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Interior Design Portfolio_ Lana Bates


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Interior Design Portfolio_ Lana Bates

  2. 2. PROJECT INDEX PROFESSIONAL PROJECTS 1 ATHEA LABORATORIES & PACKAGING............................................................MILWAUKEE, WI 2-3 BROOKDALE PLACE OF MADISON.....................................................................MADISON, WI 4-5 WATERFORD SENIOR LIVING................................................................................WATERFORD, WI 6-7 CLARE BRIDGE CROSSINGS OF HIGHLANDS RANCH.............................HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO 8-9 STERLING HOUSE OF DAVISON...........................................................................DAVISON, MI *All images represent a collaboration of the PDC Design Group, and are property of PDC Midwest, Inc. - Hartland, WI. STUDENT PROJECTS 10-11 ENKE ARCHITECTURE................................................................................................MADISON, WI 12-13 ICONIC BAR & RESTAURANT.................................................................................MADISON, WI CONTACT Lana Bates 3244 S. 114th St. West Allis, WI 53227 C: 414.702.4151 E:
  3. 3. ATHEA LABORATORIES & PACKAGING OFFICE/ LABORATORY MILWAUKEE, WI Athea Laboratories & Packaging has been a worldwide manufacturer of over 400 products including performance specialty chemicals. • 250,000 s.f. renovation project, relocating and combining two office branches in to one corporate environment • Candidate for ASID award in Commercial category, submitted Winter 2013, currently pending review Some of my personal responsibilities included developing furniture and flooring layouts, and assisting with furniture and finish selection/ specification. PERCEIVED BARRIERS The carpet layout was designed to highlight the sharp angles of the spaces but also to create a visual separation between public and private space. BRANDING The colors from the company logo were used as accents to support the brand identity of the company. A LINE TO TIE THE SPACES The bold carpet layout not only accentuates the interior architecture, but evokes a sense of curiosity as it cuts through each space, inviting the eye to follow. MISSION & VISION STATEMENTS The company mission and vision statements were incorporated using etched glass. 1
  4. 4. BROOKDALE PLACE OF MADISON ASSISTED LIVING MADISON, WI A new construction Assisted Living building designed to compete with the upscale senior housing market in Madison, WI and surrounding suburbs. The building design sought a higher ‘hospitality’ aesthetic, with subtle Craftsman style influences. • 67,000 s.f., 3- story building containing 67 private resident units • Overall budget of $15M, with an FF&E budget of $400K. • The site is currently under construction and set to be completed in Fall 2014. Some of my personal responsibilities and experiences included: • Coordinating with the design group and construction team from schematic design through the beginning of construction administration. • Assisted the Senior Designer with all aspects of interior design, including custom carpet development, elevations, finishes, furniture layouts, and lighting. • Worked with the project architect, draftsman, and senior interior designer to coordinate floor plans, finish plans, elevations, ceiling plans, lighting and power plans, etc. • Held a major role in the development of flooring layouts and interior specifications; created a series of rendered floor plans to show the client various options. • Created and organized presentation materials for client review, including rendered 3D models, elevations, and floor plans. • Coordinated a complete overhaul of client-driven revisions and learned the architectural procedures necessary to properly document the changes. ARTS & CRAFTS ROOM HAIR SALON 3D MODEL & RENDERING The custom reception desk was modeled and rendered using Sketchup and Photoshop for the final client presentation. CHAPEL 2
  5. 5. PUB FLOOR MOCK-UP Constructed using hot glue and a utility knife, the mockup provides the client a scaled down sample of the Pub floor layout with its herringbone pattern and borders, designed to achieve an old-world feel. TWO- STORY ATRIUM, PUB ENTRANCE, & FIRESIDE LOUNGE FLOORING PLAN The custom carpets used throughout were the driving force behind the rest of the design scheme. While a challenging task to perfect the custom coloring and pattern scale for each carpet, the final product will successfully carry out the client’s vision of a high-end hospitality aesthetic. PRESENTATION BOARD- PUB & TWO-STORY ATRIUM 3
  6. 6. WATERFORD SENIOR LIVING MEMORY CARE WATERFORD, WI SENSORY ARTWORK Alzheimer’s research has shown that memories are most successfully retreived through activating sensory stimuli, such as the smell of fresh baked cookies or a familiar song. Artwork can also be a great tool to target the senses of sight and touch. A new construction memory care project representing the most advanced industry developments for dementia care. • 29,500 s.f. community, 29 private resident units • Candidate for ASID award in Senior Living category, submitted Winter 2013, currently pending review Some of my personal responsibilities and experiences included: • Planning and selecting of artwork throughout. The selection included a variety of framed prints with a fresh, up-to-date feel, as well as sensory art such as tapestries and 3D tactile art, intended to engage the residents through the sense of touch. • Assisting in the furniture specification process including: space planning, frame selection, fabric selection, bidding, and procurement. • Assisting with the professional photography shoot, staging the spaces and learning lighting techniques. • Preparing presentation documents for client review. Metal Art- Selected for its 3D tactile quality Tapestry- Selected for its soft texture and reminiscent quality of the changing seasons of WI. DESIGNING THE DINING ROOM There are many considerations when designing a dining room in a memory care community, some examples include: • Understanding the psychological effects of colors to promote and stimulate a healthy appetite. • Utilizing a mixture of natural and artificial lighting to reach adequate light levels for the aging eye. • Using durable finishes with ease of cleanability and maintenance. • Providing ample space for residents to dine comfortably and staff to have adequate circulation space to assist the residents with ease. A TRANQUIL EXPERIENCE A state-of-the-art spa room promotes healthy grooming and personal care. Designed with controlled stimuli, the spa provides tactile and aromatic stimulation along with sound and acoustic control while encouraging a relaxing resident experience. 4
  7. 7. FEELS LIKE HOME When designing a memory care community, it is important to create a home-like quality to help reduce agitation, increase comfort, and initiate recognition of memories and personal identity. A-10 You Knew Me When 28.5”w x 24.5”h A-11 The Edge 44.5”w x 32.5”h ARTWORK PLAN Each piece of artwork was purposefully selected for the completion of each space, coordinating its size, shape, colors, and content with its surroundings. An artwork schedule and coded plan were created for owner approval and installation. A-12 A Bowl of Apples 36.5”w x 31”h THE VESTIBULE Due to the tendency for memory care residents to wander, the locked vestibule is monitored by staff to keep the residents safe inside and control access of visitors. Upon entrance to the building, the windows and sidelights provide a welcoming peak into the living and dining spaces. 5
  8. 8. CLARE BRIDGE CROSSINGS OF HIGHLANDS RANCH EARLY MEMORY CARE HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO A new construction early memory care project, designed to maintain the active lifestyles of seniors in the mountainous town of Highlands Ranch, Colorado. This facility type allows residents to maintain a level of independence, while receiving care for early stages of dementia, in hopes to slow the progression of the disease as well as provide a more comfortable transition. Some of my personal responsibilities and experiences included: • Coordinating with the design group and construction team from design development through construction administration. • Preparing construction documents including interior finish specifications and flooring layouts. • Preparing and packaging FF&E specification, and furniture layouts. • Developing presentation boards and documents for client review. • Coordinating with construction and shop drawings to select and specify appliances and equipment throughout. THE FOYER A welcoming space on its own, the Foyer’s window view to the Great Room fireplace leaves a lasting impression. MOUNTAIN LANDSCAPE The dining room windows feature a grand view to the surrounding mountains and provide plenty of natural daylight. The interior was designed with a rustic charm that blends seamlessly with the outdoors. PRESENTATION BOARD Dining Room and adjacent spaces 6
  9. 9. THE GREAT ROOM Centrally located, this room features tall coffered ceilings, furniture groupings to foster social interaction, and a rustic fireplace to bring warmth during the cold Colorado winter. WAYFINDING Each corridor wing is accented with a different color within the resident room alcoves. This helps the resident in finding their way back to their private suite. LIFE SKILL STATIONS Throughout the building, life skill stations such as a writing desk, a tool bench, a gardening table, etc., provide a chance for residents to exercise their motor skills but also serve as a reminiscent experience. 7
  10. 10. STERLING HOUSE OF DAVISON ASSISTED LIVING DAVISON, MI FURNITURE LAYOUT When planning furniture in senior living communities, it is important to maintain a 36” clearance to meet ADA accessibility guidelines. A renovation of an existing Assisted Living building, along with a new addition to double its square footage, designed to reposition the community in the local market. This facility type allows residents to maintain a level of independence, with assistance from staff as needed. Some of my personal responsibilities and experiences included: • Coordinating with the design group and construction team from design development through construction administration. • Preparing construction documents including interior finish specifications and flooring layouts. • Preparing and packaging FF&E specification and furniture layouts. • Assisting the client with procurement and installation documents. • Developing presentation documents for client review. SALON Besides providing a convenient in-house service to the residents, the salon functions as a weekly social gathering space. The following revisions have been made: 1. Sofa Table in Waiting Area PROVIDING OPTIONS 2. Layout in Existing Day Room (Option 1 or 2) Providing multiple 3. 16 Chairs in Dining/ Activity Roomsolutions may take more time initially, but allows the client to make a quick decision because they can plainly see the best choice. Dayroom Option #2 BREAKING UP CORRIDORS It is important to provide small seating niches in long corridors because as people age, they typically lose the ability to walk long distances without rest. FRONT OF THE HOUSE REMODEL The existing building received a full remodel along with the construction of the addition. The most notable improvement was the main living and activity spaces that received all new finishes and lighting. 8
  11. 11. BEFORE AND AFTER A rich wood grain vinyl floor, layers of lighting, architectural details, and new furniture, brings the new dining room to life, a drastic improvement from the existing dining room, pictured right. BORDERS WITH PURPOSE Flooring borders are utilized to further define the spaces, typically coordinating with the features of the ceiling. Here, borders help bring visual interest to the dining space, and carpet insets and borders mark the entrances to the dining room, serving as a wayfinding tool to residents as they walk down the corridors by providing a cue that they are approaching a hub of activity. 9
  12. 12. ENKE ARCHITECTS ARCHITECTURE FIRM MADISON, WI Flad Architects in Madison, WI assisted the 3rd year interior design students in a semester long commercial project. They served as our hypothetical client, relocating their office along with a renaming and rebranding of their company. • The third story of an actual office space in Madison, which was vacant but recently finished, was selected as our site for the client’s relocation. We were able to tour the space, take measurements, photos, and notes to use for design development. • Employees at Flad allowed us to interview them and take photos of their workspaces, in order to collect thorough programming information. Several months were spent solely on developing an extensive programming and schematic design report. BREAK ROOM ENTRANCE The extensive programming phase concluded three major goals for the build-out of their new office: • Providing a combination of work collaborative, social collaborative, and independent work spaces. • Maximizing natural daylight for employee’s well-being and productivity, as well as energy efficiency. • Establishing a new brand identity to reposition the company as a market leader in architecture and design. RECEPTION/ CONFERENCE ROOMS RCP Recessed ceilings, soffits, and light coves provide architectural interest. RECEPTION Initial view and first impression as guests step off the elevator, this space embodies the new brand of the company. Sleek, modern, punchy- Enke Architects are a leader in the industry, displaying their work on the gallery wall, along with a window view to their state-of-the-art seminar space and roof-top garden. BREAK ROOM/ CONFERENCE RCP Ceiling height gradually increases, with its highest ceiling height at the point. BREAK ROOM A triangular space with a curved water feature wall and two glazed curtain walls, employees can take a break from their busy work day to socialize, or enjoy the sun and third story view of the bustling streets below. WATER FEATURE Transparent glass with water running down each side allows sunlight to pass through, but provides partial privacy. 10
  13. 13. MAXIMIZING DAYLIGHT To maximize daylight throughout the third floor, all enclosed spaces such as private offices and conference rooms are clustered at the core of the building, leaving the expanse of windows around the perimeter open for employee workstations. PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT SOLID VS. VOID ADJACENCY CIRCULATION PUBLIC VS. PRIVATE PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT WORK VS. SOCIAL CORPORATE CULTURE & ADAPTABILITY The corporate culture of Enke Architecture is one of collaboration; therefore the design of their work place required a variety of independent and collaborative work spaces to maximize employee productivity. The ability to adapt the spaces to changes in the company over time, such as schuffling teams for a new project, was essential . 11
  14. 14. ICONIC BAR & GRILL HOTEL LOBBY, BAR, & RESTAURANT MADISON, WI Inn at the Park- Best Western Hotel in downtown Madison, WI assisted the 4th year interior design students in a semester long hospitality project. They served as our hypothetical client, however the owner was actually interested in remodeling the hotel lobby, bar, and restaurant spaces in the near future. Therefore as a class, we were able to provide over 30 distinct design concepts to help her start shaping her vision. • The outdated hotel restaurant had a prime location on the capital square, but struggled to compete with the surrounding night life geared towards young professionals. The hotel owner requested a full rebranding of the hotel, driven by an initial remodeling project of the hotel lobby and its bar and restaurant. Major goals of the remodel project included: • Establishing a new brand identity to compete with the surrounding night life on the capital square, through the development of a strong design concept that would carry through from front door to back, down to the smallest details. • To create a complete and original design concept that would provide guests with an unforgetable sensory experience. Besides the interior design, the concept development included the planning all sensory stimuli of sight, sound, touch, taste, and scent. THE HOTEL RECEPTION AMERICAN POP ART The concept for ICONIC was derived from the American Pop Arts movement of the 1960s and the cultural ideologies it represented. Art from this period was used as inspiration throughout and in some spaces, such as the reception desk and bar area, a direct reference to specific pieces. ‘SUNRISE -ROY LICHTENSTEIN ‘DROWNING GIRL’ -ROY LICHTENSTEIN THE BAR With a service window to the outdoor patio. RESTAURANT ELEVATION 12
  15. 15. A NEW BRAND The new brand carries through the logo, tagline, sensory development, interior architecture, and materials. ICONIC PARKING GARAGE SENSORY EXPERIENCE PACKAGE Sight: Interior spaces, People Sound: Music, Conversations Touch: Forms, Textures, Food Taste: Food, Drinks Scent: Food, Incense STOR. OFFICE BELL HOP OFFICE INTERNET CAFE OFFICE HOTEL ENTRANCE HOTEL RECEPTION “A PLACE TO SEE, & BE SEEN” GRAND STAIRCASE REST ROOM WALL COVERING STAIRS STOR. HOTEL LOBBY STAIRS ELEVATORS REST ROOM KITCHEN BAR OUTDOOR BAR RESTAURANT RECEPTION DANCE FLOOR LOUNGE FLOOR UPHOLSTERY BAR & RESTAURANT ENTRANCE UPHOLSTERY “The artist’s job is to be a witness to his time in history.“ – Robert Rauschenberg MEANDERING PATHWAYS The meandering pathways leading from the hotel lobby to the dance floor and bar, provide an energetic experience as the light bounces off the 3D metal relief and dances to the beat of the music. Inspiration Image: Mister Important Design, Vanity Night Club- Las Vegas ACOUSTICS The heavy drapery on the walls and ceiling provide acoustic control to prevent the loud music from spilling to adjacent, quieter spaces such as the Lounge. 13