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  • Steering the big ship. 53-year-old org based in DC with 53 regional/states offices. Serves the U.S., but has international activities.
  • The one-minute elevator pitch about how AARP, AARP Services, Foundation function and the vast array of things it does.
  • Betty White campaign launched yesterday on all our media channels. Look for the viral video of her doing phone sex with a Motorola retrobrick phone from the early 80s. has evolved beyond just the web site of record. It’s the digital face of the org and a platform from which we integrate with digital services from the outside.
  • Centralized site structure hard won over several years of reigning in outboard microsites.
  • Rise of mobile and social, network effects compelling AARP to establish beachheads on dominant digital platforms.
  • Print, Broadcast, Web, Mobile as paced at AARP. Largest circulation magazine to 22MM households 6x YR cut by three age branges and 100 regiions. Prints 7 out of 8 weeks. Broadcast group partners with My Retirement TV, Jane Pauley, syndicates to cable and 130 radio stations from studios at HQ. Web site 6MM uniques a month, 2MM+ registered accounts, 200K actives commty users. Mobile launched as platform only 7 months ago.
  • Traffic to web site from mobile devices increasing dramatically. Site not optimized and traffic is not managed.
  • Business units dabbling in mobile in recent years. National Event annually with 25,000 members; celebs like Tony Bennet, Elton John. L.A. t his year Kiosk vendor used by events group.
  • Like every other magazine publisher, we are dealing with the rebirth of magazines on multi-touch tablets. Vendors like Woodwing and Adobe out there. We’re using Texterity here.
  • Many consumer brands have been using carrier-class mobile adaptation services that scrape a web site as is and convert to mobile thru 5000 profiles. This approach will be viable for some time to come, especially in developing countries. Brightcove moving into this space as of today.
  • Touch on tactical forays into SMS by eAdvocacy (GOTV) and Foundation (Haiti). Phone number capture and opt-in problematic for AARP to scale. Member concerns about phone charges. Roll out for member services will require several large biz units to pool efforts. On smartphone apps, will mimic this function with notifications. Jack Phillips for America Haiti
  • Flagship with Bottle Rocket Apps. Discounts App working with AARP subsidiary. Niche app concepting with consultancies. Crowdsourced would be holy grail.
  • Boss carrying around iPad from first week on sale during all the team meetings in the runup to relaunch of Soon, CIO, the board, C-suite. IT supporting iOS.
  • Commonality in how the mobile guys and gals carry a minimum of three phones. NGS, NPR, Gannett, Intiut, CTO
  • Kicking off flagship app with small teams and accomplished vendor.
  • Situated in Product Management. Launched mobile sprint in parallel to main. Operationalized after launch.
  • Bottle Rocket schtick with sketching Uis. Actually had no formal wireframes in the rush to the launch of the flagship.
  • WAS NOT READY: Site TOS, stock photo license, some existing site feeds were broken, Omniture tracking too complex to implement at start, gathering app store assets, working with media relations
  • Custom CMS process traverses down the pages and selects content according to these rules: Fixed number of most recent articles. X - Exclude content not appropriate or ready for mobile. Made use of existing five picture thumbnail sizes. Append Trivia Quiz and ads.
  • Tricky, fragile roundtrip from phone to authenticate with our web-based join renew tunnel.
  • Join/Renew web forms mobilized for the iOS apps.
  • Launched at last year’s Member Event in Orlando. Presented on stage to an audience of 12,000 members on last day of 3-day. Covered by Ed Baig in USA Today.
  • Currently requires users to download Amazon Appstore App and auth into Amazon account. Not integrated to Android OS—can’ t manage other apps; no Google single signon with apps.
  • Amazon EC2 live test drive. DeviceAnywhere offers similar service.
  • Need to shift UX to a “what phone do you have?”
  • Mobile adaptation – MDOT – Streamlined presentation of all content based on device profile. Device specific promotions (apps). Spanish version coming.
  • Mobile adaptation – MDOT – Streamlined presentation of all content based on device profile. Device specific promotions (apps). Spanish version.
  • M.DOT wireframes from specification doc.
  • What to do with legacy web tools on the site, some of which (caregiving) have value in mobile use case?
  • 45-day maintenance and feature release cycle mindful of infrastructure changes like M.DOT launch.
  • What we know about seniors and digital tech…PEW gadget study late 2010…Boomer women control the household. Want: Simplicity, Very clear value proposition; nav labels literal Low cost; not just money, but effort, my time is short, better things to spend it on. Pre-configured options, don’ t want to fiddle
  • Adoption low in older generations, but increasing rapidly. Also: Nielsen data from Oct 2010 slices operating system usage by age.
  • Note sandwich generation supporting their children and parents. Mandate to connect generations…grandparents and grandkids.
  • NOT gadgets: smartphones and tablets (other devices) are an essential looking glass into cloud data.
  • User Interface Engineering (UIE) Web App Masters Tour 2011

    1. 1. AARP: Designing A Strategy forOrganizational TransformationsBy Mike Lee UIE Web App Masters Tour 2011 Philadelphia, Seattle, Minneapolis v.9
    2. 2. The Ship To Steer…
    3. 3. Centralized Presence Organic Paid Marketing Media Reciprocal Links Behavioral Targeting Earned Media Google Search Keywords Print Publications Events Drive traffic in
    4. 4. Distributed Presence Collaborator / Partner Facebook, Twitter Web Sites and on other social networks Influential Blogs Mobile Devices and Platforms Central source of AARP content, tools and services Push Content Out 6
    5. 5. Mobile Duct tape & spit Source Web API TV+RadioSource XML PrintSource Channel Integration Is Messy
    6. 6. AARP Mobile Web Adoption Rate • 2,050% jump in mobile consumption between Q1 2009 & Q1 2011 • Solid growth, despite low mobile optimization on in 2009-2010 • Apple devices account for 66% • Android devices account for 23% and gaining ground 8
    7. 7. Repurposing The Events Platform 9
    8. 8. Digital Facsimiles 10
    9. 9. Web Content Adaptation… Not Pursued 11
    10. 10. Text-to-Give CampaignJack Phillips for AmericaGOTV Campaign SMS Use Tactical So Far 12
    11. 11. Learnings Pre-iPhone / iPad•Be not the center of your universe•Media channel integration: many, manysmall wins at pace•Tech platforms often too extensive•Vendor product capability is not strategy•External market trend may not apply 13
    12. 12. GBN’s Innovation Modes Outside Co-Development Do It Yourself With partners Flagship App Development Crowdsourced Development Business BusinessExperts Everyone Employee Employee Discounts Involvement Involvement App Niche App Corporate-Wide Traditional R&D Innovation Inside 14 OVO Consulting, 2009; Ertel/GBN, 2006
    13. 13. “Dogfooding” Mobile 15
    14. 14. Being Unabashed About Devices 16
    15. 15. Small Mobile Team + Vendor 17
    16. 16. Mobile “Start-up” In Product Mgt. 18
    17. 17. Sketching Mobile UX 19
    18. 18. Web site components: •Feed of latest WCMS articles (JSON) •Popular articles •Member login and cardOnboard the app: APIs:•Site channels in topic •Latest videos frombutton Brightcove CMS•Save clippings •Twitter•Dial call center •Facebook•Flurry tracking code • Parts Of A Flagship App 20
    19. 19. Arriving At A Content Strategy 21
    20. 20. Link out to mobile trivia quiz to drive traffic to main site.The Article Drilldown 22 22
    21. 21. Pressing the rightmost button on the video controls sends the video stream to your Apple TV.The TV Drilldown 23 23
    22. 22. Log in … for digital member card 24
    23. 23. Adapted Web Join/Renew Forms 25 25
    24. 24. LaunchedOn iOS10/1/2010
    25. 25. How Design Strategy CanTranscend Organizational Change• Design process visible• Tools=rules• Trusted vendors• Conferring of authority• Top-down prioritization 27
    26. 26. On Android 28
    27. 27. Deploying Strategically On Amazon 29
    28. 28. Amazon Test Drive 30
    29. 29. MobileLanding PageNeeds NewIA Work 31
    30. 30. 32
    31. 31. 33
    32. 32. 34
    33. 33. Catching Up On Documentation 35
    34. 34. 2010 Inventory& Analysis74 web site toolswith 20 morecoming Existing Web Tools Not Mobile Ready 36
    35. 35. Release Timeline Q1 – Q3 2011 45-Day Cycles 37
    36. 36. Niche or Niche or Franchise Franchise App? App? In-app customization or personalization + + + Module Module Module Module Module Module Spinoff Spinoff 11 22 33 App From App From Module? Module?Flagship App Or Über App? 38
    37. 37. Elements Of Our MobileImplementation Strategy (Today)• Develop consumer niche modules/apps• Keep opportunistic stance• Platform focus in-house• Platform agnostic out• Build before buy 39
    38. 38. Seniors Mostly See Barriers Perceived Benefit or Barrier % AgreeCost too much to buy 74%Not be something I need 72%Cost too much to maintain 70%Invade my privacy too much 64%Be something I could rely on 46%Not be available to me 46%Give my family/friends peace of mind 45%Be hard to learn how to use 44%Make me lose ability to do things myself 43%Save me time 43% Barriers Benefits 40“Mobile Technology, Health and Caregiving Among People 50 and Older,” AARP, Jan. 7, 2011. Shows top 10 of 17
    39. 39. 41
    40. 40. Why Mobile At AARP? The mHealth Gap for Older Americans Incidence of Chronic IllnessHigh Those who need mobile technology the most use it the least. • 4/5 of 50+ suffer at least one mHealth chronic illness • Half of 65-74 have 2-4 chronic Gap conditions Engagement Isolation Use ofLow Mobile Devices Age 42
    41. 41. Mobile Apple iPhone / 7” Android 6” Kindle 3 7” Sony Dash 10” Apple iPad iPod Touch Tablets eReader Internet Media Tablet Device “Lean Back”“Lean Forward” Standard 17” Laptop 12” litl webbook – 22” Vizio Via Hybrid digital Connected TV picture frame, netbook Thinking Ahead To Other Devices (And Platforms) 43
    42. 42. The bottom of our pyramid? 44
    43. 43. Twitter: curiouslee