Moodle gamification tools edtech 2013


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This presentation was delivered at #edtech13 in University College Cork, Ireland.

This covers the list of Moodle techniques that may be useful for gamification.

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Moodle gamification tools edtech 2013

  1. 1. Some of the tools to use in course gamification
  2. 2. » Groups» Progress Bar» Checklist» Certificate» Activity Completion» Conditional Access» Badges
  3. 3. » Groups can have icons associated with them» ICONS show up on forum posts˃ (group icon block)» Can manually assign students to a group˃ Group, Batch» Can programmatically assign to a group» Example˃ “Particularly Helpful Moodler”
  4. 4. » Set up the tracking» Graphical progress bar to completion» Indicators for completion, late and incomplete
  5. 5. » Create criteria list for progress» Mark off the tasks / waypoints once complete» Visual representation of achievements andwork still to do
  6. 6. » Award a PDF certificate for download» Can be linked to completion of activities, orgrades using conditional access» Configurable in design and content
  7. 7. » Activities and Resources have completion status» Manually complete (student)» Automatically complete by action˃ forum post˃ File upload˃ View» Displays tick-box on course overview page» Uses Cron to process
  8. 8. » Restrict access to resource/activity/section» Activity Completion» Grade» Time» Profile field
  9. 9. “if a resumé or CV is a bunch of claims, Open Badgesare a bunch of evidence”» Award graphical badges based on criteria˃ Finishing a course, completing your profile, completing an activity in acourse, ad-hoc assignment by teacher» Learner can download or export badge˃ Badge Backpack» Badge holds metadata for verification» Learner can display badges elsewhereSee
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