. 9. Human Liability Social Responsibility Secure Data Destruction Valuable Space Legal Responsibility
  10. 10. Rule of Consumer or Bulk Consumer• Consumer or Bulk Consumer of electrical and electronic equipment listed in Schedule 1 shall ensure that e-waste generated by them is channelized to authorized collection center or registered dismantles or recyclers or is returned to the pick-up or take back services provided by the producers.• Bulk consumers shall maintain records of e- waste generated by them in Form 2 and make such records available for scrutiny by the State Pollution Control or the Pollution Control Committee Concerned.
  11. 11. Non-ComplianceDelivery or Handing over of e-waste to any unauthorized agency is a criminal offence under EPA 1986The Notification of e-waste rules has already come into force w.e.f. May 1st 2012Imprisonment for a term which may extend to five years with fine which may extend to one Lakh rupees.
  12. 12. Who is LiableIn chargeManagerSecretaryDirectorWhoever was directly in charge of, and was responsible to.
  13. 13. Procedure of DisposalIdentifying the Right Recycler/agency.Having an Agreement With Agency.Request for Pick-up of a E-waste.Having Form 13 against Pick-up of E-waste.Verification of Disposal.Form 2 Entry.Recycling Certificate with Photo Copy.Entry of disposal e-waste in Passbook.
  14. 14. Membership BenefitsLiability to pick-up e-waste timely.Regular updates for MOEF.Free Consultancy on e-waste.No pick-up charges of e-waste upto 10-50 Kg.Employee benefit schemes & programmes.Helping the customer to reply to PollutionControl Board.
  15. 15. Membership Schedule Member Ship Charges Type Amount Valid for Silver 15000 1 Year Gold 25000 3 Years Platinum 35000 5 Year Membership Includes Lifting Charges IncludesMembership CertificateCompliance of e-waste rules and  Transportation Costregulations  Labor CostFree Consultancy on e-waste  Disposal CostEnrolment to points and rewardsRegular updates on e-waste from MOEF  Recycling Certificate
  16. 16. AuthorizationDeshwal E-Waste Recycler carries requiredauthorization from Pollution Control Boardand membership from UCCI for handlinghazardous and e-wastes.
  17. 17. Benefits of RecyclingOur purpose is to provide environmentally sound,innovative and economic electronic wasterecycling solutions to our community. We strive toprovide green alternatives for todays electronicassets management dilemma and to promote policychanges that benefit the environment, health, andeconomy through safe disposal and recycling ofelectronic goods.We have developed a sustainable turnkey processfor E-Waste management in an environmentallyfriendly manner.
  18. 18. Restricted by copyright: Not for further distribution Registration cum Passbook
  19. 19. Manifest Copy Maintaining Necessary FORM-13 [See Rule 7(4) & (5)] (Under the e-waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2011 Hazardous Waste Manifest (e-Waste) (Information of hazardous waste for disposal) 1. Occupier’s Name & Mailing Address: 2. Occupier’s Registration No. (Including phone no :) 3. Manifest Document No.Restricted by copyright: Not for further distribution 4.Transfer’s Name & Address 5. Types Of Vehicle: 6. Tranporter’s Registration No. Truck Tanker (Including Phone No.) Special Vehicle 7. Vehicle Registration No. 8. Designated Facility Name & Address: 9. Facility’ Registration No. 10. Facility’s Phone 11. Waste Description: 12. Total Quantity of Waste (Detail as per enclosed sheet) m3 t 13. Consistency e-waste 14. Transport Description of Waste 15. Containers 16. Total 17. Unit 18. Waste e-Waste Wt/Vol. Quantity Category No. Type No. e-waste as per includes Performa 19.Special Handling Instructions & Additional Information: 20.OCCUPIER’S CERTIFICATE: I hereby declare that the contents of the consignment are fully and accurately described above by proper shipping name and are categorized, packed, marked, and labeled, and are in all respect in proper condition for transport by road according to applicable to national government regulations. Typed Name & Stamp Signature Month Day Year Month/Day/Year 21. Transporter Acknowledgement of Receipt of Materials Typed Name & Stamp Signature Month Day YEAR 22. Discrepancy Note Space 23. Facility Owner or Operator’s Certification of Hazardous Waste Types Name & Stamp Signature Month Day Year Signature Month/Day/Year Enclosed: Performa Of the e-Waste detail
  20. 20. FORM 2 for Record Keeping FORM-2 [See Rule 4(8), 5 (5),6(4),7(6), 11(5) and 13(8)]Restricted by copyright: Not for further distribution FORM FOR MAINTAINING RECORDS OF e- WASTE HANDLED Quantity in metric Tons (MT) or Kilograms (Kg) annually. 1. Name & Address: Deshwal E-Waste Recycler, G1-147A, IID, Producer / Collection Industrial Area, Khushkhera, Rajasthan Centre/ Dismantler/Recycler 2. Date of Issue Of Authorization 2nd Jan 2012 / 19th Jan 2012 Registration 3. Validity of Authorization 31st Dec 2012 / 18th Jan 2013 / Registration 4. Types & Quantity of Category: e-waste Quantity: 200Kg e-waste handled Item Description: List Attached 5. Types & Quantity of Category: e-waste Quantity: 0 e-Waste Stored Item Description: 6. Types & Quantity of Category: e-waste Quantity: 200Kg e-Waste Transportation Quantity Name, Address and contact Deshwal E-Waste Recycler, G1-147A, IID, Details of the destination Industrial Area, Khushkhera, Rajasthan
  21. 21. RECYCLING CERTIFICATE Certificate No. DEWR/RC/25001 Issue Date: 2nd Jan 2012Restricted by copyright: Not for further distribution This is to certify that 250kg of e-waste collected from M/S Bry Air Asia , against manifest no 25168 dated 2nd Jan 2011, which shall be recycler and disposed safely as per norms. (Stamp & Authorised Signature) For Deshwal E-Waste Recycler Authorised by: Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board
  22. 22. FORM 3 for Filling the Return FORM-3 [See Rule 4(9),5(4),6(3),7(4),9(7),10(5),11(5) and 13(9)] FORM FOR FILING ANNUAL RETURNS OF SALE, COLLECTION, DISMANTLING & RECYCLING OF e-WASTERestricted by copyright: Not for further distribution [To be submitted by producer/collection centre/distributer/refurbisher/dismantler/Recycler by 30th June following to the financial year to which that returns relates] Quantity in Metric Tons (MT) or Kilograms (Kg) annually 1 Name and Address of the Producer/distributer/collection centre/ Refurbisher/ dismantler/ recycler 2 Name of the Authorized person and Complete address with telephone and fax Numbers and e-mail address  Total quantity of e-waste sold/purchased/ Sent for processing during year for Each category of e-waste listed in the Scheduled(Attach list) Details of the above Types Types 3(A)* DISTRIBUTERS:Quantity of e-waste Sold/purchased/sent to : 3(B)* BULK CONSUMERS: Quantity of e-waste Sold/sent to: 3(C)* REFURBISHERS: Quantity of e-waste Purchased/sent to: 3(D)* DISMANTLERS: Quantity of e-waste in MT Purchased & processed and sent to : 3(E)* RECYCLERS: Quantity of e-waste in MT Purchased / processed : Name and Full Address of the destination 4 With respect to 3(A-E)above 5 Types and Quantity of materials segregated /Recovered Types Quantity from e-waste of different Categories as applicable to 3 (D) & 3(E) Note: The Applicant shall provide details of the funds received (if any) from producers and its utility with an audited certificate  Enclose the list of recyclers to whom e-waste have been sent for recycling. *delete whichever is not applicable Place………………………………… Signature of the Authorized Person
  23. 23. Group Of Companies Dev IT Serv Pvt. Ltd. Established in 2005 Delivering all IT needs ( Hardware, Software, & Services) in Big corporates & Enterprise OXYPC Computers Established in 2009 Refurbishing and selling of old PCs and IT products NicTag Established in 2010 Manufacturer of PC security locks and Tele Amplifier Solution Deshwal E-waste Recycler Established in 2011 Managing and disposal of Electrical/Electronic/IT/Telecom Waste Deshwal Waste Management Established in 2012 Management and Consultancy for All kind of Wastes (except Bio and Municipal Waste)
  24. 24. Green IT Disposal Save Valuable Space by removing your Old IT Equipments. We Guarantee for Safe disposal of your IT Equipments also issue Certificate for them.
  25. 25. Thank You : Corporate Office : : Contact Person :1st Floor, SCO 82-83, Main Market Munna Chaudhary Sector 17A, Gurgaon – 122 001 Business Development Executive Phone: 0124 - 4993499 Mob: +91-99100-33823 Web: Email: 26