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New deck

  1. 1. Supercharge Performance and Learning Gamification and real-time feedback
  2. 2. AT-A-GLANCE • Supercharge performance and learning • Gamification • Real-time feedback • Universal applications @work • Sales, customer service, learning, back-office
  3. 3. A New Way of Managing Employees Goals, real-time feedback and recognition Personal Goals Personalized targets & benchmarks understand Feedback A real-time fitness tracker for work Gamification Engagement, social proof and fun Learning In-class and on-the-job
  4. 4. FOCUS ON “MIDDLE” PERFORMERS Not on the “top of the leaderboard”
  5. 5. THE EMPLOYEE JOURNEY Onboarding Career Development Social connectedness Performance Improvement Personal Growth Learning
  6. 6. INTRINSIC MOTIVATION: A FITNESS TRACKER FOR WORK Social proof, badges, leaderboards Game Narrative Personal KPIs, targets & benchmarks Next best action: elearning, coaching
  7. 7. NARRATIVES THAT FIT BUSINESS NEEDS: CITY Learning & onboarding SCAVENGER Knowledge & training ZOMBIES Learning RACE Performance
  8. 8. CASE STUDIES eLearning Completion +10% +10% 300 X Sales KPIs Contact Center Performance
  9. 9. Case Study: Orion Financial Focus on Performance APPLICATION: • drive goals and productivity for back-office accounting work ROI • 33% decrease in time it takes to process – from one hour to 40 minutes • Better understanding of goals and work by new hires • Months later, users are still engaged NARRATIVE • Race INTEGRATION • Salesforce
  10. 10. Case Study: Largest Credit Union in US Focus on Learning APPLICATION: • Use gamification to drive onboarding and on-going learning for employees in financial services ROI • 85% learning completion rates compared to miniscule completion of learning beforehand NARRATIVE • City Building INTEGRATION • SumTotal
  11. 11. RacerRookieNewbieEmployee Stage RaceRaceCityNarrative ExpertiseOnboardingTrainingFocus Performance + on- the-job training Performance (factored) + on-the- job training In class trainingDescription Unlimited6 weeks21 working daysDuration Gamification throughout the employee Journey: Large Telecom Provider example
  12. 12. A new way of managing people
  15. 15. HOW GAMEFFECTIVE IS DIFFERENT Field proven with huge customers • Deep gamification • Performance management with rich KPIs • Strong on-the-job learning • Simple integrations • Self-service admin interface • Enterprise class
  16. 16. Thank you Name of presenter, email