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Thirteen colonies


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Thirteen Colonies

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Thirteen colonies

  1. 1. Thirteen Colonies Chynna Ratliff
  2. 2. New England ColoniesThe New England Coloniesconsisted of Rhode Island,Connecticut,Massachusetts, and NewHampshire.
  3. 3. New England ColoniesThe New England Colonies were either fishing communities orsubsistence farming. They basically did everything forthemselves like making own clothes and farming their own food.
  4. 4. New England ColoniesThe New England Colonies were alittle different from the othercolonies because their main goalwas spiritual growth. They werefounded on the puritans andpilgrims searching to practicetheir own religion. They disagreedwith the teachings of the church inEngland. A small group of peoplecame to New England to makemoney.
  5. 5. New England ColoniesShipbuilding was very popular because of many, large portsavailable in New England. They were near bodies of water toonly make shipbuilding more popular.
  6. 6. New England Ports
  7. 7. Middle Colonies The middle colonies are NewYork, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.
  8. 8. Middle ColoniesThe people who came to the Middle colonies were looking topractice their own religion as well. But they were also concernedwith making money. Many of them didn’t bring their familiesfrom England so they were the ideal workers for hard labor.
  9. 9. Middle ColoniesThe Middle Colonies were partagriculture and part industrial.Wheat grew on Farms in New York and Pennsylvania along with other grains.
  10. 10. Middle ColoniesAlong with being part agriculture the Middle Colonies were partindustrial. They were many factories in Maryland andPennsylvania. Trade with England and other colonies wasflourishing. Factories produced iron, textiles and paper.
  11. 11. Middle ColoniesAlong with the agricultural and industrial aspects of the MiddleColonies, there was three large rivers that ran through thesecolonies. The Susquehanna, the Delaware and the Hudsonassisted the fur trading industry.
  12. 12. Southern ColoniesThe Southern Colonieswere Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.
  13. 13. The Southern ColoniesThe Southern Colonies were mainly to make money. Many ofthem brought their families to work together on plantations. Sotherefor; there was many thriving plantations that made asufficient amount of money.
  14. 14. The Southern ColoniesLike I mentioned before the Southern Colonies had a lot ofplantations. This made for acres of farmland. They were mainlyagricultural colonies.
  15. 15. The Southern ColoniesIn 1619, African Americanslaves first arrived in theNew World. Slaves were alarge workforce to be usedon plantations.
  16. 16. The Southern Colonies
  17. 17. Triangular TradeThe Triangular Trade routes got its name from the triangularshape it made to retrieve fish, lumbar, and other goods fromNew England to the West Indies. The West Indies rum, guns,gunpowder to West Africa. Here, they traded for salves. Theeffects of the trade routes were detrimental. Africans had noprotection because all the males were taken. Violence becamecommon because of the introduction of guns. Sadly, racism wasvery common now.
  18. 18. The Great AwakeningThe Great Awaking was a time of spiritual growth which broughtan identity to the colonies. The biggest effect of the GreatAwakening was the rebellion against authority.
  19. 19. EnlightenmentThe enlightenment influenced the people to overthrowgovernments and establish a real democracy.
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