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Slides for my presentation for the Open Media Seminar Series at the University of Coventry, 25th Feb 2013.

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  1. 1. : Create to EngageHelen Keegan @heloukee!National Teaching Fellow, Higher Education AcademySenior Lecturer, University of Salford, MediaCity UK
  2. 2. CreativityEngagement IdentityRemixCuriositySpreadability
  3. 3. Open Media /Creative Activism Spoof media Memes and Virals Subverting the Spectacle
  4. 4. Internet
  5. 5. Spreadable Media
  6. 6. If it doesn’tspread, it’s dead  
  7. 7. S=(C+L) or spreadability = (current affairs + lolz)! Father Ted Supercut - 29 Nov 2012 Father Ted Belfast Riots – 9 Dec 20125,228 views 24,176 views            Thanks to Rob Kelly for media + analysis
  8. 8. Dance vs. jump Dubstep Eyebrows – 25 Dec 2012 Parkour jump – 25 July 2007350 views 66,946 views        
  9. 9. Authenticity Charlie Bit My Finger – 22 May 2007 The Weirdest Clip Ever Made – 31 July 2008Over 500 million views 105,072 views        
  10. 10. “Viewed from the perspective of culturalparticipation rather than marketing, videosare not ‘messages’ or ‘ products’ that aredistributed via social networks. Rather, theyare mediating mechanisms via whichcultural practices are originated, adoptedand (sometimes) retained within socialnetworks.” (Burgess, 2008)
  11. 11. (breaking)#The Rules "
  12. 12. Broadcast vs. ParticipatoryCulture (a.k.a. Pebbles and Boulders)
  13. 13. (accidental)#Subversion "
  14. 14. Harlem Shake
  15. 15. Eeeek.
  16. 16. The general feel before filming was anticipation.My fellow students all felt as one, i spoke topeople on my course that i haven’t ever spoke to,making me think that the Shake is a goodthing. ‘Of course it’s a good thing’, i hear yousay, true, it is. I have never seen something on theinternet bring so many people together forsuch a bad joke (obviously at the songs expense).Making me think, who came up with thissimply elegant and almost impervious idea?
  17. 17. ideas
  18. 18. curiosity
  19. 19. Curiosity, mystery and intrigue VERSUS:   “I’m  paying  X  amount  per  year”   “I  just  want  a  first”   “What  do  I  need  to  do  to  get  a  first?”  
  20. 20. Elements of the Creative Process curiosity collecting ideas connecting getting your work out there (Hugh Garry)
  21. 21. #PSVTAMBSc Professional Sound and Video TechnologyAdvanced Multimedia (n=30) •  Digital identity •  Remix culture •  Copyright, licensing, ethics •  Participatory media production •  Mobile phone filmmaking •  Transmedia storytelling •  Critical media literacies
  22. 22. Go Beyond! Dig Deep!Question Everything!
  23. 23. Exchange Square/The Triangle (Manchester)
  24. 24. The Game! How to get from !Week   TOPIC   ! HERE!Week  1   Digital  IdenZty/Online  Presence   !Week  2   Remix  Culture/ParZcipatory  Culture   !Week  3   Copyright,  licensing,  ethics   !Week  4   Networks  and  Openness   !Week  5   Huey  –  Guest  Lecture   !Week  6   Transmedia/digital  storytelling   !Week  7   Pocket  Cinema   !Week  8   Mobile  Film  Project   !Week  9   Mobile  Film  Project   !Week  10   Mobile  Film  Project   !Week  11   THE  REVEAL  (BBC  Big  Screen)   !Week  12   BBC  Big  Screen  (2nd  showing)   To HERE?!
  25. 25. 91211!
  26. 26. Down the Rabbit-hole…!
  27. 27. Quotes from Tweets:! ! “Iʼm so scared”! “This is creepy”! “Iʼm getting worried about this”! “Serious data protection implications”! “I have a red hot poker ready…”!
  28. 28. Hi all,Thanks to you lot and your detective work (and getting me his emailaddress ;) I’ve just made contact with the mysterious Rufi Franzen.Firstly, you’ll be relieved to know that you have nothing to worry aboutin terms of data security – there have been no breaches of security. Ican’t say any more at the moment as I’ve been sworn to secrecy, so Ineed you to trust me on this.What I do know is that this is going somewhere good – amazing infact. I don’t know much more at this stage, and I’m not sure I’m going tobe told. Anyway, let’s chat about it tomorrow – remember the feedbacksession 3-5 in 3.34!See you tomorrow. This is crazy – but ace.Helen
  29. 29. Inspired: Engaged: Creating!
  30. 30. Solving puzzles, cracking codes!
  31. 31. WHERE ✔! WHEN ✔! WHY ✖!!
  32. 32. On the eve of the reveal…!•  Live  Q+A   “Best TV programme Iʼve watched in ages!” (James)!
  33. 33. Surprise appearance… could it be?!
  34. 34. 9.12.11!
  35. 35. The Big Screen!
  36. 36. REVEAL: Identity hoax: Reactions!
  37. 37. Creating experiences! “Just so pleased to have been involved in this ARG, Rufi will live “this is something I’ll never forever!” forget” “Today I realized just how amazing the small things in life can be. Yes, this is a massive cliché but, yes, it is true!” “It was incredible, we all watched in the rain as “This was a fantastic passers by watched the learning experience; The work we had created, intrigue, the teamwork, the broadcast on a huge screen puzzle solving; Everyone in one of the most famous who has taken part in the cities in the world. process has brought their own theories and ideas, everyone has helped solve a “I wanna do it again!” little bit of the puzzle.”
  38. 38. Deep engagement! “I will “You now have me pouring always remember Rufi, over all the blogs. The and the way it has forced subtlety and deliciousness of me to think about certain this game and how you all things.  I’d love this way dealt with each issue on a of teaching to become a day to day basis is permanent fixture in our staggering… it is good to education system (I’ve know that I played a part in just written 1200 words possibly the greatest thing I on a Friday night for have ever been exposed God’s sake, and it’s not to…” even for an assignment!)”
  39. 39. Creativity Engagement Open!IdentityRemixCuriosity Hoaxes Memes and ViralsSpreadability Subversion
  40. 40. BibliographyBurgess. J. & Green, J. (2008) YouTube: Online Video and Participatory Culture. Cambridge: Polity Press. Dawkins, R. (1976). The Selfish Gene. Oxford: Oxford University Press.Gauntlett, D. (2011). Making is Connecting: The Social Meaning of Creativity. Cambridge: Polity Press). Jenkins, H., Li, X., Domb, A. and Green, J. (2008). ‘If It Doesnt Spread, Its Dead: Creating Value in aSpreadable Marketplace’, available from: [last accessed20 October 2012]. Keegan (2012). Emerging Pedagogies. In. Fraser, P. (Ed.) A Manifesto for Media Education. PalgraveMacmillan. (Publication due 2013). Lange, P.G. (2007). Publicly Private and Privately Public: Social Networking on YouTube.Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 13(1): 361-380. McCracken, G. (2013). “Consumers” or “Multipliers”? available from: [last accessed 24 Feb 2012] Zittrain, J. (2008). The Future of the Internet – And How to Stop It. Yale, Yale University Press. 
  41. 41. : Create to Engage!Helen Keegan!National Teaching Fellow, Higher Education Academy!Senior Lecturer, University of Salford, MediaCity UK!Twitter: @heloukee!Blog:!