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Social learning


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Jessee Macapagal
ITEC 299 Social Learning

Published in: Education, Technology
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Social learning

  1. 1. Synthesis Project Social Learning
  2. 2. Name• JesseeMacapagal
  3. 3. Describe your personal learning preferences• In the beginning of class, my scores for the learning style survey were as follows: for active, I scored a 0, for reflective, I scored a 1, for sensory, I scored a 9, for intuitive, I scored a 0, for visual, I scored a 0, for verbal, I scored a 1, for sequential, I scored a 3, and finally, for global, I scored a 0. The scores ranged from a 0-10. Scoring a 0 meant least likely and scoring a 10 meant more likely. As you can tell, I favor sequential and sensory learning skills. This meant that I when I am taught new things, I prefer learning the new information in linear steps. I find myself wanting to understand the baby steps when solving a complex problem. Also, I am a sensory learner meaning I prefer familiarity with subjects. I also concentrate on what I know, which leads to me being less innovative with new ideas. At the end of class, my views towards my learning preferences changed. After I finished taking the preliminary test, I didnt whole-heartedly agree with the results. But as soon as classes dragged on, I found myself supporting the scores I scored on the test. I was fairly sensory and sequential when it came to learning new concepts in my physics class. At the end of class, my thinking changed about learning preferences overall. I believe that the learning preference test we all took in the beginning effectively demonstrates our learning tendencies when it comes to school and classes. Learning about our personal learning preferences certainly does make a difference in learning success. Knowing our strongest and weakest characteristics forces us to focus on what we are strong at and stick to it while working on our weakest characteristics and strive to change it.
  4. 4. Describe the learning pathway you chose at the beginning of the class• In the beginning of class, my learning pathway was a learning warrior. After completing the social learning quests, I do feel like I gained deeper knowledge about social learning technologies as a whole. For example, I learned that microblogs and Screencasts are really versatile when learning new concepts. If I dont understand whats being taught, watching through a screencast lecture will help clarify things. Towards the end of the semester, I have never changed my learning pathway. I never did because the pathway of a learning warrior always appealed to me. Understanding and learning about the whole concept seemed more beneficial to me than the two other learning pathways.
  5. 5. Describe how the activities you completed contributed or did not contribute which your learning pathway• The specific activity, to helped me get a broader understanding of how to use social learning technologies for learning, was the forum posts. The forum posts helped because everyone has to post a question for others to answer. Everybodys questions were all different from each other, thus introducing broad questions regarding social learning technologies. I learned a lot about the different areas of social learning technologies. The forum posts helped introduce many different topics. The specific activity, which helped me get a deeper understanding of how to use social learning technologies for learning, was the quizzes. The quizzes regarding social learning technologies each had questions with definite answers. Every question pinpointed important information I should know about mobile technology. The activities, which worked the best for learning about social learning technologies, were the forum posts as well. The forum required every student in the class to participate collaboratively by asking and answering various questions about the technology.
  6. 6. Using one paragraph each, describe the top 3 social technologies you explored for learning• The social technology quest, Microblogs, helped me with my learning. The microblog which was most helpful was twitter. Twitter has various trending topics usually categorized with hashtags. The topics generally reflect breaking news from the day. This was especially helpful with the recent shooting of Trayvon Martin. The news about the shooting was all over Twitter and I took advantage of this. In my criminal justice class, we were discussing the murder and I learned all of the necessary background information and was kept up-to- date through twitter. The tweets were categorized into well-organized groupings that helped my analytical learning styles.
  7. 7. Using one paragraph each, describe the top 3 social technologies you• explored for learning Sites, also The social technology quest, Social Networking helped tremendously with my learning. I especially explored the site, I have never heard of this website and I discovered that it was a social bookmarking site. All you have to do was search a topic and a virtually endless list of relevant websites appeared for you to explore through. However, this website does not really accommodate my learning preferences. Sometimes, I found that websites seemed out of order. For example, the top 3 websites I visited about a subject wasnt as useful as the bottom three websites. Being an analytical and sequential learner, I preferred if the websites were listed from most useful to least useful
  8. 8. Using one paragraph each, describe the top 3 social technologies you explored for learning• The social technology quest, Screencasting, aided in my learning as well. Screencasts are essentially mini- lectures usually presented in a PowerPoint style type of media. Screencasts are then shared socially amongst many different types of people like students and teachers. Screencasts successfully accommodated my learning preferences because of all the Screencasts I watched for my different classes, all were presented in sequential order. The topics of the Screencasts each followed logically after one another. Being a sensory and sequential learner, the Screencasts were really helpful and easy to follow
  9. 9. Synthesize your experience investigating your use of different• social technologies for the most, were The social technologies, which interested me learning microblogs and screencasting. The social technology, which surprised me the most as a learning tool, was social networking sites. The social technology that did not seem to work as learning tools was podcasts. The social technology that I want to further explore is microblogs. I feel like microblogs will change the way people obtain information. Twitter and tumblr are excellent examples of the change. Twitter users start trending topics by hashtagging their tweets. When millions of tweets are hashtagged with the same keywords, it begins the trending topic. Breaking news throughout the day is usually found to be trending within minutes from discovery. This allows millions of twitter users throughout the world to stay up to date with breaking news by reading succinct tweets in 140 characters or less.
  10. 10. Synthesize your experience investigating your use of different social technologies for learning• The social technology that worked best for my learning preferences was Screencasts. This social technology worked best because the entire screen cast lectures I watched were thoughtfully organized. Every slide in the Screencasts that I watched was clear and to the point. The new concepts the screencast taught relied on material presented in previous slides. This is helpful because as a logical learner, I would expect things to be taught in small, logical steps, eventually leading up to the concept as a whole. Screencasts effectively accommodated this need of mine. This allowed Screencasts to be a pleasant learning source for me
  11. 11. Describe how you will use what you learned in this class after this semester• The social technologies that I will continue to use after this class are microblogs and Screencasts. I will continue to use microblogs and Screencasts because I found these two social technologies to be best suited at accommodating my learning styles and preferences. Every screencast that I watched throughout the semester were all neatly organized when presenting new ideas. Microblogs websites such as Twitter and Tumblr are also well organized thanks to their hashtag feature. The social users of these two websites all hashtag their tweets or posts with hashtags for other users to find when they conduct a hashtag search. This allowed the microblogging websites to be extremely helpful for me. By searching current news by using hashtags, this allows microblogs to help teach me about current events.
  12. 12. Describe how you will use what you learned in this class after this semester to use for learning after• The social technology that I will continue this class is screencasts. I will continue to use this social technology because throughout the semester, Screencasts were really helpful in helping me to learn concepts relating to what I was learning in school. Screencasts are essentially portable lectures you can access from anywhere. The social technologies I will continue to use for non-learning purposes are social networking sites like Facebook. I feel like facebook was intentionally created for socializing with new people rather than trying to educate you about different things. Out of all the social technologies I used throughout the semester, I would continue to use them all. I wouldnt stop using any one of them. I found all of them to be useful in one-way or another