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Emily Birchfield - Interior Design Portfolio 2014


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The portfolio of Class of 2014 interior design technology student Emily Birchfield. Students learn how to put together a portfolio of their work and have it ready to share for showing to prospective employers and clients. Interior design technology is a two-year diploma program at Lakeland College in Vermilion, Alberta, Canada

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  • the concept of retail store z vry good but it can be better if the language u given to fount facade continues in some space in interior.
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Emily Birchfield - Interior Design Portfolio 2014

  1. 1. Hi, My Name is Emily Birchfield and I was born and raised in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. As of May 30th, 2014 I will be a graduate from Lakeland College’s two year Interior Design Technology Diploma. Lakeland College has provided me with an education in diverse subjects including: technical drafting (AutoCAD), design, digital graphics, materials, construction fundamentals, building systems, textiles, graphic presentation, manual drafting and effective writing. In the future I hope to broaden my knowledge by obtaining LEED certification, because I am keenly interested in sustainable design. I enjoy many things about interior design, my favorite thing is to be working on the computer doing AutoCAD, or using innovative design rendering programs. I am also interested in 20th century architecture, where my favorite residential work is Richard Neutra's Kauffman House from 1946. Outside of the design world, I enjoy reading and sports. During college I have enjoyed being apart of the Varsity Rowing Crew. Being in the captain position of my boats this past season has taught me valuable leadership lessons
  2. 2. NKBA KITCHEN • Project Outline • Concept • Working Drawings • Hand Drawn Perspective NKBA BATHROOM • Project Outline • Concept • Working Drawings • Hand Drawn Perspective RETAIL PROJECT • Project Outline • Concept • Working Drawings • Google SketchUp Model TROUT POND – Group work • Project Outline & Concept • 3D Model Building • Green Strategies Poster • Rendered Perspective The Commons – Group Work • Project Outline & Concept • Planning • Plans • Perspectives Restaurant Project (coming soon) • Preliminary Direct Perspecectives
  3. 3. Project Outline: Since there will be multiple families preparing food and cooking in the space, the kitchen must include two separate sinks, two dishwashers, a cooktop, a microwave and a double oven. The space should be planned for the three families to prepare meals together to encourage socializing for the mothers and their children. While most of the storage would be devoted to items used jointly by all inhabitants of the house, some tall storage for personal use by the three families should be included. This could be used for snacks and specialty food that could be shared by the individual families. Some work spaces would be in order to encourage group participation during meal preparation and to involve the children in kitchen tasks. The kitchen does not fall under commercial kitchen requirements and regulations, only residential requirements and regulations should be used. Designers can assume that the kitchen does not need to be geared for a resident with disabilities. The eating area should be designed for accommodating only four people dining at one time in the kitchen for “meals on the go” since the large dining area can accommodate all three families eating at once for a sit down meal.
  4. 4. Project Outline: The original floor plan of the master bathroom/closet is unacceptable to Mrs. Davis. The entire original closet/bathroom area can be redesigned but must remain in the original footprint. She would like the bathroom and closet redesigned to include two sink areas, a large jetted tub and separate large shower with multiple shower heads. The toilet and separate bidet may or may not be located in a separate compartment. Doors/windows in the bathroom/ closet (including entry to the bathroom/closet) can be removed/repositioned and/or combined. Approximately ½ of the total footprint of the bathroom/ closet area should be bathroom and ½ be closet. She would like some natural light in the bathroom. Lighting is important to Mrs. Davis and she would like creative use of accent and/or art lighting in both the master bath and kitchen. Mrs. Davis would like a natural habitat outdoor feel to the bathroom.
  5. 5. Project Objective: To design a retail store in a large mall. You (the student) are responsible for the design of the store interior and the storefront. You are also responsible for the design of the signage and graphics for the store.
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  7. 7. ` Project Objective: Rob and Rachele have a site which surrounds the trout pond in the park. They have commissioned the students to design a house which makes best use of the site and has minimal impact on the environment. Client Narrative, Rituals and Program Rachele rises early. Her morning routine includes writing reading and sketching. These activities and thought ensue in the quiet of the morning hours, in either the dwelling or the garden when weather allows. The afternoon is devoted to more studio time or in the summer to gardening... At times, she enjoys a stroll in the garden. At the end of each day she likes to view the setting sun. When not visiting garden sites or conducting research at a library or archive, Rob usually works at home. He does have occasional visitors regarding his work. The couple has an extensive art collection they want to display in a gallery type of environment They like midcentury style and have some pieces they wish to use in this space. • The garden is an important element for the clients. • Dwelling Program approx. 2000 square feet • Entry an area for greeting guests (Public) • Living/Dining An area to seat 8 (Public) • Kitchen/bath • Guest sleeping Area An area large enough to accommodate one-two people (Private) • Master Bedroom and Bathroom • Parking-an area located adjacent to the home. This may be screened or partially covered but is not to be completely enclosed.
  8. 8. Example of Strategies: Advanced Wall Systems This sustainable home features a 12” Nascor Wall system made with engineered wood and expanded polystyrene. This results in an insulation value of R-48. The walls are structurally engineered wood columns called ‘Pink Wood’. Pink Wood has a non-toxic coating that makes it fire resistant, water resistant and mold-free. Foundation The foundation of this home is constructed using Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) system, paired with an additional interior wall for extra insulation. The resulting foundation system has an insulation value of R-41. Heating An Air-Source Heat Pump is used to heat this home. They are specially designed for cold weather climates and have an efficiency range from 100%-400% depending on the temperature outside.
  9. 9. Top Floor Main Floor Bottom Floor
  10. 10. Project Objective: A conceptual group project to redesign the Student Commons at Lakeland College, Vermilion, Alberta. Concept: Lakeland College proudly celebrated its 100th birthday in November of 2013. The college has provided a higher education to students all across Canada for enough time to have witnessed the evolution of technology; work habits, study techniques, and how students work together in a school setting. Students are no longer studiously researching their subjects in books and paper references but rather using the internet. These changes make it necessary to take a step back and investigate what sort of facilities can be an asset to the average student. Dedicated group work areas, pods of computers, breakout rooms and recharge stations all address the modern day student. These are the sorts of solutions that are being introduced into the new Commons design. A fresh and exhilarating scheme, devised to be comfortable and functional for every student on campus. As Lakeland begins a new century of education it reaches for Higher Ground with the new student oriented Commons.
  11. 11. Main Floor Zoning Lower Level Zoning Adjacency Matrix
  12. 12. North Lower Level Main Floor
  13. 13. Circulation Desk CaféBreak – Out Room Raised Lounge area Books & Group Work
  14. 14. Coming Soon: This project is not yet completed, but here is a sneak peak at Saffron, an authentic East Indian restaurant!
  15. 15. Front Entrance & Coat Closet Booth Seating & Bathroom Hallway Dining & Planters