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  1. 1. Amanda TracItec 299 Mobile/Personal Learning GuildLearning Preference: At the beginning of the class when I first took the learning preferences survey, my scores were:reflective-1, sensual-9, verbal-5, and sequential-5. By the end of the end of this class, I have understoodthat I am definitely a sensual and verbal learner. As I reflect now, I realize that mostly I am a sensuallearner. I tend to like learning facts, rather than learning about theories. I tend to like to learn aboutdetails when I am learning about new ideas. Over all, I believe it is important to know about all learningpreferences because life is full of different situations and one needs to understand how to adapt theirlearning preferences based on the circumstances that they are in. Knowing about my learningpreferences has made a difference in my personal learning success. I have noticed when I am assignednew tasks at my work, sensual and verbal learning both come into play. I do very well by reading all thedetails in order to execute what I am supposed to do.Learning Pathway: The learning pathway I chose at the beginning of the class was learning warrior. I chose to be alearning warrior because I like to learn on my own and I find it difficult to learn in a group setting. I wasinterested in learning about the different mobile technologies based on my own aspirations rather thanwhat other members in a group may want. I was successful in getting a deeper knowledge of mobiletechnologies and I am glad I was able to do so alone rather than working collectively with others. Overthis course, I did not change my learning pathway. I did not change my pathway because I did not wantto rely on others especially when it comes to delegating tasks and completing things by due date,especially when I am busy taking 7 different classes and working full time.Activity completion and learning contribution: The quiz in each learning quest was the activity that helped me get a broader understanding onhow to use a mobile technology. The quizzes helped because I got tested on the different facts thatwere taught about the new technology of the quest. As to where the level two activity of predicting,using and evaluating the certain technologies helped me get a deeper understand of how to use thespecific technology of the quest. This activity helped me because it helped my reflective learning side.Lastly, the other level two activity where we had to post a question about what we still wanted to learnabout the specific technology within the quest and responding to three other questions was the activitythat worked best for learning with others. This activity worked best for learning with others becauseyou are working with your peers to help answer their questions.Top Three Mobile technologies: iPods and mp3 players- this quest helped me explore my own learning because I was able tounderstand the different functions of mp3 players that I did not know about. At first I only knew thatmp3 players were a function of audio playback, but I learned about the other features it includes. Ifurther learned how using an iPod can help different learning strategies because you can download f
  2. 2. apps such as flashcard which can help me make flashcards to study with for my different courses.Although I did not download the flashcard app, it is remarkable what technologies have been createdand are being implemented by others to learn. Personally, I learn and retain information better by usingthe traditional forms of writing things down with pen and paper. If I were to utilize this technology, thiswould accommodate my learning preference of a verbal learner because I would be getting more out ofwritten words. I would be able to write down information that I have learned based on what has beenpresented to me within my classes. Also, this would help with my sensual preference as well becauseflashcards are a great way to learn facts because I can test myself by making flashcards on a certainsubject to study for a test. Microblogs- this quest helped me explore my own learning because I learned that you can use amicroblog such as twitter to learn. I always thought twitter was just some social network where if youhad a lot of followers, then it meant that you had a lot of friends and you were popular. Moreimportantly, twitter can be used by following other people other than your friends. I explored andlearned more about microblogs on my own by following San Francisco Chronicle and learning aboutwhat is going on in the city that I am living in and also by searching hash tags/trending topics that I wasinterested in. This mobile technology accommodated my sensual learning preference as well because Iwas able to make a connection to the real world because of how microblogs are updated in “real time”,right now, right away. Multimedia- this quest helped me explore my own learning because I was able to explore anduse different media to learn about marketing, which is a subject that I have grown an intense interestfor. In my marketing class, my teacher used many different types of media in class to convey newtopics. We were assigned readings in textbooks and even assigned to look up different videos to learnabout different ways advertising is implemented. This mobile technology helped me accommodate myreflective learning preference. When I was assigned readings in the textbook, I was able to take my timeand think through the new topics I was learning. I was able to re-read material that was not as clear tome the first time and write out summary notes of what I was learning.Synthesizing my experience related to mobile learning: The mobile technology that interested me most as a learning tool was microblogs. As I statedearlier, I only thought that microblogs such as twitter were for social networking, so this mobiletechnology surprised me the most as a learning tool. I never would have thought that you could usetwitter as a learning tool rather than using it only to see what your friends were up. Podcasts andscreencasts were the technologies that did not seem to work as a learning tool based on my preferencesbecause I personally do like sitting on the computer listening or watching things to learn. I will continueto use microblogs to expand my learning because there are many different people, brands, andcompanies that I can follow to learn new information and be updated with what is going on in my city orworld around me right now. The technology that works best for my learning preference is microblogging. This technologyworks best because I am able to find out information that I am interested in. If I read a tweet that I findinteresting, I can simply favorite the tweet or retweet it so I can later go back and reflect on the ideawhenever I want. Also, if I read a tweet that interests me, I can further look at the other tweets that onehas posted.Incorporating what I have learned past the class
  3. 3. The mobile learning strategies I will continue using after this class are sensing and reflectivestrategies. These can be used when I am learning at a job because I can easily set aside time to reflectby rereading tasks and problems that need to solved. Also as a sensual learner, I can make connectionsto the real world because I can always ask my manager for specific examples of concepts andprocedures such as learning how to balance payroll. The mobile learning technology I will continue using after this class is multimedia. I can alreadyreflect many ways how I’ve used multimedia to learn at work. I currently work for Bath and BodyWorks, and the company often sends us videos that they want us to watch to learn about differentevents that are going to be happening and how they want us to use our behaviors to make such eventssuccessful. Also, there are videos that help us learn about new themes and products that are going tobe launched so we can be excited and share our knowledge with our customers. Not only do we watchvideos, we are given a lot of emails of written instructions and tasks that need to be completed. Thishelps me because I am a sensual learner and like to see things on paper so I can always go back and useit as a reference to double check my work. Also, I will continue using microblogs and social networkingfor non-learning purposes such Twitter and Facebook. I will most likely avoid using an iPad because Ialready have an iPhone and many applications that are on iPads are available on my iPhone since theyare by the same manufactures.