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MULTIMEDIA PROJECTElizabeth PerezDescribe your personal learning preferences In the beginning of the classmy scored from m...
First mobile technology that I explored for learning was multimedia, it wasa great way to get more familiar and actually g...
given the chance to do research and find different resources or‘bookmarks’ gave me the opportunity to actually focus and f...
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Multimedia project


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Multimedia project

  1. 1. MULTIMEDIA PROJECTElizabeth PerezDescribe your personal learning preferences In the beginning of the classmy scored from my learning preference survey were not as accurate as I thought Iidentified with. My learning preferences according to the survey were globalpreference, reflective, and sequential which means step to step instructions aremore fit to my style according to my score. The style preference I agree the mostwith is reflective because I feel like it fits my style of learning because I like to takethe time to analyze and really put into perspective what is going on with whatever itis that I am learning at the time. At the end of the course my thoughts on y learningpreferences changed a bit because being able to learn in other ways through out thequests made me more comfortable with other learning styles. Knowing aboutlearning preferences makes a difference in my personal learning success becausenow I know that even though I might prefer to learn a certain way, if that isn’tworking I can always attempt to try a different way, even if it’s not something Ipreferred at the beginning. Open mind.Describe the learning pathway you chose at the beginning of theclass I chose the learning pathway Sage, I felt like I would be successful at graspingthe broader investigation into more technologies, new technologies. But as thecourse went on I felt like Learning warrior, personal growth fit my learning pathwayinstead. I felt like the more I looked into the new websites I was learning about themore I was thinking of ways I could use them in the future to my benefit. I think thishelped me a lot, therefore learning warrior was a successful pathway to getting abroader knowledge of multimedia technologies.Describe how the activities you completed contributed or did notcontribute to your learning pathwayFrom the multimedia activities I feel like a lot of them helped me get a better insightinto different ways to approach and utilize multimedia but none of them helped melearn the entirety of multimedia. The different bookmarking cites, and learning howto use the different social networking cites as well as researching what websites areliable was something that definitely contributed to my learning because those werethings I never really paid attention to when I did research in the past. Knowing howto use tags, bookmarks, and other tools such as these is definitely a source I willkeep using in the future when I want to learn about a certain topic. The quest thathelped me learn was the screen casting and the Ipads and tablet computers becauseI found it very beneficial and being a visual learner most of the time definitely madethis easier for me.Using one paragraph each, describe the top 3 mobile technologiesyou explored for learning
  2. 2. First mobile technology that I explored for learning was multimedia, it wasa great way to get more familiar and actually get an opportunity to learn thedepth of multimedia advantages and all the ways we can utilize it not onlythrough social networking. Multimedia has evolved into something soimportant it has become a part of all of our lives in one way or another thatis why I believe we will never learn everything we need to aboutmultimedia. The tv, radio, internet and even physical media we see in thestreets have all become gateways to receiving a message or informationabout something. There is an endless of multimedia sources we can usefor a variety of things, I personally use the most common ones but I feellike the quests helped me find a better purpose for it since accommodatedto me learning preference.The second mobile technology I explored for learning was screencasts,this was a technology I wasn’t really familiar with since I do not play manyvideo games or had came across many screen casts before, I candefinitely see how this technology can help people’s learning preferenceand gives them a visual and hearing aid that can accommodate to them aspreferred. I like that there is organization in this technology and that it canmake it easier to get a person’s message across in a convenient manner.The third technology I used to learn during the course was the podcasts. Ifeel like this technology is quite useful for not only students but in differentprofessional settings as well. I had never heard of this technology beforebut it seems like it’s becoming more of a convenience for many. I feel likewith podcasts we could use it to our benefit and many people don’t.Synthesize your experience investigating your use of differentmultimedia technologies for learningThe multimedia technology that interested me the most as a learning toolwas screen casting, because I feel like it’s a technology that I can actuallysee having an effect or aid to my learning. It is definitely convenient withinsequential learning which I sometimes prefer so I found it very interestinghow we could use this technology through different settings and purposes.The multimedia that surprised me like I mentioned was the podcastsbecause I never had given it enough attention to find out how it couldbenefit my learning, and once I did through the quest I realized it could bevery useful. There wasn’t a multimedia technology that I found not to havea purpose or be able to work, most of them had a different purpose and allseem to work, I feel like it just depends on the person’s learningpreference. A multimedia I would like to explore further would probably bescreen casting because I feel like it has a lot to offer and there is a lot tolearn from it as well. I feel like social bookmarking was the socialtechnology that helped me learn because as a reflective learner I feel like
  3. 3. given the chance to do research and find different resources or‘bookmarks’ gave me the opportunity to actually focus and find newperspectives so that will definitely be useful in the future as well.Describe how you will use what you learned in this class after thissemesterAfter the course this semester, I will begin to find different ways to learn, Ilearned what my learning preferences were but I want to accommodate toa variety of them. I would like to learn to be a better hearing learner, Ifound myself to prefer to look at the power points rather than videosthrough out the quests, I would like to grow patience when it comes tolistening so I feel like this strategy is something I will continue to bettermyself at. Also, this will help in any social or professional setting. Themultimedia strategies I will continue to use are podcasts, and screencasting because I had never used them before and I want to incorporatethem to my learning and just being able to use them. There isn’t atechnology I will avoid, I wouldn’t want to close myself as to newpossibilities of having one of them be useful.