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The Amazing Maze Made of Internet: Networks, Openness and The Power of The Hashtag


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Slides/discussion triggers for Week 4 classes (21.10.11) BSc Advanced Multimedia, MSc Social Media (yes, we're using the same materials as we're coming together through the power of #psvtam and #mscsm)

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The Amazing Maze Made of Internet: Networks, Openness and The Power of The Hashtag

  1. 1. TheAmazingMaze Madeof Internet:Networks,Opennessand thePower ofthe Hashtag@heloukee#psvtam#mscsmWEEK 4
  2. 2. Connecting…NetworksOpennessCrowdsourcingHashtags
  3. 3. @solobasssteve at #ir12 (@nancybaym talk)
  4. 4. Useful vidsHow Sharing in the Digital Age Improves the Way We Work and Live Internet and Social Movement
  5. 5. @Cogdog (Alan Levine)Storybox Stories – 1st Amazing Stories call in 2009: A Call for Amazing Stories of Openness (short vid) – Do a YouTube search for ‘openness, amazing’ – see lots of contributor videos – AMAZING STORIES OF OPENNESS page – 34 answers compiled (15 mins) Talkin Bout Open
  6. 6. #occupymovement@bill_world @courosa on instagram@heloukee webstagram from #occupySeattle
  7. 7. ConnectingthroughTwitter andInstagram#occupymovement#occupyToronto#occupySeattle#Seattle #solidarity
  8. 8. CrowdsourcingREDDIT altruism Wars Uncut http://www.starwarsuncut.comEric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir Crowdsourced Music Video Projects Innovative Crowdfunding Platforms for Social Good
  9. 9. More awesomeness…Michael Wesch – YouTube Curator of the Month ALERT!Find more and add to the Google Doc
  10. 10. Things to consider…#OMGConan: The big Digg party Twitter Hoax Mob Gone Wrong by Tom Scott, Ep 77 the London riots showed us two sides of social networking truth about Twitter, Facebook and the uprisings in the Arabworld
  11. 11. So #psvtam #mscsm…With all these ideas you are going to be writing someamazing posts this week – I CAN FEEL IT!Remember: Connecting Networks Openness Crowdsourcing Hashtags
  12. 12. And finally…Think about your ownlearning, yournetworks, and how youmight connect as alearner:NETWORKED STUDENT*the wikipedia cake may only make sense tothose who attend the f2f session. Hopefully.