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The Thirteen Colonies


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The Thirteen Colonies

  1. 1. THE THIRTEEN COLONIES By Hannah Menelsohn
  2. 2. New England Colonies The New England Colonies include: ★ Maine ★ New Hampshire ★ Vermont ★ Massachusetts ★ Connecticut ★ Rhode Island
  3. 3. Attributes ★ People who settled in the New England Colonies wanted freedom of religion and to keep their family close. ★ Major occupations in the New England area: Agriculture (Subsistence Farming), Fishing, and Commerce. ★ Shipbuilding was important because Massachusetts was a major port in this area. ★ People who lived in the New England area depended on the natural resources.
  4. 4. Effects of Triangle Trade in the New England Colonies ★ Mercantilism and Triangle Trade proved to be quite profitable in the New England Colonies. ★ New England rum was shipped to Africa and traded for slaves. ★ Slaves were taken to the West Indies and were traded for sugar and molasses which went back to the New England Colonies.
  5. 5. Religion and the Great Awakening ★ The Pilgrims in Massachusetts and the Quakers in Pennsylvania were examples of people who left England so they could practice the religion they of their choice. ★ Maryland and Rhode Island passed laws of religious toleration which meant they couldn’t be harmed by others for practicing a different religion. ★ The revival began with Jonathan Edwards in Northampton, Massachusetts. ★ The Great Awakening helped lead to the American Revolution
  6. 6. Enlightenment Thinking ★ The first Puritans who settled in New England brought with them a passion for their religious beliefs. ★ Especially in New England, the culture was rooted in providentialism, a belief that God governs the world at each moment through His will and that all events occur as part of His ordained plan. ★ Many individuals who lived in the New England area were Calvinists or heavily influenced by John Calvin's works and thought
  7. 7. The Middle Colonies The Middle Colonies include: ★ New York ★ Pennsylvania ★ New Jersey ★ Delaware
  8. 8. Attributes ★ In the Middle Colonies, there was a lot of diversity: Catholics, English, and Enslaved Africans. ★ Excellent land for farming. ★ Grew bread, fruits, and vegetables. ★ Looking to practice own religion. ★ Middle Colonies were part agricultural and part industrial.
  9. 9. Effects of Triangle Trade on the Middle Colonies ★ The Middle Colonies were the most economically diverse. ★ Wheat and grains grew in New York and Pennsylvania. ★ Factories in the Middle Colonies produced paper, textiles, and iron. ★ Trade with England was plentiful ★ Trade was possible within the colonies because of rivers that were used to carry furs and farmed goods around North America.
  10. 10. The Great Awakening in the Middle Colonies ★ Many Quakers settled in the Middle Colonies. ★ Presbyterians in the Middle Colonies helped start and continue the religious revitalization. ★ Pastoral styles changed during this time. Many pastors began to read their sermons.
  11. 11. Enlightenment Thinking ★ William Penn was granted land in the colonies and this made many Quakers settle here. ★ Quakers are a religious group that is opposed of war. ★ Middle Colonies had Royal and Proprietary government.
  12. 12. The Southern Colonies The Southern Colonies include: ★ Maryland ★ Virginia ★ North Carolina ★ South Carolina ★ Georgia
  13. 13. Attributes ★ Many people in the Southern Colonies were out to make money. ★ Kept families together on plantations. ★ The Southern Colonies were mainly agricultural. ★ Plantations grew cash crops (tobacco, corn, rice, and indigo) which could be sold and traded. Made lots of money ★ Slaves helped provide labor on the plantations
  14. 14. Effects of Triangle Trade on the Southern Colonies ★ By 1775, there were about 2.5 million slaves in the Southern Colonies. ★ Triangle Trade allowed for slaves to come from Africa and make it to America. ★ Boats would unload slaves and take any rum, sugar, molasses, or tobacco and go to Great Britain.
  15. 15. Great Awakening in the Southern Colonies ★ Religions: Anglicans, Catholics, Baptists, Methodists. ★ The Awakening’s biggest significance was the way it prepared America for its War of Independence.
  16. 16. Enlightenment Thinking ★ Enlightenment thinkers influenced politics, government, religion in the Colonies. ★ The systems of Government in the Southern Colonies were either Royal or Proprietary. ★ Royal Government: The Royal Colonies were ruled directly by the English monarchy ★ Proprietary Government: The King granted land to people in North America, who then formed Proprietary Colonies.
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