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  1. 1. Dalia Marin MaciasMay 7,2012ITEC-299Synthesis projectLearning preference testing At the beginning of the semester when I took the learning style test I realizedI had a high score in visual and sensing learning. My results were visual-5 , sensing-3and the rest were all 1’s. I think this was an accurate way to test my skill because asthe semester winds down I have noticed that the classes where work is visual I havedone better. Over the semester my learning style didn’t change too much however Idid notice that I did really well in class where my teacher lectured more then givereadings. At the end of this class I have a better idea about why certain people studyin different ways and I also learned that learning styles can change depending oncertain assignments and classes. Knowing about learning preferences doesn’t reallyaffect me in a negative or positive way, I have noticed that I can adjust to manydifferent styles at any given point and my performance is usually the same.Learning pathways My learning pathway in the beginning of this class was a learning sage. Ichoose this because so many of my friends are so familiar with technology I wouldlike to be the same. I want to learn how to use different types of technology that canbe used for learning as well as to connect well with friends. One of my favoritetechnologies used to help me learn in various accounts was the ipod. Thistechnology involves video,audio and visual aids for discussing. It also involves inreviewing information to add important key notes. At the start of the class I tried tostick with one pathway but I found that trying the others was more beneficial. WhenI tried the warrior pathway with my other class I realized I was able to understandmore information when I studied by myself rather then with the learning sage.When I talked to my classmates to discuss the class lecture we would end up gettingmore distracted with side conversations about our personal lives. With the learningguide I did notice that in my biology class from last semester it was a lot more usefulto share ideas and exchange and compare class notes but for the classes I was takingthis semester I personally didn’t think it would have improved my learning. Over thewhole semester I was very happy that I changed my learning pathway because if Iwould have stayed with the learning sage I might have not done very well in theclass due to distractions with classmates. With the learning warrior I also had moretime to study class materials since I was alone I could do it on the bart,muni,mybreaks at work and breaks from class. Both of these pathways helped me with mystudying throughout my time here at San Francisco state.Activities Since in the beginning of the class I choose the pathway of a learning sage thequest that really helped me to learn was the ipads and tablets. I felt that with myswitch over to the warrior pathway it was really helpful to have an ipad because itallowed me to download apps that were created as study tools. As I was looking
  2. 2. over the forums I noticed people with ipads knew several apps that were free andcreated to learn a foreign language or memorization. Since I was taking a courseabout learning to speak Spanish the Ipad gave me several fun apps to practice myspeaking and see if I was improving over the semester. I feel that the ipad offeredme a lot more help then a friend because I didn’t have to wait for a phonecall oranything to practice my speaking. With the Ipad I could go straight to my ipad andget immediate feedback whenever I had time. The technology that helped me workbetter with others was the micro blogs this quest helped me interact with my peersbest because it allowed for easier access to research about a certain topic. Since Ifind that a lot of my friends use twitter very frequently I could just hash tag a phraseand I would get a huge list of comments and posts relating to the phrase. This makessharing information easier because people get directly to topics they are looking for.Once the topics are found it is easy to read all the comments and feedback to expandyour understanding. This makes twitter not only a socializing sight but also a placeto collaborate what you know and share your knowledge with others with thesimilar interest.Exploring The technology that I explored this semester the most for my learning wasthe ipad and tablets. As before I didn’t have a tablet or ipad I felt that when Ipurchased it I was able to take my learning on the go. While being in college full timeand working full time I feel like I am always on the go so I felt having the ipad wassuch a convenient tool for me.when I took the learning prefernce test I got thehighest score on visual so the ipad is perfect for me. The fact that I can seeeverything so clearly with the ipad makes my learning abilty at the full capacity. It isso sharp with its effects and high resolution that pictures and video on the ipadbecome very useful to my learning. It also allows for earphones, which I personallyreally enjoy because I can see and listen to lectures almost anywhere. Afterexploring with other learning preferences I also really enjoyed using the ipadbecause I learned that I learn really well when things are in a sequential order. Withthe ipad there is an app that is flashcards and they are numbered so you can switchback and forth from number one to number twenty, which really allowed me tomemorize terms I needed to know for my exams. The second mobile technology that really accessed my learning as a visuallearner was the quest about multimedia. This quest allowed me use my computerand other outside sources to learn information through audio,visual,sensing,sequential and global. I was able read in the local newspapers and informmyself about things going on all around the world. For example in my sexual studiesclass we had to research aids in Africa and I just picked up the newspaper and reada whole article that talked about the epidemic of HIV/AIDS in Africa. If multimediadidn’t exist I would be limited to only local news then I wouldn’t be able to pick up anews paper and find out what was going on in Africa without doing extensiveresearch. It also helped me through sensing which when I tested my self for learningpreference I scored high in. I was able to touch it and hold it while I read the articleand in newspapers they usually include pictures that helped me to remember what Iread for the quiz I would have later on.
  3. 3. The third technology I used was the games and MMOG’s. This one helped mevisually and actively because it allowed me to play games to understand a conceptor theory. As in my sexual studies class I had to write a long paper about naturalselection playing a game that I found about natural selection in birds helped me tovisually understand what my professor was talking about in lecture. I remember hesaid that only the positive mutations get passed to the offspring and in the game Iwas able to see that the birds with the longer beak were able to crack more nutsthen the ones with short beaks. The game really helped me understand that conceptbecause I was able to see it rather then just reading it from a textbook. It also helpedme learn because other then just seeing it happen I was having fun doing it so Ispent more time playing the game.Synthesizing my experience If I had to pick a mobile technology that helped me the most throughout thesemester I would have to say it was the ipads and tablets because since I bought theipad I really enjoy using it for socializing and now that I can use it to help me learn.With the ipad being so compact I use it almost everyday and take it with mewherever I go. I learned that with the ipad I could use it for fun as well as forstudying and doing homework. I learned a lot about how to use it to help me learnso I’m really excited to see how this will reflect on my grades at the end of thesemester. Since I am a visual learner the ipad allows great access to pictures andvideos so I can see everything I need to learn and retain all the importantinformation. I also had a good experience with micro blogs and mobile devices becausewith micro blogs like twitter now you can take it on the go. I really enjoyed twitterbecause you can use it on any smart phone and keep in touch with friends andfamily. It also helped me learn because if I was wondering what something meant Icould always hash tag it and twitter would send me links about people whocomment on the topic or blogs relating to the topic. It was also a way to reach out toa really wide audience based on anything that came to mind. If I typed ways to learnSpanish it would send me a long list with apps and study tools that people feel workwell as well as feedback and tips about learning Spanish, what works and whatdoesn’t.How I will use what I learned to move forward I think with everything I have learned in this class I will be able to use in mynext classes to help me study. A lot of the things I learned about mobile technology’sI didn’t know before taking this class so now I have an advantage in my favor thatwill help me use my personal learning preference to learn and study for my futureclasses. Before taking the preference test I thought everyone learned the same so Ifelt like a dumb student because I didn’t do as good as my peers on test when I justread the books. After I took the preference test I realized that I do better withstudying when there is visual aids so I began using visual aid such as the ipad and Imade great improvement over the semester. I plan to take everything I have learned in this course and apply it to myfuture. After taking this class I learned that with the new shortcuts I have learned Ican use my time better and learn more wherever I want. With technology always
  4. 4. improving I can continue to get used to using my smart phone and ipad to enhancemy learning and as a visual learner use my technology to suit me in my specificlearning preference. This will make my career here at sf state a lot more productivebecause I know what works best for me when It comes to learning and I know howto use technology to enhance my time spent studying.