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Team members: Nicole Love (Blue), Mohamed Saber (Red), Polo Morales (Green)Mobile Learning and personal Learning Guilds2. ...
spent in learning preferences that aren‘t effective, takes away time and if I used a learning preference thatwas better, I...
learning preferences and what I want to know more about has helped me develop my study skills. I usethe flashcard app ofte...
repetitive and organized form when it came to learning. We would like to see how our new and improvedway of learning with ...
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Mobile learning and personal learning preferences


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Our Learning Styles and Preferences

Published in: Education, Technology
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Mobile learning and personal learning preferences

  1. 1. Team members: Nicole Love (Blue), Mohamed Saber (Red), Polo Morales (Green)Mobile Learning and personal Learning Guilds2. At the beginning of the semester my scores for the learning preference survey were fairly okay asfar as me being able to accommodate different learning styles other than those I am comfortable with.My scores for the following learning preferences go as follows: Reflective – 1, Sensible – 11, Visual – 1,and Global – 1. At the end of the class, I have definitely become less of a sensible learner. I have nowbegun to open my mind to theory or rather the creativity of others based on the different and creativequestions my classmates have posted in their forums. Trying to answer their questions I definitely had todo some research and creative thinking to understand their position. When it comes to my other learningpreferences – reflective, global, and visual – I have learned how to interchange between having visualsand there being verbal communication, global and sequential, and lastly, reflective and active. I‘velearned how to listen more closely, slow down to learn things in steps to get the big picture, and be moreactive in discussions to share my ideas rather than quietly reflect to myself on how things connect. Active 3 I usually have to practice something multiple times before I understand it fully. Thisexplains me being more on the active side. Sensing 3 I tend build my confidence when I understand whywhat Im doing is important. Visual 4 I tend to memorize something when I see it rather than hear it.Sequential 1 I tend to break things down and start from the bottom to completely understand something.These were my thoughts and learning preferences from the beginning of the semester. As the semesterwent on, I noticed that the survey was very spot on as far as how I learn. I may be more sequential thaninitially thought though, I notice that when I have large daunting projects, I tend to break them up pieceby piece to tackle it. The rest of my preferences have stayed the same. At the beginning of the class my learning preference scores were as follows: Active = 11, Verbal= 1, Sequential = 7, Sensory = 1. Now, as I approach the end of the semester, I feel that all but one of myscores has changed—Verbal. This semester was the most challenging to date; I spent more time writingthis semester than I ever did in the past. For this reason, I had to prepare good outlines and summaries ofthe topics covered in my class. This process began with reading new material, listening to the Professor‘slectures, and converting the information into my own thoughts. Now I‘d say my outlook on learning ismore analytical in the sense that I‘m constantly looking for ways to incorporate new learning methodsinto my study routine.3. My thoughts on learning preferences have changed greatly. I‘ve learned that with every learningstyle, you‘re learning the same thing in different ways, and by learning it in different ways, you have adifferent interpretation of it. Yes learning about the different styles of learning has increased my learningsuccess. For example, while in class if the teacher gives us a visual of how something looks I write downa brief summary of what it is, what it does, and how it connects to other things vise- a –versa if the picturewas described to us, I would draw a picture to help enhance my understanding and learning of thematerial. My thoughts on learning preferences are that since I had to assess them during this class, I had toevaluate how I most effectively learned. This helped me make the most of my time throughout thesemester. When I saw ways to learn better, I would do that way instead of less effective ways. Forinstance, I found youtube videos that give me a better understanding of concepts of accounting thanhearing it or reading it. This helped me tremendously and I am glad I noticed how important it was to doso. Knowing about learning preferences helped me because I make a better use of my time. One hour
  2. 2. spent in learning preferences that aren‘t effective, takes away time and if I used a learning preference thatwas better, I would make the most of my time. As the class comes to an end, I realize that there are so many ways to learn and processinformation. Prior to enrolling in ITEC 299, I used what one would call an ―old-fashioned‖ approach tolearning. This consisted of reading the textbook, attending lectures, and working on practice problems ifapplicable. Now, I will always consider the advantages of using technology to further my understandingof new material. I can see myself achieving my learning goals through a diversified learning routine. I‘llspend a lot more time implementing my IPod into this routine by listening to podcasts, recorded lectures,and PowerPoint presentations while I‘m on the go.4. At the beginning of class I chose the learning sage for a broad knowledge of mobile technologies.I simply wanted to know about the different technologies out there for future references. As the semesterwent on, I begin to want to know more about these mobile technologies, which is why I changed mypathway to learning Warrior. I chose this way because at one point I had all of this broad knowledgeabout the different kinds of mobile technologies and was not putting it to use. Once I put these mobiletechnologies to use I understood how to use them, why they were created, different technologies, andapplications I can use on them to enhance my learning. As a learning sage, I was looking to get a broader understanding of utilizing my Iphone better. Ihave an Iphone and I use many apps, but I feel that many other apps were out there that I may be able touse. Someone in the class mentioned a flashcard app. I downloaded it and I currently use it to study forfinals. This class has helped me better understand in a broader sense what I can use my phone for todevelop my success. I definitely feel that I can take some of the knowledge I have from this class and useit in the real world. I did not change my learning preference because I was very comfortable learning andenjoying my path. At the beginning of the semester, I chose the ―Learning Warrior‖ path to help me improve myperformance this semester. I believe this was the best option for me at the time and I still hold this belief.I learned how to effectively use mobile technology to improve my performance in the classroom. Forexample, I used the information learned in class to help me create a routine that would help me takeadvantage of my downtime—the result was great. I spent more time reviewing material, and as a resultmy grades and understanding of the material improved. I wouldn‘t change anything, because I know Iachieved what I set out to achieve from the very beginning.5. Level one activities, (mini-lectures and quizzes) and the level two activities (bookmarking, learningpreference surveys/activities) all played a huge part in understanding mobile technologies. Each levelencouraged me to do more research or think about things in a different perspective – how this huge waveof technology has become the tools needed to educate. I think bookmarking has enhanced my learning. Ihad to do research on the different ways these technologies can be used, and post articles and or videosthat explain the technologies to the ‗T‘ in which others will benefit from it. The forum post definitelyencouraged the entire class to work together, share information, and enhance the learning of all. Welearned amongst our peers via internet. What helped me with Mobile learning in a broader sense is getting posts from other studentsabout what they do actively to better themselves with Apps. One was the flashcard app in a more detaileddirect way. This app has been a part of my study cycle ever since I was introduced to it. So posting about
  3. 3. learning preferences and what I want to know more about has helped me develop my study skills. I usethe flashcard app often and I would be wasting much more time during finals if I didn‘t use it. I used tomake my own flashcards in the past, but the app is much better because I can type faster than I can writeand I don‘t have to carry around something extra since it is directly on my phone. A specific activity that helped me attain a broader understanding of how to use mobiletechnologies was the microblogs activity. By using microblogs I was able to search for blogs that relatedto a specific subject—in my case, accounting—and read the input from others who had the same interestas I did. The activity that helped me get a deeper understanding of how to use mobile technologies wasthe podcasts activity. By using podcasts I was able to download very informative lessons directly onto myIPod and listen to them when I was out. And finally, the activity that worked best for learning with otherswas the microblogs activity because it served as a means of exchanging ideas with various peopleregardless of age, location, and school. This, to me, was the best activity for collaboration.6. Micro-blogging is by far the best technology quest thus far. I explored micro-blogging by Googlesearching blogs pertaining to my passions of fashion, beauty products, and finance. It was a greatexperience to watch the blogs from people across the globe about my passions. It allowed me to see theirpersonalities, cultures, ideas, and the results of the topics they were talking about. It enhanced all of mylearning preferences, specifically the visual and verbal, reflective and active, learning styles. Whenwatching micro-blogs about finance I was able to grasp concepts and perspectives from those living in aspecific geographic region, I was given an inside point of view of economical issues that were occurringand how it affected the people and their markets. For mobile technology, the Iphone app for flash cards once again has been my topic. This apphelps me for my visual learning preference because multiple repetitions of me seeing the cards helped melearn quicker than other ways. Also as a sequential learner, breaking each concept down into a notecardmade it easier to understand the information because it was also one of my learning preferences to learn insmaller pieces like notecards. For my last test, I had 58 notecards and seeing each one multiple times andseparating them from each other based on type of question gave me a much better understanding of theconcepts and equations needed for the exam. My favorite technology quest for this semester was the IPod/Mp3 quest. This quest was myfavorite because I believe it was the most useful for my situation. It helped me accommodate mysequential learning preference because I was able to organize my material by chapter and relevance. Forexample, my accounting class was setup so that the easiest material came first followed by more difficultconcepts. Now that I‘m preparing for the final—which is cumulative—I have organized all of my studymaterial in a specific order on my IPod. Using this mobile technology has made my life easier because Idon‘t need to carry any books or notes to study for the upcoming exam.7. As a group we all agreed that the IPod /Mp3 technology was the best learning tool! TheIPods/Smartphone‘s was the most surprising tool because who knew that you could do so much with yourhandheld devices. My group has made flash cards and organized materials from classes for ourselves andgroup members to study from. And the materials that we have gathered together have helped us greatlywith our class work. Mp3 players did not work for our group for we all have IPhones and or IPods inwhich we did not have to use mp3 players. We would like to further explore the Ipod and its coolapplications to enhance our learning! We all thought the educational apps displayed thee material in a
  4. 4. repetitive and organized form when it came to learning. We would like to see how our new and improvedway of learning with technology can enhance our learning, and our classmates or even students from ourstudent organization. Our entire group consists of finance majors and we would continue using the micro-blogs. We allfigured within the financial industry, the markets change all the time, and a good way to get a general ideaof the big picture from and outside and or inside point of view is to watch/read the blogs of other financialprofessionals within the industry. We figured why stop there, we can also read blogs on a specific sectorof the financial industry or a specific security we are interested in learning a little more about.8. As a group we have chose to continue using all learning strategies – what they are, how to useand what they can be used for, and implementing an activity in which they can be used. These learningstrategies can be used within our jobs in the future to keep up with the changing markets and technologythat we will be using. We can have a twitter account for our staffs to briefly update them on changes thathave or may occur within the company or use applications on our IPads and tablets that will allow teamsto communicate by sharing notes when in different locations (home, in the office, another state). Useapplications that can mock the stock market in which a team of entry-level stock brokers can use to teachthemselves. We will continue to use all mobile technologies for non-learning purposes because in ourgeneration, technology is developing at rapid speeds and being a curious and technology drivengeneration, it is the only way to stay connected with the world.