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Creating Your Online Learning Network


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Presentation given at NACAA and Epsilon Sigma Phi conferences.

How to find and add to your personal learning network - using Twitter as an example.

Presentation with notes is available at:

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Creating Your Online Learning Network

  1. 1. Creating Your Online Learning Network Anne Adrian eXtension-Auburn University Twitter: @aafromaa John Dorner, North Carolina State University Twitter: @jdorner ESP October 2012
  2. 2. Brought to you by the eXtension  Network Literacy
  3. 3. What Is a LN?  LNs are deliberately formed networksof people and resources capable ofguiding our independent learninggoals and professional developmentneeds.
  4. 4. LN Resources   CONTENT CONVERSATIONS Blogs Twitter Facebook Videos Blog Comments Slideshows LinkedIn Bookmarks Google Plus
  5. 5. Using Twitter For Your LN  What Is Twitter?Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging tool that allows users to share 140 character bursts of information (tweets).How are people using Twitter?News sourceConversationConference trackerMarketing toolKnowledge networkText Messaging
  6. 6. Identify people   Colleagues Friends & Family Authors Bloggers Speakers Magazines News Sites
  7. 7. Search for them  
  8. 8.  Search your address book
  9. 9. Follow people that are retweeted  
  10. 10. Follow Followers  
  11. 11.  Lists you are on
  12. 12.   Search  for  subjects
  13. 13.  Search using #hashtags #hashtags  are  community  driven
  14. 14.  AppsTweetdeckHootsuiteTwitter App -       iPhone/AndroidFlipboard -       iPhone/iPad
  15. 15.   Next Steps CREATE account if you dont have one FIND your real life friends/colleagues SEARCH for others with similar interests FOLLOW others SHARE what you discover and learn
  16. 16. Creating Your Online Learning Network Anne Adrian eXtension-Auburn University Twitter: @aafromaa John Dorner, North Carolina State University Twitter: @jdorner
  17. 17. AbstractLearning is an individual self-directed process, but learning does not have to be a solitary process. Often it is best done with others. Fortunately, there are many tools you can use to help you continue your learning. Which tools are the right ones for you? Who do you go to to ask your questions? How do you find these people? Many of today’s social media sites make it easy to find the right people and the right information and to share what you know. Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Delicious, Diigo, Pinterest, Scoop.It, Slideshare, YouTube, Vimeo, TeacherTube, eXtension Learn, Facebook, StackExchange, WikiPedia, Google Alerts, RSS feeds, and podcasts are just some of the places you can share and learn. In this session, we’ll discuss which tool to use for which job and how to find the information that you want.