dr. jaganmohana rao gurugubelli knowledge programmes & schemes of education for cwd national policy for disability 2006 taxonomy of blooms objectives of teaching mathematics contributions of mathematicians strategies of teaching mathematics values of teaching mathematics need & importance meaning & nature of mathematics cocurricular activities scientific method scientific attitude scientific temper school curriculum importance of science nature of science meaning of science subjects disciplines forms of knowledge user experience how knowledge is constructed different ways of knowing truth belief information knowledge meaning and definition intellectual disability mental retardation characteristics of hi classification of hearing loss hearing impairment causes for vi types of vi visual impairment objectives of ie nature of ie inclusive education pwd act-1995 pwd npe-1986 npe-1968 rci act-1992 blooms taxonomy objectives aims project huristic analytic & syntatic inductive & deductive ict in education supportive services npe-68 & 86 recommendations for pwd social learning peer tutoring inclusive practices in classroom for all multi-sensory approach reflective teaching buddy learning assistive & adaptive technology teaching aids teaching learning material summative evaluation professional development role of mathematics teachers association recreational activities qualities of good mathematics textbook qualities and role of a mathematics teacher conferences workshops seminars programmes for professional growth mathematics laboratory & mathematics club learning short cuts of vedic mathematics in service programmes for mathematics teachers vak model formative evaluation diagnostic evaluation assessment & evaluation assessment aims & objectives of teaching mathematics nature & values) teaching mathematics introduction (meaning principles of curriculum construction meaning and concept of curriculum curricular choices at different stages of school m euclid & pythagoras aryabhata & srinivas ramanujan different approaches of teaching aesthetic sense of mathematics dr.jaganmohana rao gurugubelli problem solving method project method - dr.jaganmohana rao gurugubelli lecture cum demonstration method heuristic method/ dr. jaganmohana rao gurugubelli inclusive education/ dr. jaganmohana rao gurugubel cooperative learning/ dr. jaganmohana rao gurugube an introduction to research methodology/ dr. jagan analytic and synthetic method/ dr. jaganmohana rao inductive and deductive method/dr.jaganmohana rao
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