Shantel Mckinnon - Interior Design Portfolio 2014


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The portfolio of Class of 2014 interior design technology student Shantel McKinnon. Students learn how to put together a portfolio of their work and have it ready to share for showing to prospective employers and clients. Interior design technology is a two-year diploma program at Lakeland College in Vermilion, Alberta, Canada

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Shantel Mckinnon - Interior Design Portfolio 2014

  1. 1. Design Portfolio Shantel McKinnon
  2. 2. NKBA Kitchen - Perspective The client’s for the NKBA kitchen were three adult women and their children staying at the Enchanted Makeovers Home where they are free from domestic abuse. They wanted a calming and welcoming environment where the multiple families can prepare meals while socializing together.
  3. 3. NKBA Kitchen – Material Board 1. Teragren Bamboo Flooring 2. Believable Buff Wall Paint Color 3. Jeffrey Court Morning Mist Backsplash 4. Cherry Wood with Cherry Bordeaux finish used on island 5. Silver Band Dome Glass Pendant above island 6. Maple Wood with Hazelnut Glaze used on all cabinets 7. Richelieu Know used on cabinet doors 8. Cambria Quartz Countertop – Kingston 9. Richelieu Handle Pull used on cabinet drawers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  4. 4. NKBA Kitchen – Concept Statement Requirements: - Two separate sinks - Two dishwashers - Cooktop - Microwave - Double ovens
  5. 5. NKBA Kitchen – Floor Plan Some materials used throughout: - Kohler sinks and faucets - Quartz countertops - Waypoint cabinetry
  6. 6. NKBA Kitchen – Construction Plan
  7. 7. NKBA Kitchen – Mechanical Plan Plan Includes: - Under cabinet task lighting - Recessed lighting in ceiling - Pendant lighting above island
  8. 8. NKBA Kitchen - Elevation This elevation shows the baking area with the double ovens, auxiliary sink, spice rack, and storage for baking trays, pans, and utensils.
  9. 9. NKBA Kitchen - Elevation This elevation shows the breakfast area with an appliance garage for coffee pots, blenders, toasters, etc. It also includes refrigerator drawers, and lots of cupboard space for coffee mugs and lots of dishes.
  10. 10. NKBA Kitchen - Elevation This elevation shows the center island with a lower seating area and a chalkboard wall for the children.
  11. 11. NKBA Kitchen - Elevation This elevation shows the main cooking area with the integrated refrigerator and freezer drawers, integrated dishwasher, the main sink.
  12. 12. NKBA Bathroom - Perspective The client’s for the NKBA bathroom were Ann and John Davis, a couple who lived in a lake community in Nebraska. They wanted a space that reflected that type of atmosphere and had a natural habitat outdoor feel with the use of natural stones, woods, and colors.
  13. 13. NKBA Bathroom - Perspective
  14. 14. NKBA Bathroom – Material Board 1. Varia Eco-resin 3 Form Glass used around shower 2. Cilandro 2 Light Wall Sconce used around vanity 3. Nutmeg Finish on Alder Wood – used for vanity, shower bench, and surround on tub 4. Hanstone Swan Cotton vanity countertop 5. Bianco Venatino marble wall tile 6. Bamboo Series rectified porcelain floor tile 7. Moen Bamboo vanity cabinet pulls 8. Spa Glass Tumbled used as shower wall tile 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  15. 15. NKBA Bathroom – Concept Statement Requirements: - Two sink areas - Large jetted tub - Separate large shower with multiple shower heads - Toilet and separate bidet (may or may not be located in separate compartment) - Natural Light - Accent and/or art lighting
  16. 16. NKBA Bathroom – Floor Plan Half of the total footprint of the space was to be used for the bathroom and the other half to be used as closet space.
  17. 17. NKBA Bathroom – Construction Plan
  18. 18. NKBA Bathroom – Mechanical Plan Plan Includes: - LED strip lighting under vanity - Recessed lighting in ceiling - Wall sconce lighting on mirrors for vanity
  19. 19. NKBA Bathroom – Elevations Elevation A shows the one sink area with a custom floating vanity, and to the side a separated toilet/bidet area. Elevation B shows the other sink area with the freestanding tub in the corner.
  20. 20. NKBA Bathroom – Elevation & Section Elevation C shows the large shower with the 3 form glass wall. You can also see the front view of the freestanding tub with a wood surround.
  21. 21. For this project our group built a model at a scale of ¼”=1’-0” Rob and Rachele have a site that surrounds the trout pond in the park. They want a design that makes the best use of the site and has minimal impact on the environment. They want an open floor plan, fireplace, parking, and a garden where Rachele and Rob both enjoy to garden in the summer. Trout Pond Project Group Members: Breanne Corey, Shantel McKinnon, and Kayla Neudorf
  22. 22. Trout Pond Project - Perspective This perspective shows the living room of the house. The clients had midcentury furniture pieces they wanted to use, shown are the Barcelona Chair and Noguchi Table. The colors green, gray, and brown were chosen because they had wanted the design to be sustainable. To the left are many windows with a great view, and to the right is a bio-ethanol fireplace that the chairs sit in front of.
  23. 23. Trout Pond Project – Material Board 1. Glass Partition used in master bedroom 2. Cork flooring used in the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms (herringbone pattern) 3. Low VOC light gray paint 4. Black paper stone countertops 5. High volume ash concrete flooring in studio, bathroom, and courtyard 6. Kitchen Cabinetry 7. Low VOC green paint used as accent 8. Tile used in fireplace 9. Handles for kitchen cabinetry 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  24. 24. The Common’s Project The Common’s Project was a project to redesign the current common’s area at Lakeland College to a space where more students will want to come down and use it. We created a space that is more technologically advanced and more welcoming to the students. The model was made using google sketch-up which shows the different vies of the space. Group Members: Erica Shaw, Krista Savino, and Shantel McKinnon
  25. 25. The Common’s Project
  26. 26. Retail Project - Perspective For my retail store I designed a women’s summer clothing store called Summer Solstice. My inspiration for the project came from the season summer. I portrayed elements of the season with the color blue, the sky ceiling, the waved wall, and the light brown floors resembling sand. It all comes together to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  27. 27. Retail Project – Material Board 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1. Modular Arts accent wave wall – White Dune 2. Blue azzurra glass pendant light 3. Bamboo Series ceramic floor tile 4. Clear glass used on front display and shelving 5. Benjamin Moore Polar Sky wall paint 6. Textured 3-Form glass used on store front 7. Bamboo wood for front door of fitting rooms 8. Sky Factory - sky ceiling mural
  28. 28. Retail Project - Plan *Retail project model was created using google sketch-Up
  29. 29. Retail Project – Store Front
  30. 30. Retail Project – North Elevation The north elevation shows the cash desk with the accent of the white waved wall. On the front of the cash desk are open shelves with glass windows for the display of sunglasses.
  31. 31. Retail Project – East Elevation The east elevation shows the middle display tables. In the background are the change rooms with the bamboo wood doors, and the shelves on either side for clothing.
  32. 32. Retail Project – South Elevation The south elevation is the view as you are exiting the store.
  33. 33. Retail Project – West Elevation The west elevation shows the main area for clothing with the large mirror in the middle and shelves on both sides for clothes and bags.
  34. 34. Retail Project – Ceiling The ceiling is raised 12” with a Sky Factory ceiling image.