Basics of_creating_online_learning_modules


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Basics of_creating_online_learning_modules

  1. 1. Creating Online Learning Modules the basicsJohn DornerInformation Management Agent
  2. 2. Basic things we can do or need to dowhen reaching people online
  3. 3. Reaching people online• Be where they are• Be useful• Be honest• Be yourself
  4. 4. Be where they (most of them) are• Wikipedia!• Twitter (SMS / Text messaging)• Facebook• Google+• Pinterest• Online content - found by Google• Email
  5. 5. Teach clients how to fish• How to find & evaluate information• How to get information to come to them o RSS readers o RSS to email o Twitter to SMS• How to join online communities (CRD)
  6. 6. Be Useful• Be a curator• Be an author• Be a connector• Dont be a self promoter
  7. 7. Be Honest• Share what you know• You work for NCSU• You dont know everything• You make mistakes• You have other interests too!
  8. 8. Be Yourself• You dont work 24/7• You have a family• You have other interests• You are human
  9. 9. Online Learning Options• Web pages (NCCE County Website)• Blogs• Presentations (SlideShare)• Webinars• Videos (YouTube, TeacherTube, Vimeo)• Moodle (CMS or VLE)
  10. 10. Wikipedia• Use encyclopedia format o Search for "Manual of Style"• Neutral point of view• Original content• Provide appropriate links• Do NOT self promote• Create your own profile page• Update your "preferences"
  11. 11. Twitter• Use a desktop client o Tweetdeck• Create an account• Update your account settings• Create lists• Search
  12. 12. Curation•• Delicious & Diigo• Pinterest• Google+• Your own blog
  13. 13. Google Juice• Create good content• Link to related content pages• Get linked to from related content pages• Repeat...
  14. 14. RSS Readers• Create good content• Link to related content pages• Get linked to from related content pages• Repeat...••, + many others
  15. 15. Posting A/V Content•• Podcasting - Audio• YouTube - VideoGreat resources:••
  16. 16. Online CoursesModule Object Oriented Dynamic Learning EnvironmentCourse Management System (CMS)Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)Free web application provided by eXtension
  17. 17. Types of Moodle courses• Self Directed• Instructor Facilitated• Blended/Hybrid• Fee or Free• Certificates