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This is a sample of my interior design portfolio showcasing professional and school projects.

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Interior Design Portfolio

  1. 1. Portfolio of Erin Mulligan University of Kansas Graduate Interior Design Major Professional Work
  2. 2. Rendered Suite and Bar Elevation The images on this page show some of the design development work on the Bowling Green Baseball Stadium, a minor league stadium in Kentucky. My job on this project was to draw elevations in AutoCad and render the elevations in Photoshop. I also helped design the back bar in the suite area, drew the tile floor pattern in the entry lobby, and worked on some basic construction drawings. Entry Lobby Construction Drawing Entry Lobby Construction Drawing Bowling Green Baseball Stadium DLR Group Internship Summer 2008 Rendered Bar Seating Elevation Final Bar Design Bar Design Development
  3. 3. One of the projects I worked on while interning at DLR Group was designing a floor pattern for Piper High School located in Kansas City, Kansas. I carried this project through the initial sketching and design development phase to construction drawings. I also created a rendered floor pattern plan to present to the clients. I enjoyed working on this project because I was able to have creative freedom and experience the process from beginning to end. Enlarged Drawing DLR Group Internship Piper High School Summer 2008 First Floor Construction Drawing
  4. 4. Green Week Recycling Center and Graphics During DLR Group’s Green Week, employees were divided into three teams, and each team was responsible for designing something “green” that would benefit the company and its employees. My team de- signed an in-house recycling center that was built from environmentally friendly products. My task was to design and build conceptual models of the recycling center in SketchUp. As part of Green Week, DLR Group hosted a Green Week Open House for clients and representatives in the area. I worked on a team to develop the graphics on the invitations, posters, and flyers for this event. DLR Group Internship Summer 2008
  5. 5. Portfolio of Erin Mulligan University of Kansas Graduate Interior Design Major School Work
  6. 6. Stretch Children’s Hybrid Store Floor Plan In designing this children’s hybrid store, I became much more knowledgeable about designing a retail environment as well as learned a great deal about building codes. This store is called a hybrid store because it combines the selling of merchandise along with five different activity areas for children which include art, music, discovery, pretend, and cooking. After several revisions, I decided on a final concept for the store as well as the store name, STRETCH. I chose this name because it reflects the store’s concept of being a fun place for kids to play while also “stretching” their minds and imagination. The criteria required for this project included creating a fixture plan, drawing elevations and perspectives, choosing materials and finishes, build- ing a mass model, custom designing floor and wall fixtures, and creating a ceiling plan. This project was completed in three phases over the course of Interior Perspective one semester. Exterior Elevation Wall Fixture Elevation Interior Elevation Interior Elevation Interior Planning and Design Fall 2007 Junior Studio Project
  7. 7. Stretch Children’s Hybrid Store Mass Model Custom Designed Floor and Wall Fixtures Interior Planning and Design Fall 2007 Junior Studio Project
  8. 8. The Office of University Relations at the University of Kansas The purpose of this project was to create an inspiring, creative work environment while practicing sustainable design for the Office of Uni- versity Relations (OUR). The OUR is housed in an older building on cam- pus and needed to be redesigned and refurbished to better accomodate the office’s needs and better project their image. To begin this project, my partner and I interviewed the employees of the OUR and made several visits to the office to better understand the needs and wants of the employees and the positive and negative attributes of the building. After carefully analyzing the information we obtained, we began blocking the different departments of the OUR to meet adjacency requirements and departmental needs. Once the locations of the depart- ments were finalized, my partner and I began choosing sustainable fix- tures, furniture, and finishes. In-depth research and practical knowledge of systems furniture was a key component of this project. Blocking Diagrams First Floor Second Floor Fundamentals of Interior Design Spring 2007 Sophomore Studio Project
  9. 9. The Office of University Relations at the University of Kansas Reception and Lobby Elevation Conference Room Elevation Graphics Department Elevation News Room Elevation Reception and Lobby Perspective News Room Perspective Fundamentals of Interior Design Spring 2007 Sophomore Studio Project
  10. 10. The Office of University Relations at the University of Kansas Fundamentals of Interior Design Spring 2007 Sophomore Studio Project
  11. 11. Drawings of The Old Westbury House by Richard Meier The five drawings on this page were submitted as a final project for my Visual Presentation class. The assignment was to represent with drawings a house designed by Richard Meier. Meier designs his houses to be “white boxes” and avoids using warm colors, textured surfaces, and natural materials. As part of the assignment, I had to add color and texture to my drawings to create a more comforting interior environment. I had to use the techniques I learned throughout the semester-long class and refine my drawing skills to create these final drawings. Isometric Living Room Perspective Floor Plan Living Room Elevation Living Room Elevation Visual Presentation Spring 2007 Sophomore Project
  12. 12. Wood Stool Design The guidelines for this assignment were very simple: to create a stool from wood and/or metal. The criteria or components that made a stool was decided by each student. The overall objective of the pro- ject was to create something different than the stereotypical commeri- cal stool that utilized different joint techniques. The stool I created was inspired by architecture and simple geometric shapes. I incorporated interesting negative spaces in the piece and added nice finishing details such as a “floating” top and a joint connection that pierces through the bottom shelf. Materials Workshop Spring 2007 Sophomore Studio Project