Rightpoint digital experiences portfolio


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Rightpoint digital experiences portfolio

  1. 1. We are the point where strategy + creative + technologyall come together. Perfectly aligned. Brilliantly executed.We get it right...the first time.
  2. 2. Strategy UX/Creative TechnologySTRATEGY CREATIVE TECHNOLOGYwhere it all begins instinct & insight powerful tools, perfectly appliedThe best solutions start with bulletproof strategy. The artistic instinct of design meets the stunning The most advanced technologies available power ourOur proprietary methods keep your objectives insight of usability to create experiences that intranets, microsites, collaborative portals, ecommercefront-and-center to ensure big results and robust ROI. engage customers with every visit. platforms, kiosks, mobile apps and beyond.
  3. 3. WHAT DRIVES USTo be the most admired professional services company and the standard againstwhich all others are measured, driven by the passion and character of our people.We will be viewed as a unique place to work, an organization that is known for itsability to get it right and drive results, while having fun along the way, guided bythe values at our foundation. PASSION LEARNING INTRAPRENEURSHIP EXCELLENCE COLLABORATION TRUST ACCOUNTABILITY The fire in our bellies, Insatiable curiosity for anything Innovation from within that Nothing but our absolute Seeking, sharing, challenging What’s right is right, even if It will be if it’s up to me.driving us to go the extra mile. that can make us better keeps us at the forefront. best every time. all moves us forward. it’s a more difficult road. right results. right away.
  4. 4. Taking digital experiences to the next level.Experiences designed to engage, inspireand incite more action.CREATION@RIGHTPOINT
  6. 6. Vi: Classic Residences by Hyatt | Community and Services Assisted Living Community Web SiteWe redesigned viliving.com from the ground up, developing a digital brand strategy to complement the client’s robust digital marketing strategy.The Vi team needed a content-rich site that was easy for them to update, so we built powerful CMS capabilities into the back end. With the righttools and the right design, we helped Vi connect with its target and generate more leads from its online marketing.
  7. 7. JL Powell | Clothing Experience Site eCommerce Consumer SiteThe JLP Brand is about experiencing the freedom and expanse of the great outdoors. This ecommerce site redesign successfullyfound the right balance between the important rich experiential imagery and the product showcasing and sales.
  8. 8. Lane Company | Corporate Web Site Public Facing Web SiteLane Company wanted a contemporary and subdued yet trendy and sophisticated digital presence. We utilized clean lines and graphicswith deep backgrounds to focus on the lifestyle and property images. The ability to change content, headlines and images at any timeprompted the use of an open-source content management system that seamlessly integrates with Flash for video content.
  9. 9. MORE SALES
  10. 10. ULTA Beauty | Health & Beauty Products eCommerce Consumer SiteUlta engaged Rightpoint to revamp its ecommerce site to maximize revenue. We began by enlisting our usability experts and user experience designteam to review the site and make recommendations. From there they developed hi-fidelity prototypes for redesigning the product catalog, shoppingcart and checkout pages. And we accomplished it all in just three weeks so that ulta.com was ready to go for the holiday shopping season.
  11. 11. Directions Training | Informational and Registration Public Facing Consumer SiteDirections sought to be perceived within their industry as being a leader, welcoming and approachable. No easy task in the IT training industry.Users of their site needed a rewarding and connected experience with simple usability baked into every touch point and interaction. We delivereda site that establishes Directions as friendly, technilogically savvy, and credible organization merely by enhancing their online experience.
  12. 12. Steelcase | coalesse Sales Support and Dealer Exchange Portals Corporate Sales PortalsThe solution for Steelcase was an intranet and online collaboration tool that empowered dealers to communicateand collaborate like never before. Its discussion forums through allowed Steelcase’s dealers to find, share anddiscuss best practices, proven strategies and tactics for running a successful dealership.
  14. 14. New Balance | iNB Collaborative Design Portal250 New Balance shoe designers and developers needed a better way to share ideas and collaborate on designs across the globe.Through intense interactive work sessions with key users and an iterative design process Rightpoint helped create a user interfacethat will push the experience to a new level of acceptance and adoption.
  15. 15. University of Chicago | The Arete Initiative Research and Collaboration SiteWe built a collaborative portal that connected researchers across the globe. The portal allowed them to create profiles, network withother researchers, and participate in virtual discussion forums, promote their publications and search for relevant publications by keyword.We also created robust tools to store and analyze the staggering volume of new data created by this worldwide team.
  16. 16. YMCA USA | YMCA XCHANGE Corporate Collaboration Engagement PortalThe venerable YMCA, now freshly re branded as the Y, has the huge potential to connect and share ideas, program and best practices among their20,000 active staff and 100,000 volunteers. This new portal concept design not only captures the look and feel of the new brand but provides anextremely easy to use and navigation experience to enable social collaboration opportunities.
  17. 17. New Balance | NB Link Social Corporate Communication PortalWe rebuilt NBLink on SharePoint with a slick custom interface using Microsoft Silverlight. We developed tools that present content to the user basedon his or her geographic location and role within the company – creating a truly custom experience for the user. We also created custom media toolsto reduce the size of images and videos when uploaded and to stream video intelligently based on the user’s bandwidth.
  18. 18. Classified Ventures | CV Intranet Social Corporate Communication IntranetThis Intranet design was able to connect and accommodate all the different employee needs of their five separate company entitiesincluding cars.com and apartments.com. It also enabled all levels of the overall company to communicate and share everythingfrom important HR details to eGreetings.
  20. 20. Abbott Labs | Humira Hall of Fame Touchscreen KioskAbbott Leadership wanted a state-of-the-art touch screen display that allows instant access to a large amount ofrelevant global sales data. Our strategy and study of user behavior lead to a design and technology implementationthat created a highly engaging and intuitive touch screen experience.
  21. 21. Feldco | Mobile Web Site Mobile Web ImplementationWe created a mobile extension of the Feldco website with an iPhone app. It’s design resembled Feldco’s website,but provided larger touch tabs and convenient Google maps integration. Now contractors use their phones toshop Feldco’s site and find its locations from anywhere.
  22. 22. New Balance | iNBmove Collaborative Design PortalA mobile version of iNB is the perfect solution to further the New Balance design team’s ability to collaborate from any location acrossthe globe, beginning with the iPhone and iPad. The user interface consists of elements from the standard version with functionalitiesstrictly designed to accomodate realistic needs and mobile limitations.
  24. 24. The Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation | Organization Info Site Public Facing NPO SiteRightpoint worked directly with the foundation to create a new brand look and feel including identity treatment. Engaging photographyand a clean and functional design made the final product a simple site that captures the foundation’s persona. We used javascript forunique hovers and cufon font rendering to allow for custom typefaces within standard HTML
  25. 25. The Super Jake Foundation | Fund-raising & Informational Site Public Facing NPO SiteWe designed a solution for SuperJake in order to better communicate their brand and the cause in an uplifting way. Jake’s battle was nothing lessthan heroic and his inspiring strength led to the name of the foundation. We began with those elements and created a bright, comic-themed designthat exemplifies the overall voice of the organization while maintaining a high level of professionalism that can engage any age group.
  26. 26. Abbott Labs | Respiratory Centre Public Facing Product Informational SiteThe goal was to become the leading global reference for education and awareness of childhood respiratory affliction. Aided through social mediatools and participation in support of the online charter, the site was designed to be engaging and promote user interaction. A light, open-space designpersonified the overall mission of the group by giving ‘breathing room’ to a large amount of information.
  27. 27. MORE GLOBAL
  28. 28. Abbott Labs | MyAi Social Corporate Communication PortalOur design and implementation enabled group collaboration, real-time idea sharing, and improved search results for all content.We also implemented popular social media features such as status updates, micro-blogging, real-time newsfeeds, communities,tagging, social bookmarking and RSS feeds with comments.
  29. 29. Grant Thornton International | Global Web Site Public Facing Informational SiteGrant Thornton wanted to ensure their new intranet design would be highly usable by thousands of different global users.Rightpoint conducted usability testing during the design phase and as challenges were found the design was revised.The end result is an improved and validated design.
  30. 30. Thank you for taking the time to look at our creative samples.We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your needs in greater detail.Our contact info is below in hopes that this deck has inspired more action.200 West Madison Street | Suite 2240 | Chicago, Illinois 60606(312) 920-8383 | (312) 920-8384 faxwww.rightpoint.com