EdMedia 2013: Authentic Experiences, Risky Pedagogies?


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Presentation for EdMedia 2013, Victoria BC http://www.aace.org/conf/edmedia/speakers/

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EdMedia 2013: Authentic Experiences, Risky Pedagogies?

  1. 1. Authentic ExperiencesRisky Pedagogies?Helen Keegan @heloukeeNational Teaching Fellow, Higher Education AcademySenior Lecturer, University of Salford, UKEdMedia, Victoria BC, June 2013
  2. 2. Taking RISKSMaking MISTAKESIn a culture ofRISK AVERSION
  3. 3. TechnologyLearnersExperiencesTransformations
  4. 4. Higher Education as anincreasinglyCOMPLEX SPACE
  5. 5. Higher Education for the Elite
  6. 6. Higher Education for ALL
  7. 7. Growth in online learning
  8. 8. http://cogdogblog.com/2012/07/17/mooc-hysertia/
  9. 9. Education is a self-organising system,where learning is an emergentphenomenon” – Sugata Mitra“We are educating people out of their creative capacities” – Ken Robinson“Reality is broken. Game designers can fix it.”― Jane McGonigal
  10. 10. Supercomplexity
  11. 11. “The way forward lies in construing andenacting a pedagogy for human being.Learning for an unknown future has to be alearning understood neither in terms ofknowledge or skills but of human qualitiesand dispositions. Learning for an unknownfuture calls, in short, for an ontological turn.”(Barnett, 2004)
  12. 12. Pedagogical options: a schema(Barnett, R. 2004)
  13. 13. Digital literacies, digital citizenshipAttentionCritical thinking/filteringParticipationCollaborationNetwork smarts(Rheingold, 2012)
  14. 14. Pebbles and BouldersImagine surveying the media, information and cultural industries in themid 1980s…The scene would resemble a large sandy beach, withcrowds organised around a very few large boulders. These boulderswere the big media companies… Now imagine the scene on this beachin five years‟ time. A few big boulders are still showing, but many havebeen drowned by the rising tide of pebbles. Some of the pebbles theydrop are very small: a blog post or a comment on YouTube… Abewildering array of pebbles in different sizes, shapes and colours arebeing laid down the whole time, in no particular order, as people feellike it.(Charles Leadbeater, 2009)
  15. 15. Curiosity, Mystery, Intrigue – and AssessmentVERSUS:“I‟m paying X amount per year”“I just want a first”“What do I need to do to get a first?”Transformative learning(Mezirow 1978)
  16. 16. Rising university costs drivingchanges in behaviorGet a qualification that leadsto a well-rounded jobGetting a rounded educationFinding yourselfHaving fun
  17. 17. A tale ofcuriosity, mysteryand intrigue
  18. 18. Video which is basically the next 15 minutesof this prez (24 slides which which I‟veremoved) can be found here:http://bit.ly/10V6RhU
  19. 19. ARG reflectionsTransformative: learners – ways ofseeing, openness to experience/worldaround themTransformative: my practice – wanted torecreate sense of excitement, somethinghappening, chaos, unexpected…
  20. 20. Pedagogical options: a schema(Barnett, R. 2004)
  21. 21. This year‟s module• Authentic experiences: Living the meme• Post-curricula: attitude• Explore, play, put yourself out there• Pt.1 – weekly tasks (pebbles/boulders andspreadable media)• Pt. 2 – international collaboration(nz, co, fr), visual backdrop to opera• 3 examples/critical incidences
  22. 22. Harlem Shake
  23. 23. Where „flow‟ meets policy
  24. 24. The general feel before filming wasanticipation. My fellow students all felt as one,i spoke to people on my course that i haven‟tever spoke to, making me think that the Shakeis a good thing. „Of course it‟s a good thing‟, ihear you say, true, it is. I have never seensomething on the internet bring so manypeople together for such a bad joke (obviouslyat the songs expense). Making me think, whocame up with this simply elegant and almostimpervious idea?
  25. 25. A culture of “let‟s”LET’S DO…LET’S TRY…
  26. 26. Brittney Panda
  27. 27. #dudesdoingthebrittneypanda
  28. 28. The task that went wrong…• Major organisation• Major charity event• Spreadable Media• Memes – irreverent humour• Pebbles and Boulders
  29. 29. Final Reflections• Pebbles and Boulders as a metaphor• Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic motivation• The hidden curriculum behind theprescribed curriculum• Culture of “let‟s” – shiftingdynamics, building trust• Being vulnerable, taking risks together
  30. 30. THANKYOUHelen KeeganNational Teaching Fellow, Higher Education AcademySenior Lecturer, University of Salford, MediaCity UKTwitter: @heloukeeBlog: heloukee.wordpress.com