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Social mediaoverviewupdated


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Social mediaoverviewupdated

  1. 1. Reaching Out with Social Media Andrew Youngkin, MLS NNLM-SE/A University of Maryland, Baltimore
  2. 2. Topics• Discuss why social media can help• Review “Big 3” Social Media sites• Considerations when starting out• Building an Audience• Using social media for marketing & promotion• Evaluating social media efforts
  3. 3. Why Social Media• Increased Visibility• Increased Reach• Audience Awareness
  4. 4. Getting StartedWho will set-up, monitor, administer?Who might our audiences be?What is appropriate, useful, relevant content?
  5. 5. The Big Three• Facebook• Twitter• YouTube
  6. 6. Facebook Goals• Getting “likes” connects you to Facebook users• Posting content of interest to Facebook users• Building an audience
  7. 7. Content for Connecting• Contact/About• Announcements• News• Events• Photos/Videos• External/Shared Content• Polls/Questions• Trivia• Links to other media (blogs, Twitter, Youtube updates, etc.)
  8. 8. Build an Audience
  9. 9. Promote Social Media• Email Invitations• Website• Business Cards• Email Signatures• Brochures, banners, posters, etc.• Other Social Media Sites• Be Search Engine Findable
  10. 10. Reach by “Liking” & “Sharing”• Post “sharable” content• Post “likeable” content
  11. 11. User Analysis• Reach Trend• Gender• Language• Geography
  12. 12. TWITTER• Social Networking site limiting users to 140 character “tweets”• Relies on “following” and “being followed”• Great for sharing announcements, relevant stories, connecting to/conversing with specific users• Lighter than Facebook
  13. 13. Twitter Goals• Clearly stated contact/overview• Posting unique content, positioning as expert/eyewitness• Get “Followed”• Being “Re-Tweeted”• Having event hashtags used, re-used• Having @call tag used, re-used
  14. 14. Unique Tools• Tweet• #hashtags• @callsigns• Retweet• Searching• Trending
  15. 15. Twitter Tips• Promote, address, reference, “shout out” a specific entity by using that entity’s assigned @ call sign• Promote a specific place, event, group with a specific hashtag, beginning with #• Share websites, links with shortened urls• Create as short a username as possible
  16. 16. YOUTUBE• Video Sharing Site• Create Your own “channel”• Share videos, screencasts• Easy to upload and host from variety of sources• Link to from other social media sites
  17. 17. Others• Google+• Linkedin• Pinterest
  18. 18. Google+• Similar to Facebook• Networks are “circles”• Seamless w/other Google services• Hangouts• Some say will occupy more of social networking market in future
  19. 19. LinkedIn• Professional Social Networking• “Connections”• Online resume/CV/Portfolio options• Join Groups• Get Introductions• Create Events• Link Twitter, Blogs, contact information• Post announcements, news, articles
  20. 20. Pinterest• Online Display Board• Graphical/visual sharing vs. text based• Create Boards, “Pin” Items• Libraries use to share collections
  21. 21. Recommendations• Clearly identify responsibility for oversight/admin• Clearly define appropriate, relevant, interesting content• Align Facebook account with values, mission, purpose of organization• Commit to consistency• Aim for objectivity• Measure effect/Assess ROI
  22. 22. ContactAndrew YoungkinUniversity of Maryland, BaltimoreHealth Sciences & Human Services LibraryNNLM, SE/A, Suite 508601 West Lombard StreetBaltimore, Maryland 21201800.338.7657 (in region)410.706.2855Email: ayoungki@hshsl.umaryland.eduSkype: andrew.youngkin1Blog: