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Empower stack rank associate scorecard module


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Empower stack rank associate scorecard module

  1. 1. Empower Stack Rank Associate Scorecard Overview and Functionalities 1
  2. 2. Stack Rank – An introduction The Associate performance scorecard view:  Allows for a comprehensive evaluation of associate performance by means of the composite score.  Enables to view at-a-glance an associate´s individual metric scores for a more detailed associate performance review.  Grants the possibility of viewing both month to date information as well as daily performance for all metrics.  Provides information to the associate on how they are being measured (metric parameters) as well as allow to view the Pay for Performance (P4P) plan that applies to them.  Drives associate competitiveness by making them aware, in real time, of their rank position during a performance period , allowing them the possibility to improve their performance. 2
  3. 3. The Performance Scorecard – Main View Associates can access the scorecard by clicking on this button The performance scorecard main view is divided into three groups: Approval Information Employee Information Stack Information 3
  4. 4. Approval Information This section allows the associate to review details concerning the status of review and approval of both the metric data and Human Capital information displayed in the stack:  Associates must review their information at least once a week to assess data accuracy They should dispute any data they observe as incorrect 4
  5. 5. Employee Information In this section, the associate will find details concerning personal information as well as the personnel to which they report to, location of their operation and the current period for which the data shown is valid. 5
  6. 6. Stack Information Composite score : obtained by adding up the products of each metrics assigned weight percentage by the % to target ratios. Rank: position of the associate in the stack Tier: indicates in what percentage of the total ranking population the associate has been placed (Ex: first 25%, second 25% ,etc.). The conditions for tier placement can be custom set for each stack. Stack metric: shows metric being measured with the current month-to-date score % to target ratio: the data shows how much of the assigned metric weight was actually achieved by the associate in relation to the metric score obtained. 6
  7. 7. Stack Information (Cont.) View: This drop down menu allows selection between various viewing criteria Additional information concerning Team Lead, Manager and site correspondence. 7
  8. 8. Performance Scorecard - Review Metrics View This section allows for a more detailed view of associates employee Data, Stack and Pay Qualifiers and day by day metric data 8
  9. 9. Review Metrics Tab - Details Stack Qualifiers: In order to qualify to rank in the stack, the associates must meet or perform better than the threshold value set for this metric Pay Qualifiers: condition must be met in order to be eligible for bonus payout “Review Data” button: Once an associate has reviewed the data in the stack, they can click on this button to register their revision within the application. * Clicking on any of the blue hyperlinked values for the metric data will allow the associate to open a dispute should they consider the data as inaccurate 9
  10. 10. Performance Scorecard – View Plan tab  As with the Review Metrics tab, the Employee data is once again available.  Details for both Stack Ranking and P4P plans can be reviewed . 10
  11. 11. View Plan tab – Details: Stack Ranking Plan  Metric Name: Label with which the metric is known within the stack Frequency: How often does the metric data get updated Sources: Identifies the Empower internal process ID assigned to the metric Short Description: Gives the full name of the metric Long Description: Gives us details and specifics as to what the metric measures  Direction: lets us know if the metric is either: - Ascending: The higher the value, the better. - Descending: The lower the value, the better. 11
  12. 12. View Plan tab – Details: Stack Ranking Plan (cont.) Target: Value which needs to be meet in order to receive 100% of the weight assigned to the metric  Min. Value: Threshold that needs to be excelled in order to qualify for assignment of weight (total or a percentage of) to the composite score. Max. Value: Ceiling placed on weight assignation towards the composite score when metric score exceeds target value (over performance). Any score higher than the maximum value will yield weight no higher than if they had hit said maximum value. Range: This is set between the minimum and target values and establishes the effective performance value scale in which an associate will receive part or all of the assigned metric weight towards their composite score. Weight: percentage of the total stack weight assigned to the metric. 12
  13. 13. View Plan tab – Details: Stack Ranking Plan (cont.) Null value treatment: Establishes how the metric will “behave” when no values are available: - Re-weight: the weight is redistributed amongst the rest of the stack - Treat as ceros: weight will be equal to 0 (zero) for that metric - Treat as worst performance: the minimum score will be assigned as the metric score (this will assign a 0% weight to the metric) Qualifier identification: Establishes if the metric is a stack rank qualifier Qualifier threshold: Target value that must be exceeded in order for the associate to rank. 13
  14. 14. View Plan tab – Details: P4P Plan By clicking on the “Pay per Performance Plan” button, associates are able to review the details for the payout plan they roll up to.  Hyperlinked access to P4P documentation and Qualifiers Qualification criteria shown along with an example payout (when available) 14
  15. 15. Q & A
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