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The Future of Work

This presentation explores the new ways we are working and the implications for business and for workers. Each theme has 4 trends and each trend is supported by 4 examples, supporting statistics and implications defined by PSFK Labs team.

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The Future of Work

  1. 1. Startup School Merges Mentorship, On The Job LearningAnd Classroom Instruction E[ns(tute] this
  2. 2. Interactive Facebook Application Connects BuddingEntrepreneurs With Successful Startup Founders #StartupLab
  3. 3. Online Badges Depict Informal And Soft Skills Mozilla  Open  Badges
  4. 4. Infographic Tool Transforms Media Profiles Into Visual,Web-based Graphical Biographies Vizify
  5. 5. Team-Building Matchmaker Helps Entrepreneurs FindSuitable Business Partners CoFoundersLab
  6. 6. Internal Social Network To Match Employers Needs WithWorker Mobility Upmo
  7. 7. Company-wide Learning Program Connects Co-Workers ToKeep ME SELL ON YOUR BEHALF” “LET Them Updated Learn27
  8. 8. Software Plug-in Updates Users on Complicated ProgramsAnd Sharpens Skills Adobe  Levelup COMMISSION FEES EARNED BY INFLUENCING ONLINE PURCHASES
  9. 9. Service Lets Workers Send Anonymous Feedback ToTheir Superiors Happiily
  10. 10. Real-Time Suggestion Box Connects Managers WithEmployee Ideas veHer VeHer
  11. 11. Layered Into Training Programs, Social Learning ImprovesLearning Retention And Progress SuccessFactors
  12. 12. Social Knowledge Platform Facilitates Knowledge Transfer,Builds Expertise-Based Reputations Crowdbase
  13. 13. Workers Rank Their Peers To Reveal Value To The Company Valve
  14. 14. Hidden Talent Revealed Within Companies By SocialMetric Score SilkRoad
  15. 15. Management Reframed As Mentors, Encouraging WorkersTo Deliver Great Work Grey
  16. 16. Team Members Self-Select How They Will Fit IntoEach Project MicrosoN  Lync
  17. 17. Cross-Organizational Social Tool Enhances Collaboration InThe Project-By-Project Economy ShiN
  18. 18. Social Network For Doctors Improves Cross-SpecialtyCollaboration MY PRICE” “LET ME NAME Doximity Layered Virtual Showcase With a growing level of peer to peer communities that are working together and searching for service answers, the right information is being rewarded and being presented in easy formats for large groups of people to use and share. set of digital services are enabling shoppers to visually experience and A new experiment with products before they buy.
  19. 19. Address Book Supplemented With Social Data For MoreInformed Interactions Brewster
  20. 20. Proximity Based Service Alerts Users Of Potential Clientsand Contacts Who Are Nearby Intro
  21. 21. Company Creates Google Docs For Engineering, Design andArchitectural Programs Sunglass
  22. 22. Public Noticeboard Lets Everyone Share And DiscussIdeas Virtually Wallwisher
  23. 23. Projector Lamp-Camera Configuration Shares Remote Desks IllumiShare
  24. 24. Haptic Remote Robots Will Let People ‘Physically’Be Anywhere In The World Better Service” “Give Me Personal Attention And Beaming Service With An Opt In
  25. 25. Crowdsourced Product Developers Open AnAdvanced Lab For All Quirky
  26. 26. Co-working Space Fuels Foodies And Collaborators WithMenu Of Cooking Tools ForageSF
  27. 27. Modular Smartphone Could Replace Computer And Tablet NexPhone
  28. 28. Keyboard Projects Key Onto Any Surface And FitsOn Your Keychain This” “Teach Me How To Use CTX  Virtual  KeyboardRETAIL ON DEMANDSubject SpecialistSHOPPER COACHING Staff members with specialized knowledge bases who can provide smarter answers and product recommendations to their customers in-store, online and over the phone.
  29. 29. Colorful, Sound Absorbing Booths Give Users Privacy InPublic Spaces WHAT I LIKE” “LET ME SHOP BuzziBooth
  30. 30. Mobile Workstations Roll Around To FindThe Best Place To Work Hive  Worksta(ons
  31. 31. Upright Furniture Line Positions WorkersBetween Sitting And Standing Focal  Upright  Desk
  32. 32. Treadmill Workstations Mix Walking With Working “LET ME BUILD THE PERFECT ONE FOR ME” TrekDesk  Tredmill  Desk Experience Centers Best-in-class brands are creating experience centers where consumers are approached, not only as shoppers, but as sophisticated learners who are eager to engage and create