Synthesis quest multimedia and interactive learning


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Synthesis quest multimedia and interactive learning

  1. 1. By: Marc Tinio
  2. 2.  My learning preferences for the beginning of semester were quite interesting.The scores that I have gotten were active (1), sensory (3), visual (5), and sequential (3). By the end of this class I feel that my learning preferences have not changed too much in way were they were completely different from the beginning of the semester. I feel that I have become more of a global learning now. At the end of the class, my overall thoughts about learning preferences have not changed at all. This is because I know that everyone has their own way of learning and each are all beneficial to how they take information in. Knowing about learning preferences can be very helpful. By knowing a person’s learning preference, the person could use this to their advantage to help study information in way that is most efficient to them. Marc Tinio
  3. 3.  At the beginning of the class, I chose the learning pathway of learning sage. I wanted to learn more about different technologies and how they could be used for learning in general. Throughout the semester, I was able to obtain a broader knowledge of multimedia technologies. One very beneficial quest for me was the quest on podcasts. I have used podcasts before but not for learning purposes. I was very unaware that podcasts could be used to learn about topics in the classes that currently take. I was so intrigued that I started to use podcasts as a learning tool for my classes. By the end of the semester, my learning pathway has not changed at all. I still try to broaden my knowledge on multimedia technologies. My pathway did not change because I felt that even though I have some knowledge on multimedia technologies, there are still other things that I need to learn about to broaden my understanding. Marc Tinio
  4. 4.  To get a broader understanding of multimedia technology, the level one activities helped me with this. By reading the slides from the Powerpoint, I was able to learn about the types and uses on different multimedia technologies. Also, by taking the quizzes, they showed me how much I know about multimedia, podcasts, and screencasts and showed me what I still did not know. To get a deeper understanding of multimedia technology, there were a few things that aided me with achieving this. One was that I chose multimedia for a level three activity. By doing this, I was able to use multimedia first hand in helping with my studies. Another aid for helping me get a deeper understanding on multimedia tools were the predict, use, and evaluate activities. There were some games that intrigued me a lot and showed me how useful multimedia technologies are so helpful towards learning. The main activity that I saw that worked best for learning with others were the activities that involve myself and others to use the forums to ask and answer other people’s questions. Marc Tinio
  5. 5.  The most helpful multimedia technology quest that aided in my learning was the quest on multimedia. I experience the use of multimedia every day throughout my life. Before this class, I was very unaware of what multimedia was. WIth taking this quest, I had a better understanding what was considered multimedia. As I stated earlier, I have chosen this quest’s level three activity. Throughout the semester, the knowledge that I have gained from using multimedia, helped me understand topics in my class that confused me very much. Since multimedia could be anything from a video with audio to powerpoint with audio, my learning preferences were very stimulate and I was able to learn about certain topics more easily. Since I am a visual, watching the videos got very engaging in what was being taught. Marc Tinio
  6. 6.  Another helpful multimedia technology quest that aided in my learning was the quest on podcasts. I have used podcasts before this class, but I was unaware of how much potential this technology has to be a learning tool. I only used podcasts to listen to about videos and interviews with some celebrities/athletes. By reading over the slides and taking the quiz, I was able to broaden my knowledge on podcasts in way that could help me with my classes. The predict, use, and evaluate activity showed me some of the uses for how podcasts could be used for learning and showed that I could find subjects on topics that I am learning about in my class. Although audio and global were not any of my learning preferences, I feel that by using podcasts for learning, I was able to stimulate the learning preferences that I did not have in the beginning of the semester. By listening to many podcasts for educational purposes helped stimulate my audio learning preference and by sharing and finding other podcasts on the internet, this has helped me stimulate my global learning preference. Marc Tinio
  7. 7.  The last helpful multimedia technology quest that aided in my learning was the quest on screencasts. I explored this multimedia technology by doing the level one and level two activities for this quest. The slides from the powerpoint and the quiz helped broaden my knowledge on what screencasts are. I was unaware of what screencasts were until I took this class. The predict, use, and evaluate activity informed me on how screencasts worked and I used this to advantage on learning about topics for my other classes. Since screencasts has many qualities that contribute to many different learning preferences, I was able to take in information easier. Audio and visual aids helped out a lot for my learning when I used screencasts to study. Marc Tinio
  8. 8.  As learning tools, podcasts interested me the most. I was unaware of how much a learning tool that podcasts could be and that me want to find podcasts about subjects that I am learning about in school. Multimedia and screencasts surprised me the most. I was very unaware of websites and applications that I use everyday of what they really are. Since I go on youtube a lot, I did not realize that this type of multimedia tool is helping me with my learning. All of the multimedia technologies were very helpful with my learning and were not in any way unhelpful. This is probably because there is so much information provided by these types of multimedia technologies that I could find on the internet. Marc Tinio
  9. 9.  I believe that out of all of the multimedia technologies, screencasts worked best for my learning preferences. Since screencasts involve a video, this helped me with learning a lot because I have a learning preference in visual.Sharing and finding podcasts online can contribute to me becoming a global learner. By sharing and finding podcasts online, this stimulates my active learner preference. Also mostly all of the multimedia technologies that I have experienced throughout this class have an audio aspect to them. With this, I could become more balanced between a visual and an audio learner. Marc Tinio
  10. 10.  The learning strategies that I have learned throughout this semester were very helpful and I plan on using most of them after this class. I could use podcasts to learn about a certain topic to help me study for exams for other classes. I can also my Ipod to put podcasts that I download onto my computer so that I can listen to them when I am not at home. Looking up screencasts on my computer can also help me if I want to look for some interviewing tips and tips on to make my job easier. Such as tutorials on how to program a computer. Marc Tinio
  11. 11.  Throughout the semester, all of the multimedia technologies that I have learned about have interested me a bunch. After this class, I will most likely use all of the multimedia technologies for learning purposes. This is because these multimedia devices have been very useful in learning about information throughout this class. Multimedia technologies are available to me every day and I could use them both for either learning or non-learning purposes. I believe that by using all of these multimedia technologies, they can aid in me in my daily life and also the rest of the classes that I would have to take. After this class, I do not see myself avoided any of the multimedia technologies that I have learned about this semester. Marc Tinio