Having Conversations Through Twitter


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Presentation given to NCCE West District CEDs September 21, 2012.

Original title was "Using Technology to Market Your Program" Changed to "Having a Conversation with Twitter"

Notes are with presentation at: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1yXpaSEqZO8xZImaOFOtKmjv1SELlQJ2mqbZJEqgjZbM/edit

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  • John This Presentation is available at http://go.ncsu.edu/twitter-wdced So if you write that down, you won't have to copy anything that is on a slide. We started out planning to talk about "Using Technology to Market Your Program", but in the process of identifying the needs of this group, we realized we weren't ready to market our programs with these tools yet, we had to get comfortable with them and "learn the culture" of the venue. Before you can use technology for teaching or communicating with your clientele, you have to have used it to learn and communicate with your peers.Just like moving to a new town, you have to understand the culture of the area. In college, the first question people would ask you is "What's your major?"When I moved to Georgia, the first question people asked me was "What church do you belong to? " and "Would you like to come visit ours?"When I moved to WNC, the first question people asked was "Where are you from?"Each place had it's own dress code, topics you could and could not talk about, and other ways to 'fit in'.Last week, Carolyn and I were going to go to the "Shindig on the Green" in Asheville Pack Square Park. I was informed that the shirt I had on was not 'appropriate'. "You don't want to wear that... (bright colored shirt) you'll look like a tourist."The same thing applies when joining an online group/discussion.When you join a club or group, you don't jump in on your first visit and start trying to teach them or market your wares or anything else. You hold back your opinions and wait until you've developed an understanding of the culture of the group.You don't start teaching a class or speaking in public if you've never taken a class or observed someone speaking in public. Why would you expect to start teaching, or participating with a group without understanding its dynamics. 
  • Doug So, we decided to change the title to "Having Conversations Through Twitter" and use Twitter as a good introduction to using Social Media for marketing our programs and teaching and evaluating them too.
  • Doug Twitter is a Social Media platform  that allow us to have conversations and to learn from others http://www.jarche.com/2012/08/please-tell-me-about-your-pkm/   
  • Doug Consumption of Products Spread much faster today that in the past.  
  • Doug
  • Doug
  • Doug If there was a way you could use "Social Media" that wouldn't take more than five minutes a day and would be valuable to YOU , would you be interested? Value - Cost/Benefit where cost=time
  • We'd like to recommend that you take a month and immerse yourself into Twitter. All we ask is a commitment of less than 5 minutes a day. You may discover information you find beneficial or interesting that will take you hours to digest, think about, learn, read, etc. The time spent does not count towards the 5 minutes. Let's learn together http://www.cals.ncsu.edu/agcomm/news-center/extension-news/16621/   Photo credit for finger guy :  Tsahi Levent-Levi  http://www.flickr.com/photos/86979666@N00/7623744678/
  • John Let me (John) know and I'll add you to this list to make it easier to find/follow each other.
  • John
  • John
  • John HTTPS: for increased security when you enter your username/password Require personal info to reset password - again - improved security Add mobile phone number to get SMS messages for certain types of messages    tweets from those you've identified, DMs,mentions, retweets, favorites, etc. Set Sleep settings - times you don't want to receive SMS messages Email - when do you want to get an email about activity related to your account
  • John @username to refer to someone #hashtags to identify keywords or agreed upon string honey vs. #honey RT - retweet MT - modified tweet OH - Overheard via DM - user must be following you
  • John #FF - suggest who others should follow on Fridays Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/celesteh/4346584176/sizes/z/
  • Notice the @ sign followed by the username and the hashtags You can click on those to go to that user's page - so you could follow them or click on the hashtag to see other tweets with the same hashtag
  • Doug Twitter can be used to extend the conversations to other online users ie conventions, conferences, and online meetings.  Twitter allows a discussion to occur
  • Doug It allows more involvement in a topic or an event
  • Doug
  • Doug
  • Doug
  • Doug
  • Doug Do we want a smaller 'easier' page like this one (3 cols) or the one you posted with 5 cols?
  • Doug
  • John If you follow or me, I'll add you to my 'WD CED list' Use #wdced for info of interest to West District CEDs
  • John Present Molly with a 6 pack of Summer Shandy for being a "Leader" amongst the West District CEDs in using Twitter
  • This slide is just to capture the information - not to be shown
  • Having Conversations Through Twitter

    1. 1. Using Technology toMarket Your Programhttp://go.ncsu.edu/twitter-wdcedDoug ClementJohn Dorner
    2. 2. Having Conversations Through TwitterDoug ClementJohn Dorner
    3. 3. Why arent we using it already? • Dont understand it • Dont see the value • Havent taken the time to learn • Dont have someone to be social with • Culture of the organization • Fear of sharing • Whats your reason?
    4. 4. 2 Challenges• Post at least once a day• Read what each other are posting 1 Rule Be yourself Lets Learn Together
    5. 5. Benefits• Get to know and understand each other better o on a professional level o on a personal level• Learn o things to help you in your everyday life o about yourself o how this may or may not be useful to NCCE• Discover new reading materials• Reminders of things you should be doing• New ideas
    6. 6. WDCEDs already using Twitter • Doug Clement @DouglasClement • Molly Sandfoss @masandfoss • Seth Nagy @heliothiszea • Jerry Moody @FraserAgentNC • Spring Williams @springwb • Your name here https://twitter.com/i/#!/jdorner/west-district-ceds
    7. 7. Getting StartedPicking a username•short•identifiable as you•memorable
    8. 8. Configure your account
    9. 9. Configure your account• Select your time zone• Always use HTTPS• Require personal info to reset password• Add your mobile phone number• Email notifications• Design - make it pretty
    10. 10. Twitter Basics@usernameGive credit•RT - Retweet•MT - Modified Tweet•OH - Overheard•viaDM @username - Direct Message#hashtags
    11. 11. Tags of interest • #coopext • #CESvalue • #localfood • #NeXc2012 • #netlit • #agchat • #manuremonday • #FF (Follow Friday) • #WDCED
    12. 12. What do you have to share?
    13. 13. A ThoughtVictor Villegas @OSUExtTech#CoopExt Master Gardeners are some of thegreatest volunteers youll find anywhere!#landscapechat Mitch Owen @DrMitchOwen I have been exploring using a pinterest page to present my leadership model. Really wondering if this is another way of teaching the concepts.
    14. 14. Something You LearnedJoe Zublena @NCCESDrZInteresting pro-farming video going viralwww.youtube.com/watch?v=48H7zOQrX3U Empowering People @douglasclement Four Principles For the Open World www.ted.com/talks/lang...Kelly Brannock @kellybrannockAbility to communicate and engage w others isessential for new librarians #ceforum12
    15. 15. AnnouncementsValleyCrest @ValleyCrestDont miss next weeks #landscapechat with@ACEMentorInc. Great program for youth in#Architecture, #Construction & #Engineering Sarah Baughman @programeval Just saw the lineup for #NeXc2012! Lots of good stuff from amazing #coopext folks like @ndbob @sjudd @aafromaa @abcrocker @jdorner & moreACESedu @ACESeduNew publication on the ABCs of Climate Variabilitybit.ly/OJJQOD #Alabama #agchat
    16. 16. Thank someoneValleyCrest @ValleyCrestSeriously! What a great discussion. Thanks to@BackyardWisdom for your wisdom... we alllearned a ton #landscapechat FamilyFoodsFitness @FFFCoP Thanks @USDA for answering our questions & continuing to be a valuable discussion-all levels promoting/providing healthy options! #schoolfoodsrule
    17. 17. Something interesting you readDeborah Crandall @debor226One in five North Carolinians lack health insurancegoo.gl/CpqPj Maggie Lawrence @BackyardWisdom Inspirational RT @WDCGardener: Video Wed: Wangari Gardens in DC bit.ly/MZREnF #communitygardens #urbanag #gardendc #gardening
    18. 18. Ask a questionCDCObesity @CECObesitySchools influence childrens eating habits. Doesyour school have strong nutrition standards?go.usa.gov/rnZY #AskUSDA #schoolfoodsrule John Dorner @jdorner storify.com/ or http://www.scoop.it/ which do you prefer? why?
    19. 19. Something you sawJennifer Smith @dgco_gardenerSeeing lots of aster yellows disease inflowers dispite warm dry weather:bit.ly/P9J98J #LawrenceKS #gardenMolly A. Sandfoss @masandfossHops... who wants a beer?twitpic.com/acs9io
    20. 20. Something you are proud ofEmpoweringPeople @DouglasClementJust helped a lady with a recipe forreduced-salt pickles. So glad to helppeople continue to enjoy...fb.me/RexJFQ6h Janyne Kizer @jmkizer Swam 2700 meters in 1 hour and 21 minutes and felt good. Lots of kicking in the warm up warm up drills (~14:30) 2x, ... bit.ly/OooT1N
    21. 21. Something made you mad or sadJamie Seger @jamies4familiesI swear I spend more time filling out paperwork totravel than I do actually traveling... sigh Ben MacNeill @chillnc "I really regret that last tangry BBQ taco" - my stomach the rest of the afternoon.
    22. 22. Something made you happyFǽhƶ y Άbdul Raẖ mān @nmmoneyCongrats @programeval... on the "new" position. John Dorner @jdorner WOO HOO!!! Google Spreadsheets adds cell protection support.google.com/docs/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer What features are missing THAT YOU USE in Excel?
    23. 23. What are you doing?Howard Rheingold @hrreingoldHeading for KQED Forum this morning for 10 AMinterview abt #netsmartkqed.org/a/forum/R201208291000 Moly A. Sandfoss @masandfoss Getting up w/ the chickens b/c Im going 2 b w/ chickens, goats, sheep, pigs & cows 2day @ 66th Annual McDowell Co. Youth Livestock Show. :)Kevin Gamble @k1v1nIm at Starbucks (Cary, NC) 4sq.com/PsZvvG
    24. 24. Be humorousFunny One Liners @funnyonelinersThe cashier told me "Strip down, facing me." Howwas I to know she meant my debit card? RT@OccupyPurpleOB Car Talk @cartalk #Toyota recalls RAV4 for loose suspension nuts... Shhh, if NPR recalls loose nuts, were done for! bit.ly/RcVlaZ
    25. 25. Retweet someone elses postTerrence Wolfork @trwolfork10 Reasons Twitter Works in Educationzite.to/MZdeZZ via @zite Susan Colucci @SuzyNCSU RT @TheBlissfulChef Its about time: Doctors writing prescriptions for fresh fruits and vegetables for obese patients bit.ly/MKzoiS
    26. 26. Be profoundMarshall Stewart @MarshallStewartMotivational Moment - Teach - You dont have tobe in a classroom to teach. We teach every day inwhat we say and how we live our lives. Molly A. Sandfoss @masandfoss My guiding work philosophy... WWJT (What would Joe think?)
    27. 27. Conversation ExtensionsConferencesOnline Meetings
    28. 28. Get an app• Online tools to help organize your social media• Make it easier to use• Two we recommend are o Tweetdeck o Hootsuite
    29. 29. Hootsuite• Keep up with multiple social networks & RSS• Nothing to install• Message Scheduling• Free/Paid versions
    30. 30. Tweetdeck• Arrange your feeds with customizable columns• Focus on what matters with powerful filters• Schedule Tweets to suit your audience• Monitor and manage unlimited accounts• Stay up to date with notification alerts for new Tweets
    31. 31. First Steps•Create your account•Configure Preferences•Find & Follow each other o https://twitter.com/#!/jdorner/west-district-ceds•TWEET o Use #wdced hashtag•Have FUN!!!
    32. 32. One more advantage of sharingMolly A. Sandfoss @masandfossOlympics can be so addictive. Molly A. Sandfoss @masandfoss Beer is addictive too. So if anyone wants to bring me some Summer Shandy, I would be willing to meet them at the state line... TN, VA or SC
    33. 33. Working DifferentlyFrom Steve Judd via Google +Key takeaway for me:A network mindsetexercises leadership through active participation, openness,decentralized decision-making, and collective action. It means operatingwith an awareness of the networks the organization is embedded in, andlistening to and cultivating these networks to achieve impact. It meanssharing by default and communicating through a network model, ratherthan a broadcast model—finding where the conversations arehappening and taking part.Its about the power of the network, not thetools and technologies.Pamela Doherty originally shared thispost:Becoming a networked nonprofit-http://www.ssireview.org/blog/entry/becoming_a_networked_nonprofit