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Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin


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Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin

  1. 1. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ Overview By Danielle Brigida National Wildlife Federation @Starfocus or
  2. 2. Confession:I’m a Wildlife and Technology Geek Learning about the environment is FUN!
  3. 3. We’ll Cover…
  4. 4. There are over 100,000non-profit pages on Facebook
  5. 5. An average user is connected to 80community pages, groups and events
  6. 6. Page, Group, Profile
  7. 7. Understanding Terminology• Status – Update your friends with links, photos, or info• Admin – Person who runs a page or group.• Wall – Public messaging on your profile• News Feed – Where you can view friend/page updates• Insights – Facebook page analytics• Tagging – Type the "@" symbol. Select the friend, page, event, group or app you want to tag from the drop-down menu.
  8. 8. Facebook Page• Must have an official rep as an admin• Communicates broadly (comments, posts)• Posts and pages are available to everyone• Anyone can “Like” your page• Admins post under the page name• Tabs and Insights are available
  9. 9. Facebook Group• Closed space for small groups• Offers more privacy settings and options• Members must be approved or added by other members• They are notified by default• Collaborate through chats, photo albums, docs and group events• No insights or tabs available
  10. 10. Use Custom Audiences
  11. 11. Use Powerful Imagery and Ask Questions
  12. 12. Use Facebook as your page…• Comment on other pages and photos• Respond to other comments
  13. 13. (Wherever You Send Them) Make Sharing Easy
  14. 14. Explore Causes on Facebook
  15. 15. Be Yourself
  16. 16. Create a Welcome Page with iframes
  17. 17. Facebook Ads• Brand Awareness• Drive offsite Traffic• Education/outreach• Relevant/Crisis Specific Ads• Fan/engagement increase
  18. 18. Understanding Facebook Insights
  19. 19. What these numbers mean…• These stats are not real time (day lapse)• Hover over the question marks for more info• They span a week of data
  20. 20. Breakdown• Fans <- Who your fans are• Reach <- Your total reach (through fans)• Who’s talking about this...
  21. 21. Watch John Haydon’s Video use-facebook-insights-video-tutorial/
  22. 22. What is Twitter?
  23. 23. Build Out Your Profile
  24. 24. Start with the Basics:
  25. 25. Make Use of Saved SearchesSearch for Key Words… It allows you to be relevant
  26. 26. Find people to follow• Twellow• Wefollow• Twibes• Followerwonk• Twitter Lists• Friends of friends• Search.twitter
  27. 27. Twitter Management Tools• Cotweet• Tweetdeck• Hootsuite• Seesmic• Echofon• Snitter• Twitteriffic• Twhirl
  28. 28. Create a Twitter Petition
  29. 29. Track Tweet and
  30. 30. Other Free Measurement Tools • Tweetscan • Twilert • Twitstat • Klout • TweetBeep • Twittergrader • Tweetmeme • Twinfluence • TwitScoop • Tweet Cloud And Hundreds More…
  31. 31. What you need to know about Google+
  32. 32. Your Profile
  33. 33. Creating a Business Page for Your Organization
  34. 34. Circles
  35. 35. Your Stream
  36. 36. Google+ Hangouts
  37. 37. My questions:• How will search results be impacted by your social interactions?• How will Google+ integrate with other products…
  39. 39. Build Out Your Personal Profile• Add a picture• Update your work section• Upload your existing contacts• Personalize your Linkedin URL• Use keywords that accurately describe you• Let other’s find you• Add and recommend people you meet• Post your skills and volunteer experience
  40. 40. Join Your Company Page
  41. 41. Build Out Your Company Page
  42. 42. Check Out Your Page Analytics
  43. 43. Add Your Events
  44. 44. Join GroupsThey Increase Your Network
  45. 45. Keep Track of Careers• Former Staff• Donors• Volunteers and Supporters
  46. 46. Explore Your Network
  47. 47. Tips for Maintaining a Group• Don’t over post• Be relevant• Answer and ask questions• Moderate comments and spam
  48. 48. Nonprofit Resources
  49. 49. Questions?