Lindsey chickeness - Interior Design Portfolio 2014


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The portfolio of Class of 2014 interior design technology student Lindsey Chickeness. Students learn how to put together a portfolio of their work and have it ready to share for showing to prospective employers and clients. Interior design technology is a two-year diploma program at Lakeland College in Vermilion, Alberta, Canada

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Lindsey chickeness - Interior Design Portfolio 2014

  1. 1. LINDSEY CHICKENESS Design Portfolio
  2. 2. RESIDENTIAL WORK • NKBA Bathroom • NKBA Kitchen • Trout Pond COMMERCIAL WORK • Lakeland College Commons Project • Retail Store RENDERINGS & OTHER DESIGN WORK
  3. 3. PROJECT OUTLINE: • Design a master bathroom for a couple living in a one bedroom cabin • Comply to NKBA planning guidelines and access standards • Meet clients needs for a natural looking and feeling bathroom • Clients request two sink areas, a large jetted tub, and large separate shower with multiple shower heads
  4. 4. Warm Retreat This bath is a couples retreat designed around a love of all things natural and the lake cabin lifestyle. Set in a lake community in Nebraska, this bathroom offers an organic yet polished space to unwind at the end of the day. Just as the water on the lake at sunrise and sunset is calm, this bathroom is serene and tranquil. A requirement for their bathroom was to have plenty of natural light and natural materials to reflect their surroundings. The design focuses on a comfortable and durable space was necessary as this will be their long term residence. A few specific requirements which were met include: two sink areas, a large jetted tub, separate shower with several showerheads, and a separate toilet and bidet. The large rectangular custom copper bathtub by Diamond spas meets the clients’ needs and the natural aesthetic of the copper is a focal point in the space. The shower is spacious and includes a floating bench, four body sprays, two rain showerheads, and two thermostatic showerheads. It is perfect for a peaceful yet luxurious shower. Programmable radiant in-floor heating readily available, adds warmth to not just the eye but to the senses. The recycled glass countertops and the onyx vessel sinks reinforce the color palette. Six south-west facing clerestory windows offer a great amount of desired natural light. Blue accent lights placed on the wall on either side of the copper bathtub add a cool glow to the warmth of the walls and porcelain wood floor. Beige glass wall sconces by the sink mirrors allow the light to be reflected in the bathroom. With all functional requirements met, this bathrooms organic yet stylish feel is due to the use of copper, brushed nickel, blue and golden tones throughout.
  5. 5. PROJECT OUTLINE: • Design a multi-family kitchen for Enchanted Makeovers • Comply to NKBA planning guidelines and access standards • Create an environment that is calming and welcoming for women and children to live free from domestic abuse • Clients request two dishwashers, seating for four and at least one double oven
  6. 6. New Roots New Roots is a multi-cook kitchen designed for families that need a fresh start in a safe environment. Enchanted Makeovers is looking for a kitchen design that is supportive and inspirational for women and their children. Plenty of storage and counter space for the occupants of the home is an important requirement for this kitchen. The kitchen has unique storage items such as a pull-out divider tray for cooking sheets and muffin tins, large pots and pans pull-out, a two tiered cutlery divider with seven sections on each tier, and sink base cabinet with accessories such as stainless steel tilt-out trays and plastic bag storage. A large pantry, a beverage refrigerator, and refrigerator/freezer combination drawers adds extra space that is easy for children to access. Stainless steel appliances give a new feeling to the space, like the new start these women and their families are searching for. The large main refrigerator has a water/ice dispenser, and adjustable shelves for convenience. The induction cooktop offers safety features for children with the burners only being hot when it comes in contact with other metal. A lower kitchen counter seating area was put in for morning breakfasts and homework. A wall designated for chalk board paint entertains as well as keeps families on schedule with day to day activities. Maple Mocha glazed Waypoint cabinetry keeps the kitchen warm and inviting. Dark crown molding and baseboards makes the kitchen more traditional, keeping it in style with the original architecture of the home. White quartz countertops keep the kitchen light. Tempered glass over fabric creates a unique backsplash. To brighten up the room vivid green paint is used on the wall. Cork flooring is comfortable, eco-friendly and durable. Glossy glass backsplash tiles add extra shine to the kitchen. This kitchen’s transitional and fun style will brighten the spirits of these families needing new roots.
  7. 7. PROJECT OUTLINE: • Group project • Group members; Bretton Toop, Breanne Croteau, Erica Shaw • Design a sustainable home for a working couple which includes an art studio work space and dining for a maximum of ten • Location: Trout Pond, Vermilion, Alberta • Close attention to passive solar design through windows, building materials & all finishes
  8. 8. PROJECT OUTLINE: • Group project • Group members; Bretton Toop, Charles Kimball, and Keltie Smith • Design new conceptual ideas for the Commons • Location: Lakeland College, Vermilion, Alberta • Project features a new second level and café open after cafeteria hours
  9. 9. PROJECT OUTLINE: • Design a retail store of your choice • 3D model • Provide working drawings; include key plan, fixture plan, reflected ceiling plan, elevations, cash desk detail, and electrical plan • Perspective drawings • Material board • Presentation (power point)