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Media Coursework

  1. 1. Existing Products Research<br />
  2. 2. Front Cover 1<br />The colour scheme is quite bright and the background of the magazine isn’t just a block colour, its the sky and a road. This is more eye catching than just a plain colour. It makes the photo of the band stand out more. <br />The main photograph on the cover of the band is done in a studio and it is natural. The main member of the band is stood slightly more forward than the others, this is because he’s the most recognised on of the band so fans who glance over the magazines will spot him first because he's standing at the front. Its a long shot which shows what type of clothes they wear which reflects what type of music they produce. It also looks like they’re walking toward the reader. <br />The main headline of the magazine is the name of the band so it’s in bold and goes across the middle, in front of the photo. There is an image of the free CD that comes with this magazine which fills up more than a quarter of the page. This is because a free gift will be appealing to the audience so its quite big and very noticeable.<br />Most of the page is pictures and less is writing. This is because its the front page so if there was more writing on it, it would be less eye catching than it is now. Also it makes the reader want to read it and look inside. <br />The Band photo is in positioned in front of the magazine title ‘Q’. This shows that the band is more important and that the fans of the magazine will still know what magazine it is even though the logo isn’t fully showing.<br />The text is easy on the eyes because its all in the same bold font with the odd use of italics. This is because its all headlines so they need to stand out.<br />
  3. 3. Contents Page 1<br />The background of the contents page is white which is very bright and looks clean and organised. It has red and black fonts on it too. So its not too fussy. It has bigger, bold headings for each page with a smaller font used for the description so the reader can scan through the contents. <br />There is more photos than writing but that’s because its a contents page so the only writing there needs to be is giving information on the features and page numbers. If there was any more writing it the list of pages wouldn’t stand out as much and be as clear as it is here. <br />It has various sized photos down the left side of the page which are the main attractions in the magazine so when the reader opens the magazine they can quickly and easily see what page number that feature is on. <br />
  4. 4. Double Page Spread 1<br />There is more pictures than text on this double page spread because the target audience of this like to see a lot of pictures and less writing. The photos are very effective because there's a range of different shots and of all band members. <br />The colour scheme doesn’t really include any bright colours. The white background and black text is just very plain. The effect of notebook pages over the photos is good because its draws the readers attention to it and it stands our. They have other colours which makes them eye catching. <br />The quote in the top corner of the photo makes the reader want to read the article because the writer has picked a good part of it to make stand out. And draw the reader’s attention.<br />
  5. 5. Front Cover 2<br />Part of the photo of the main feature of the magazine covers some of the masthead which shows that the band is more important to the readers than the name of the magazine. She’s making eye contact with the camera so it draws the reader in.<br />The main colours of the front cover are quite limited but the yellow colours stand out with the blank writing. The effect of most of the writing is good because its like its been stamped on the page which looks very effective. <br />
  6. 6. Contents Page 2<br />The big writing on this page is all the same bold font. It makes the reader easily find what section they want to look for. Then the other headings are a bit smaller but still quite eye catching for the reader to scan over to see what they want to read.<br />The main picture at the top is quite gothic and relates to the target audience. The white background makes the writing stand out so its quite clear. <br />
  7. 7. Double Page Spread 2<br />The background is very dark and plain and its got very limited colours. The audience of this type of magazine are associated with these kind of colours so that’s why they’re used. The overall look is dark and gloomy which goes with the style of the music.<br />The writing on the double page spread is in white so it stands out and its very easy to see and read. Its not a very fussy page because the main feature wants to be the most important, so the less things around it make the photo and the article clearer and seem more important. <br />
  8. 8. Front Cover 3<br />All the band are making eye contact with the camera. This is an important aspect of the front cover because it draws the reader in to the magazine. And it will make them notice it more and read it. Also the photo overlaps the masthead which means that the publisher knows that the band photo is more important than the name of the magazine. <br />The main colour theme of the front cover is quite dark and dismal colours but there is a yellow circle which is eye catching which means there's something important written in it that the readers will see and find appealing. Also, the band wearing white clothing makes them contrast with the black background so they look fairly important.<br />
  9. 9. Contents Page 3<br />The photo which makes the background is obviously one of the main features because its what most of the page is so its the most important and what the readers will most likely like the most. The colour scheme is again quite dark because that’s what kind of colours the audience like. <br />There is only two colours of font being used in this because it doesn't want to be too complicated because the reader wants to be able to look at the page and see quite quickly what they’re looking for. The fonts aren't too fussy, its quite clear so its easy to read. <br />
  10. 10. Double Page Spread 3<br />The colours are minimalistic and just in black and white. This relates to the audience who probably like these types of colours. It makes the heading stand out because it in white and very big. The overall look of the double page spread is gloomy and depressing, this is due to the colour scheme and the lonely man looking down.<br />The photo is the main attraction of the double page spread because it emphasises the man stood on his own on the stage. The main article is in a black box to make it easier to read and it makes the reader want to read it more than if it was just against the background because it wouldn’t be able to be seen as easily. <br />