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Creativity In Learning


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A curated conversation on how Heutagogy can help develop creativity in learning in our present day education systems. With ideas from key thinkers, practical examples from practitioners, and a range of useful tools for stimulating thinking.

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Creativity In Learning

  1. 1. Creativity in Learning (with Heutagogy) World #Heutagogy Day 2016 #oer
  2. 2. Creativity in Learning A Curated Conversation from the World Heutagogy Crew .uk .ie .ro .at .gr .au .in .rw .nz
  3. 3. Ken Robinson says Schools kill Creativity
  4. 4. From the curriculum (So no more 60’s heutagogy) In 1986 the UK government removed creativity
  5. 5. Make creativity part of all education But we think we CAN
  6. 6. 1. by… exploring #Heutagogy Heutagogy Curated Conversation
  7. 7. Ronan O’Beirne • #Heutagogy. A walk, a wander through learning. Getting lost, by intent or by accident. Sifting and sieving through serendipity. Gathering the riches of experience. Creating a bricolage of possibly useful artefacts that will shed light on the journey. • Synthesizing concepts and opening the mind to consider new vistas of discovery… Ronan is Director of Research Soton Uni
  8. 8. Mark Narayn • Heutagogy may not suit everyone, because it requires a leap of faith – faith in one’s ability to embrace uncertainty and explore, yet find ways forward. • It’s about paying attention to what is around us, and taking risks. • A boat in harbour is safe, but that’s not what boats are for. Mark runs Everything Unplugged East Norwich
  9. 9. exploring
  10. 10. 2. by… co-creating & collaborating Heutagogy Curated Conversation
  11. 11. Silvia Floarea • Learnity's "Creative thinking" experience is about unborify the boring; • We choose boring contexts or activities, then explore different perspectives and create resources for solving everyday boredom… creating new satisfactions. • Students choose their own challenges and, with teachers, co-creating new ideas everyday Silvia runs Learnity in Bucharest
  12. 12. Lisa-Marie Blashke • Talented and amazing educators are co-creating pockets of innovative education with learners everywhere, guided by learning leaders… • realised through open learning spaces with student-designed curricula. • Their inspiration shows how heutagogy can incite educational transformation, with stakeholders working together to create environments for nurturing creative thought, expression, and learning. Lisa-Marie is Program Director Oldenburg Uni
  13. 13. Chrissi Nerantzi • Creativity is a way of being, re-acting positively to life and passionately embracing (im)possibilities; enacting our imagination, playfulness and risk-taking to create a better world…. • Modelling such ways of being & immersing others in creative experiences helps recognise creativity in bringing us closer together, transforming our life for the better. Chrissi runs Greenhouse (creative practitioners) MMU
  14. 14. Co-creating
  15. 15. 3. helping… facilitate learning & environments… Heutagogy Curated Conversation
  16. 16. Stewart Hase • Human brains are wired for creativity from birth. • Heutagogical approaches to learning are designed to provide an environment that facilitates rather than hinders creativity. • This environment is flexible, learner-focused, process rather than content oriented, pattern seeking and exploratory. It is based on an understanding of human agency rather than predetermination. Stewart is Mr Heutagogy…
  17. 17. Devaji Patil • As an expression of True Self heutagogy, seeks, generates and maintains; environments internal and external, that are free to explore, unlearn and relearn. • Creativity, not as a brilliant accomplishment , but as living, authentic, shared, human understanding & experience, that keeps growing in the most unassuming of ways Devaji is a Public Health Consultant in Bangalore
  18. 18. Paul Henderson • The New Music Collective is a heutagogical learning project, influenced by Roland Meighan and John Holt. • It’s where young musicians come together to create, learn, rehearse and perform their own music. • A learning facilitator, provides resources, helps and answer questions enabling a gig at the end of the project. Paul materialised in Messenger…
  19. 19. Chris Kenyon • Australian artist Fiona Hall described the approach she took to creativity with Paradisus Terrestris; amorphously creating something completely different using ordinary objects. • Whilst working ideas sparked more ideas than she could apply to her work. • Was this “rows of sardine teas from which sculpted life forms emerge” a heutagogical journey? Chris is offline right now
  20. 20. facilitating
  21. 21. 4. by… removing systemic compliance Heutagogy Curated Conversation
  22. 22. Terry Loane • Contemporary schooling promotes compliance, obedience and conformity. • Everything from exam syllabuses to the clothing worn at school is, at least in the UK, becoming more prescriptive. Compliance, obedience, conformity and prescription all stultify creativity. • For creative learning to blossom we must reverse the trend towards conformity and promote self- determination. Terry is Grumpy
  23. 23. Fred Garnett • Education points you at a world identified by policy makers and categorised by academics. • We learn mimetically, instinctively; searching for affirmation socially. Our profound human curiosity seeks release beyond trained literacies. • Trusting the learner enables our natural creativity to emerge; the only way any educational process can be justified Fred curates (participatively)
  24. 24. Bernard Nkuyubwatsi • The growing demand for higher education is not matched by the capacity in formal education. • To achieve socioeconomic inclusion and respond to current global concerns, an innovative learning approach is mandatory. • Heutagogy positions learners as key agents in their educational transformation and empowers them as independent problem solvers. Bernard thinks we need heutagogical resources
  25. 25. Process change
  26. 26. so… here are some creative thinking tools… to reflect on & use Heutagogy Curated Conversation
  27. 27. Bridget McKenzie Bridget is interested in the Learning Planet MODES Creative Methodical Ways of communicating Connotative Denotative Ways of thinking Divergent and open-ended Convergent and judging Ways of perceiving Inward and reflecting Outward and observing Ways of making Poietic and generative Technical and imitative
  28. 28. John Davitt
  29. 29. P A H Teacher School Teacher/ Learner Learner Research Cognition Epistemic Cognition Meta- Cognition Adult
  30. 30. #digital Thom Cochrane (BYOD) Pedagogy Andragogy Heutagogy Productivity Collaboration Community Reproduction Incrementation Re-initiation Induction to supportive learning community Enabling user- generated content Enabling collaboration; user-generated contexts Reconceptualising mobile social media Reconceptualising role of the teacher Reconceptualising the role of the learner Thom continues to evolve the PAH continuum
  31. 31. Tools for conviviality Photos by Tony Hall
  32. 32. Some…Resources Heutagogy Curated Conversation
  33. 33. Workshop Resources #myHeutagogy We started with the question “is Heutagogy the Pedagogy of Creativity?” and this curated conversation represents our answers Workshop Activities Do we need to think about how to encourage creativity? Whose comments inspire you most – how can you use that? Is creativity about freeing learners to explore? How can you co-create learning activities for your learners? Should facilitation be about inspiring independent learners or completing shared tasks? Some of the tables are for personal reflection and some are to help in learning design. Can you use both? This curated conversation was developed collaboratively on #FB All comments welcome…
  34. 34. Creativity in Learning w/Heutagogy #wHday16 Resources From Andragogy to Heutagogy What is Heutagogy? All You Need is Heutagogy Heutagogy Community of Practice blog How Schools Kill Creativity (Ken Robinson TEDx) Learnity in Bucharest Heutagogy & Lifelong Learning Greenhouse for Creative Practitioners Stewart Hase Heutagogy Blog The Heutagogic Archive The Learning Planet John Davitt #FreeLearning Thom Cochrane BYOD mobiles & Creative Pedagogies Tony Hall Instagram Contact @fredgarnett
  35. 35. What is Heutagogy? More in our earlier curated conversation
  36. 36. Curated Conversations We started Curated Conversations as a kind of “wisdom of crowds” method for sharing deep knowledge quickly. A number of people (12-20) with expertise or experience summarise their understanding in 50 words. From these contributions both a shared narrative emerges and some recommendations. Previous Curated Conversations… Education Innovation Technology Innovation Social Innovation for a Network Society Digital Inclusion Everything Unplugged (Learning Conversations) What is Heutagogy? (a curated book) British MOOCs Technique derived from Oxford Muse conversation dinners
  37. 37. A Heutagogy Curated Conversation by @fredgarnett Creativity in Learning