Lets Go Global


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Slideshow of presentation at the Literacy and Learning in the 21st Century conference in Fredericton New Brunswick in August 16-17th 2007.

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Lets Go Global

  1. 1. Let’s Go Global! Online Collaborative Learning Projects Sharon Peters LEARN sharonpeters@gmail.com http://globalprojects2007.wikispaces.com/ mtl-peters.net/blog
  2. 2. Global Projects begin.....
  3. 3. ...with Globally-Minded Educators
  4. 4. Goals of Today’s Presentation Getting Connected Skills Built Relevance Engagement Cool Tools Award-winning examples from ordinary teachers Project Opportunities and Portals
  5. 5. What did this globally-minded student have to say? From a Neveh Channah student after receiving peer review from a student from LCC: quot;Thank you for taking the time to read my paper. I was touched by your warm words and the gentle criticism.Yes, some of the spelling should be edited and I didn't want to burden the reader with too many details and information.... I would love to host you here in Jerusalem and to join you personally on a walking tour through the streets of Nachlaot.quot;
  6. 6. 5 C’s of the 1:1 Collate Create Construct Communicate Collaborate
  7. 7. The Web has become our operating system
  8. 8. Karl Fisch at NECC 2007 Did You Know 2.0? Shift Happens TeacherTube Link
  9. 9. The Web is Us/Using Us
  10. 10. Getting (and Keeping) Globally Connected iGoogle - RSS feeds Skype Webcasting Podcasts Blogging Twitter
  11. 11. Your Network is Your Filter. (Tapscott) We learn from the company we keep. (Smith)
  12. 12. Grace ... on the topic of backchanneling iLike.... Matthew
  13. 13. Meg Fictionpress - Simply Meg ICT in Education - Music on the Internet A Real Teen Talks about Blogging and Social Spaces Facebook
  14. 14. Nat Runescape YouTube for music videos
  15. 15. Têtes à Claques
  16. 16. Skills Built Multiple Literacies: digital, cultural, media Cross-cultural communication Critical thinking Synthesis and summary Info literacy, research, validation, authentication of facts Negotiation and collaboration
  17. 17. Whereas previous generations value loyalty, seniority, security and authority, the NetGen’s norms reflect a desire for creativity, social connectivity, fun, freedom, speed, and diversity in their workplaces. (Tapscott)
  18. 18. ATG - Conceptual Age Creators & Affluence, technology, globalization Empathizers Information Age knowledge workers Industrial Age factory workers Agricultural Age Farmers 18th century 19th century 20th century 21st century From the Agricultural to the Conceptual Age From: A Whole New Mind
  19. 19. Cool Tools & Online Social Spaces Wikis Skype - Webcasting - Podcasting Blogs Google Docs Content-Learning Management Systems Personal Learning Environments Full descriptions
  20. 20. Award-winning Global Projects • GVCVirtual Classroom Web Design(2007 Silver Award Team 06 Wikispace - Global Contest) • From Jerusalem to Montréal - (2007 Silver Award ISTE SigTEL ) • Flat Classroom Project - (2007 Gold Award ISTE SigTEL) • Technospud Projects (2006 Global Schoolnet Award)
  21. 21. These partnerships provide opportunities for students to quot;be human togetherquot; (Siemens)
  22. 22. Karen Guth - teacher at Neveh Channah School in Etzion Bloc, Israel: quot;I would say that this became a project that engaged the minds, skills, and hearts of our students. It turned the English Bagrut project into an international research, writing, thinking, and teaching opportunity.quot;
  23. 23. quot;From all of the work that we have done with other students, I have learned how to look over other people's work and let them edit my own. From working with other students, I also learned how to be patient and not always want things to happen at the exact moment I would like them to, but rather wait and spend more time on something to make it even better.quot; - Matthew, grade 7
  24. 24. Technospud Projects: Charlotte’s Web Project • Charlotte’s Web Project •
  25. 25. More Internet Projects • Fruit Loops Project - most popular • Salute to Seuss - now taking applications
  26. 26. Other Portals • LEARN (Québec) site for Classroom Exchanges • Israeli Pedagogical Network for Collaborative Learning • Global Virtual Classroom • Global SchoolNet • iEARN • Taking IT Global • Teachers Without Borders (need for provincial coordinator)
  27. 27. Books of Influence The World is Flat - 3rd ed. (Thomas Friedman) Wikinomics - (Don Tapscott & Anthony Williams) A Whole New Mind (Daniel Pink) Knowing Knowledge (George Siemens) Coming of Age: An Intro to the New WWW (Terry Freedman, ed.)
  28. 28. Goals of Today’s Presentation Getting Connected Skills Built Relevance Engagement Cool Tools Award-winning examples from ordinary teachers Project Opportunities and Portals
  29. 29. Global Projects begin..... ...with Globally-Minded Educators Sharon Peters LEARN sharonpeters@gmail.com mtl-peters.net/blog