Synthesis social project


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Synthesis social project

  1. 1. Synthesis Social ProjectKenny-Kiet KhaITEC 299
  2. 2. Learning Preferences• At the beginning of the class I took the learning preferences quiz and scored a 5 in Active, 1 in Sensing, 9 in Visual and a 7 in Sequential. As the class comes to an end I believe that my learning preferences still remain the same. I still am a very visual and active learner that needs visual stimulus in order to learn. I found that I was really drawn to outlines and graphs that depicted the material. In general I believe that learning preferences in general definitely define how a person is able to learn certain material. Knowing about learning preferences allows me to hone in on the ones that work best for my learning. Kenny-Kiet Kha
  3. 3. Learning Pathway• At the beginning of this class I chose the Learning Sage Path. I wanted to learn more about different types of technology that would help me in learning. I do believe that I was successful in learning more about social technology. An example being Social Networking Sites; I learned that there are a variety of ways to utilize social networking sites in order to learn and review for material. By utilizing social networking site. I did not change my pathway because I wanted to stick with trying to learn more about the different types of technology and that was exactly what I got out of this class. Kenny-Kiet Kha
  4. 4. Learning Activities• Learning about micro blogging gave me a greater insight on social learning. To me I never really understood the point of having a twitter if you already had a Facebook. I saw twitter as a Facebook with only the status updates. I discovered however that twitter offers a more compact and quick glance of news. If you follow twitters such as the LA Times and NY Times you are able to get news updates in short concise tweets that I found absolutely amazing. It allowed me to keep up with current events with a simple glance. I believe the activity that helped me the most in general for social learning is the forums for the class. I was able to get questions answered and often times with links to specific topics I inquired about. Kenny-Kiet Kha
  5. 5. Exploration of Technologies for Learning (1)• 1. Social Networking Sites• Through Social Networking Sites I learned that I was able to create groups that would help me learn specific or broad material. I could create or join a group that would talk about Biology or Design, and I would be able to discuss the material with other individuals who were just as interested in it as I was. Social Networking Sites help accommodate my visual learning because within the groups, members are able to post pictures of their notes or charts for everyone to see. Therefore I think that Social Networking Sites accommodate my learning preferences quite adequately. Kenny-Kiet Kha
  6. 6. Exploration of Technologies for Learning (2)• 2. Microblogs• I think Microblogs surprised me the most in terms of learning something new. I never expected myself to use twitter frequently to check current events. I learned that I can follow the LA/NY Times and quickly breeze through their tweets on what is currently going on in the world. Before I never bothered to keep up with the news because there was just too much to read. With twitter, the 140 character limit allows me to peek at the main headlines and choose which topics I want to learn more about and be linked to the actual article for further reading. I would say that Microblogs do not necessarily accommodate my visual learning. Although they may sometimes include pictures, most of the time it is merely just words. Kenny-Kiet Kha
  7. 7. Exploration of Technologies for Learning (3)• 3. Social Bookmarking• I personally found social bookmarking to be one of the more useless technologies for me to learn about. Useless in the sense that it was something that I did not bother to utilize or rely on when trying to learn information. I do not think that it really quite accommodated one or more of my learning preferences to my liking. I can understand how social bookmarking works, by using tags to direct people towards specific pages. I just believed however that using Google or other search engines would have yielded the same results in almost the same amount of time it took me to find a bookmark. Kenny-Kiet Kha
  8. 8. Synthesizing Experiences (1)• When starting to learning about social technologies, Social Networking Sites interested me the most. These were something I was somewhat familiar with from the start, therefore I wanted to see if I could explore more into it and learn something new. Microblogs as stated earlier surprised me the most because of the ease and frequency in which I now utilize it as a tool for learning about what is going on in the world. Social bookmarking was the least useful learning tool for me because I never saw myself using it, nor did I see myself wanting to use it. I would most definitely like to explore Microblogs even further to improve my learning. Kenny-Kiet Kha
  9. 9. Synthesizing Experiences (2)• Social Networking Sites worked best for accommodating my visual learning preference. I was able to work with groups of people through Facebook where everyone contributed by posting pictures of their designs and other brainstorming design material on the group wall. This worked very well for me because I was able to visually see new ideas and innovative ways of designing things that allowed me to branch off and create unique designs of my own. Without this group on Facebook I might not have been able to do what I’ve been doing lately. Kenny-Kiet Kha
  10. 10. Continual Learning (1)• I will continue to use social networking sites and microblogs after this class comes to an end. Social networking sites can be used for looking for jobs because sites such as LinkedIn act as an online resume that employers look for. The typical connotation of a social networking site is something similar to Facebook, but LinkedIn for professionals also is a social networking site. Microblogs will keep me up to date on corporation news and other news that may affect what I do with my career down the line. Kenny-Kiet Kha
  11. 11. Continual Learning (2)• I will most definitely use Microblogs for learning after this class. I believe that twitter is an incredible tool that everyone should utilize. After going through interviews where I was frequently asked about current event topics, I realized how important it was to keep up with current events in this day and age. I am able to use Microblogs for learning and non- learning purposes. I can post things from my social life on Microblogs while also learn about the news. The only social technology I will avoid using after this class is Social Bookmarking. I don’t necessarily find it as something that I would find useful for myself. Kenny-Kiet Kha