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From Device Drivers to Data Analytics


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From Device Drivers to Data Analytics

  1. 1. Device Drivers Databases  and Data Mining Tools The Journey of a Technopreneur
  2. 2. A Bit of Code I promise that is the only code in this presentation.
  3. 3. First Diagnostic Program on TDC-16 (written in 1972) <ul><li>  </li></ul>Program Counter 100 102 104 106 Assembly code mov #0, R0 brcn r0, 106 stop stop
  4. 4. Knowing Hardware Architecture and Assembly Language A solid foundation
  5. 5. Learning Internals of An Operating System Fixing broken links on a disk
  6. 6. Bootstrapping the First Startup Based on a couple of simple ideas
  7. 7. A compiler Accelerator A simple device driver
  8. 8. 456 and the beginning of intensity The first US project
  9. 9. A SQL Engine Prototype An MVP in 1986 (MSDOS + Lattice C 2.0 + 3 dudes+ 4 months)
  10. 10. The first US sale of technology From Bangalore to California
  11. 11. How Architecture Saved Us dBase, Paradox and SQL
  12. 12. Embracing Standards Helped Visibility The first ODBC product The first database gateway
  13. 13. Being a First Gets Attention. First Windows ISAM File Manager CTrieve and WinTrieve
  14. 14. In a rarefied space, even Microsoft pays attention Code name - Ruby (first version of VB)
  15. 15. First ISAM Library on VB Objectrieve/VB
  16. 16. When Users Tell You What They Want First Data Tools for VB
  17. 17. The first Run-away Success Integra/VDB 0-3M$ in one year
  18. 18. If You Fill Gaps Opportunities Flow The First Visual Query Builder Licensed to Borland
  19. 19. Exposure Helps A 7 nation European tour with Microsoft Team First Visual C++ Database Tool
  20. 20. Happiness Sold the company and retired (kinda)
  21. 21. Once an Entrepreneur... Started iMorph
  22. 22. iMorph InfoEngines Infominder, InfoStreams, InfoPro
  23. 23. Cross Culture Helps One leg in USA and one in India
  24. 24. Dabble in Tech Teach Create Innovation Cells,  Meet people Hang out with Geeks Go to unconferences
  25. 25. Questions ???