Fremskynd innovation og nå bredere ud med IBM Mobile, Michael Gilfix, IBM US


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Præsentation fra IBM Smarter Business 2012

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  • MAIN POINT: The mobile space presents large and varied opportunities both in the business to enterprise space with our employees and partners and in the business to consumer space.The business-to-enterprise benefits to an organization include things like: Increasing worker productivityImproving processing timesEfficiencies gained through extending existing applications to mobile workers, partners and customers.The business-to-consumer or B2C benefits include things like:Improved customer satisfactionOpportunities to deepen customer engagement and drive increased salesDifferentiating levels of customer service.SPEAKER NOTES:Speaking of employees, partners and customers – let’s talk about the enormous opportunities with each. As we interact with employees and parterns In the business to enterprise space mobile can significantly shift the way we do things for higher value. We’ve seen the note on productivity enhancements. This translates to things like improved processing times and responsiveness. Faster decisions. And lower overall costs.Let’s not forget about the opportunities in the business to consumer space with our customers. Clearly our customers expect and demand mobile access, but with that comes the opportunity for improved satisfaction when we deliver it well. This enables deeper engagement with our customers and ultimately greater loyalty. In the end mobile helps differentiate us and drives higher revenue streams, higher satisfaction and can also provide even more insight into our customers.BACKGROUND DETAIL:None.
  • MAIN POINT: Mobile is fundamentally changing industries and the way they interact with the marketplace.Cite industry examples applicable to your geography.Here are some examples:Reducing fuel, gas, or fleet maintenance costs in the distributionImprove in store experience with mobile concierge services in retailLowes – Deploying 42k iPhone to their store employees to compete with Home Depot’s Motorola handheld POS system ( – Deploying iPad to its global dealership network to streamline sales process (deals, credit application, ordering, etc.) ( More than 500M mobile users ( Japan Leading Social Network: 85% of monthly pages views through mobile device ( – mobile devices used for medical monitoring.Retail – smartphones used as payment vehiclesBroadcasting – mobile device deliveryMobile payments - it’s not only the banks who are in this game, there are offerings from telcos now providing digital mobile wallet solutions...payments present a risk of distermediation for banks.  SPEAKER NOTES:At an even broader level we’ve seen that mobile is fundamentally changing industries and the way they interact with the marketplace. Think about examples where you’ve seen mobile change industries all around you. We’ve seen << insert relevant industry examples applicable to your geography – see list above for some ideas >>.Think about how mobile is and will be changing your industry and how you can lead in that space…..BACKGROUND DETAIL:Sources included in bullet list above
  • In today’s mobile world enterprises are transforming the way they interact with their customers, partners and employees by implementing mobile strategies that enable them to: Build, connect, and run a growing portfolio of mobile apps for customers, partners and employeesManage and secure mobile applications and data on a variety of mobile devices and operating systemsExtend and transform the business to yield new opportunities and business models while extending existing business capabilities to mobile employees, customers, and partnersIBM offers a comprehensive set of solutions to meet our customer's mobile requirements so they can seize the opportunities that the mobile world provides while reducing cost and complexity.The IBM Mobile Foundation offering was created to provide an open mobile application platform for developing, deploying, and managing mobile apps. IBM Mobile Foundation delivers a range of app development and management capabilities that support a wide variety of mobile devices and mobile app types, while leveraging existing web technologies skills and investments.The IBM Mobile Foundation family of products includes:IBM Worklight:  to build, run and manage cross-platform mobile appsWebSphere CastIron: to connect mobile apps to a variety of Cloud and back-end systemsIBM Endpoint Manager: to control and manage end-user mobile devices
  • MAIN POINT: To complement these capabilities and your in-house skills, IBM also provides a full set of services to help you become a mobile enterpriseSPEAKER NOTES:IBM also provides a host of services to help you become a mobile enterprise -- at each step along the way, complementing your skills and freeing up your staff to work on other projects.Extend & TransformOur Global Technology Services division can help you develop and implement your mobile strategy -- from strategy, planning and design, to helping implement specific projects, all the way to managing your entire mobile infrastructure as a managed service, freeing up your staff to work on other projects. Your communications demands are probably getting a lot more complicated -- with users expecting support for more than messaging and data access, expecting to use a combination of voice, data and video. We have services that will help you deploy these converged communications across your network on your employees' device of choice.And finally, not all legacy applications will merit being rewritten to new standards for mobile devices. We can help you assess those applications and user requirements and deploy desktop virtualization to bring legacy applications to mobile devices without rewriting them.Build & ConnectIBM mobile and wireless services will design, deploy and manage your enterprise wireless networks to accommodate the increased requirements mobile brings to your infrastructure. As you plan for the installation and management of your mobile application platform, IBM Technology Services can manage those activities for you, allowing you to focus on the applications, not the software installation.Manage & SecureIBM Global Technology Services can help you manage and secure every aspect of your mobile deployment, including:mobile device lifecycle management, including procuring the devices, staging and kitting them, distributing them, managing mobile middleware installation and application access, providing a help desk for your mobile users, and ensuring the devices are secure. helping clients gain control over their telecommunications environment including voice, data and wireless telecommunications assets through proactive telecom expense management servicesproviding device, data and network security through our Mobile Device Managed Services, our cloud-based mobile device security management that provides security controls, malware prevention, and compliance monitoring to enable enterprises to protect mobile devices without having to implement and maintain systems in-houseenhanced wireless network security and real-time location & event-driven notification services. and managing all of your mobile applications for you -- whether they're native, web, hybrid or virutalizedBACKGROUND DETAIL:None
  • MAIN POINT: IBM recently announced the IBM Mobile Foundation to build, connect, manage and secure your mobile enterprise. It contains:IBM WorklightIBM WebSphere Cast IronIBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile DevicesSPEAKER NOTES:Here is a key announcement - IBM Mobile Foundation v5.0At it’s core is IBM Worklight – a company we acquired in January. It has all the great features for what goes on the device, what goes on the server. Management, security. Everything there, plus we’ve added some additional things.Previously it supported a number of operating systems – it supports more now. It supports AIX and if you are mainframe based, IBM Worklight mobile application development will support your mainframe under Red Hat enterprise Linux as wellFor integration of your mobile apps to the cloud and backend applications like SAP – we are including IBM WebSphere Cast Iron.And for enterprise use where you have employees BYOD. You have to manage and secure these devices. This is what IBM endpoint manager for mobile devices is for.We’ll explore the first two elements of the IBM Mobile Foundation in this session. The IBM Enpoint Manager for Mobile Devices will be explored further in the Manage & Secure sessionBACKGROUND DETAIL:Here are some details about the components of the IBM Mobile Foundation:IBM WorklightIBM Worklight is an open mobile application platform for smartphones and tablets that helps organizations of all sizes to efficiently develop, run and manage HTML5, hybrid and native applications. The solution leverages standards-based technologies and tools and does not employ automatic code translators, proprietary interpreters or unpopular scripting languages. IBM Worklight helps clients reduce time to market, cost and complexity of development while enabling a rich user experiences across a variety of devices. Using the technology, developers can maximize the reusability of the code base, while optimizing the application for the unique design and functional requirements of its intended environment.Develop rich mobile applications using standards-based technologies and toolsLeverage the growing ecosystem of 3rd-party libraries and frameworksConnect to a variety of back-end enterprise systems and cloud-based servicesControl and manage a portfolio of mobile apps from one central interfaceWebSphere Cast Iron Cloud IntegrationWebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration enables companies to rapidly connect their hybrid world of public clouds, private clouds, and on-premise applications. With a focus on speed and simplicity, leveraging a "configuration, not coding" approach to integration, application connectivity projects can be completed in days; slashing up to 80% in time and costs. The product offers 3 flexible deployment options that scale to the needs of your IT infrastructure: a physical appliance, a virtual instance of the appliance or a multi-tenant cloud service. WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration empowers your organization's business critical data to be made available across applications and devices.Rapidly unlock and connect business information from cloud and on-premise applications making it easily consumable in mobile appsExtend business services through scalable Web API management to easily publish services to the widest community and consumption modelsEnable a broad network of internal and external developers to incorporate services into new apps through a centralized portalIBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile DevicesWith IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices, built on BigFix® technology, you can address the issues of security, complexity and BYOD policies that challenge support for an increasingly mobile workforce. Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices gives you a unified platform that spans Apple iOS, Google Android, Nokia Symbian, Microsoft Windows Mobile and Microsoft Windows Phone. Scaling to manage up to 250,000 endpoints from a single management server, it operates on a lightweight infrastructure with minimal demands on your bandwidth, making it an ideal solution for even the largest mobile environments on today’s instrumented, interconnected and intelligent smarter planet.Address business and technology issues of security, complexity and bring your own device (BYOD) in mobile environmentsManage enterprise and personal data separately with capabilities such as selective wipeLeverage a single infrastructure to manage all enterprise devices—smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops and serversSupport devices on the Apple iOS, Google Android, Nokia Symbian, Microsoft Windows Mobile and Microsoft Windows Phone platforms
  • MAIN POINT: WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration provides simple, cost-effective mobile integration with back-end systems and cloud through:Native connectors and template integration processes (TIP’s) to connect mobile apps to backend & cloud systems, reducing project costs up to 80%Bidirectional connectivity and business logic to increase data quality and streamline business processesCentralized monitoringSimple and flexible, user-friendly, wizard-based, “configuration, not coding” architecture provides best-practices and repeatable mobile integrationSPEAKER NOTES:Now that we’ve talked about the “Build” side of “Build & Connect,” let’s explore the “Connect side a bit by looking at the second element of the new IBM Mobile Foundation.To cut costs, drive productivity, provide new capabilities quickly, and reach the maximum users and markets, companies are turning to newer technologies such as Cloud and mobile to meet these needs. This presents specific challenges in connecting disparate sources of information and business-critical data in their hybrid world of on premise, Cloud/SaaS and mobile applications. An example is a commonly used application, such as a CRM system hosted in the Cloud; if we put ourselves in the shoes of a sales rep, we understand this is the most commonly used application and the "system of record" or "view of reality" for those sales resps. As they spend a great deal of time on the road, they may turn to the use of mobile apps to input their information into that CRM system to optimize time. That same Cloud CRM system might have direct dependencies on an on premise ERP system, which holds valuable information on the customer's previous orders, invoices, financial standing etc. So there is a definite need to connect these 3 systems; the mobile app, the Cloud CRM system and the on premise ERP system in order for the reps to be successfull and optimise their time in the field.WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration delivers a purpose-built, easy-to-use integration solution designed for simplified deployment to deliver the capabilities needed to connect cloud/SaaS, on-premise and mobile applications. Designed to reduce installation and configuration time, WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration helps you rapidly connect Cloud/SaaS, on-premise systems and mobile apps or any hybrid environment in between. What sets WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration apart from other solution in the market is that it is rapid, simple and flexible. Rapid, empowering your organization to connect applications in just days, simple, with a user-friendly, wizard-based interface to allow jr IT staff to perform complex integration projects, and flexible, offering this functionality as an appliance, a virtual instance or completely in a multi-tenant cloud service. WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration can be purchased or licensed through term. This solution provides any organization with the power to connect all applications, regardless of where they reside, and reuse and manage these projects to scale as needed.BACKGROUND DETAIL:None
  • What factors create the current state customer experience?How can mobile experiences alleviate pain-points throughout the customer journey?How will other touch-points integrate with a cohesive mobile strategy?
  • MAIN POINT: IBM is uniquely able to help you achieve mobile enterprise critical success factors. Mobile implementations must be:Open: standards-based and future readyGoverned: proactive end-to-end security; centralized deployment, management, maintenance and support for applications, devices and infrastructureIntegral: business processes and systems are completely integrated from the mobile access points to the back-end systemsSPEAKER NOTES:As we talked about earlier, getting mobile right has some important critical success factors. Mobile implementations must be:Open: standards-based and future readyGoverned: proactive end-to-end security; centralized deployment, management, maintenance and support for applications, devices and infrastructureIntegral: business processes and systems are completely integrated from the mobile access points to the back-end systemsIBM is uniquely able to deliver on these critical success factors with a full end-to-end set of product and services capabilities. Please let us help you you. Thank you for your time today. This has been the first of three sessions. The next session will provide more detail in to the build & connect capabilities you will need for your mobile enterprise.BACKGROUND DETAIL:None
  • MAIN POINT: US Cellular, the 6th largest wireless carrier in the US, uses mobile marketing to boost marketing campaign volume and performanceStrong campaign design and template functionality allowing company to quickly and cost-effectively design, execute and measure customer interactions.Multi-wave and multi-channel support including ability to send marketing campaigns and follow-ups to customer’s mobile devices via SMSPrior to IBM Unica, U.S. Cellular analysts executed, analyzed and tracked two campaigns per month. Now, the company executres an average of seven campaigns per month—an increase of 250 percent.SPEAKER NOTES:U.S. Cellular is the 6th largest wireless carrier in the US. Based in Chicago, IL, the company and its 9,000 associates serve more than 6 million customers across the country. The company generated USD4.2 billion in revenue in 2010. Business need:As a service company, U.S. Cellular had long recognized the need to build strong, lasting relationships with its customers—relationships that generate recurring revenue. As the company expanded and grew, it became difficult to be responsive to local customer needs and to track and measure the large number of varied messages that were being communicated to customers.Solution:With Unica Campaign, U.S. Cellular has effectively deployed campaigns across the entire customer lifecycle. These include: regulatory campaigns, customer education and awareness campaigns, cross-sell and up-sell initiatives and retention campaigns.Benefits:• Increased campaign volume by 250 percent per month • Improved response and conversion rates • Delivered multi-wave campaigns integrating multiple touch points • Provided greater insight into contact strategies and customer targeting • Deployed open, scalable solutionMobile Usage Example:or wireless providers, reducing churn is of critical importance. To that end, U.S. Cellular is employing Unica Campaign in multi-wave, multichannel campaigns designed to limit attrition and maximize ROI from its existing customer base. The following describes a typical retention campaign. As is common in the wireless industry, U.S. Cellular customers generally enter into a two year contract at the start of service and often renew their contracts to be eligible for highly discounted pricing on new handsets. U.S. Cellular generally targets customers with different types of offers throughout their lifecycle, including cross-sell, up-sell and other offers.Well before the expiry of their current contract, a customer becomes eligible to obtain a new handset at discounted pricing. At this point, the company begins an aggressive customer retention effort that ensures customers are aware of this opportunity and encourages them to renew their contracts. A direct mail piece is sent to these customers highlighting the availability of new phones and outlining voice plans that might be appropriate for them.Concurrent with the direct mail drop, customers are sent an SMS message that alerts them to check their mail for the latest offers from U.S. Cellular. This message is not meant to sell, but rather to complement the direct mail channel. Several months later, another direct mail piece is sent to non-responders. Lastly, all non-responders from the first three months are batched up and contacted through a telemarketing campaign designed to provide further encouragement to renew.BACKGROUND DETAIL:None
  • The client has agreed to be a reference for sales situations. The status of any installation or implementation can change, so you should always contact the Primary Contact or Additional Contact named in the reference prior to discussing it with your client. Any public use, such as in marketing materials, on WWW sites, in press articles, etc., requires specific approval from the client. It is the responsibility of the person or any organization planning to use this reference to make sure that this is done. The IBM representative will, as appropriate, contact the client for review. You should not contact the client directly.
  • Fremskynd innovation og nå bredere ud med IBM Mobile, Michael Gilfix, IBM US

    1. 1. Speeding Innovation and Extending Reach with IBM Mobile Michael Gilfix Worklight Integration Executive
    2. 2. Mobile is a mandatory transformation 10 Billion devices by 2020 61% of CIOs put mobile as priority 45% increased productivity with mobile apps
    3. 3. Mobile now dominates and shifts to theenterprise Growth in Internet Connected Devices Focus areas for mobile computing 1200 WW Media Tablets WW Notebooks WW PCs WW SmartphonesUnit Volumes (Millions) 600 0 2010 2011 2012E 2013E 2014E 2015E Source: Wells Fargo Securities, January 23, 2012 Source: 2011 IBM Tech Trends Report “Fostering the People: The Shift to Engagement Apps” s/entry/home?lang=en
    4. 4. With enormous opportunities Business to Enterprise Business to Consumer  Increase worker productivity  Improve customer satisfaction  Improved processing times  Deeper customer engagement and  Extend existing applications to mobile loyalty workers and customers  Drive increased sales through  Increase employee and business personalized offers partner responsiveness and decisions  Customer service  Resolve internal IT issues faster  Competitive differentiator  Reduce personnel cost utilizing  Improve brand perception personal devices  Deeper insight into customer buying behavior for up sell and cross sell
    5. 5. Fundamentally changing industries Retail Financial Services Distribution Mobile banking will be the most widely used banking channel by 2020, if not sooner Source: Mobile banking: A catalyst for improving bank performance, Deloitte, 2010
    6. 6. But also with some unique challengesHow do you quickly: Engage with anyone, customers, partners or employees, no matter who owns the device Extend to anything, from instrumented machines to a broad spectrum of smart devices Execute business anywhere, with ubiquitous, trusted and secure transactions Top Mobile Adoption Concerns: 1. Security/privacy (53%) 2. Cost of developing for multiple 200 Million mobile platforms (52%) employees BYOD 3. Integrating cloud services to (bring your own devices) mobile devices (51%) Source: 2011 IBM Tech Trends Report s/entry/home?lang=en
    7. 7. IBM’s mobile expertise & capabilities can help youmaximize the impact of your mobile strategy Deliver cross-platform, device optimizedBuild & Connect experiences for mobile Industrialize yourBuild mobile applications mobile development Integrate existing processesConnect to, and runbackend systems in assets into mobilesupport of mobile solutions Manage mobile identities Manage & Secure & mobile channel Manage mobile devices and permissions Integrate threat applications detection into your mobile channel Secure my mobile business Secure & manage mobile devices (esp. BYOD) Extend & Transform Create an optimized multi-channel experience Extend existing business capabilities to mobile devices Collaboration & mobile Transform the business by business process tools creating new opportunities enhance productivity
    8. 8. A deeper look at Extend & Transform capabilitiesExtend & Transform Build & ConnectExtend existing businesscapabilities to mobile devicesTransform the business bycreating new opportunitiesKey Capabilities Strategy, planning and implementation Mobile-enabled solutions including analytics, commerce, and social business Mobile as a service Manage & Secure
    9. 9. Applying expertise anytime to accelerate resultsIBM solutions for social businessIBM provides a comprehensive portfolio of mobile solutions for social business andanalytics. Client Challenge Provide employees with anytime access to the social collaboration tools – on the devices they use -- to help drive business results Key Capabilities  Mobile solutions for social collaboration: – Push email, calendar, contacts – Presence, IM chat and telephony – Online meetings – Social software for access to your professional network – Business document viewer – Web experiences on multi-channel sites  Business analytics  Device appropriate interfaces for the leading mobile devices – Apple®, Google Android, Research In Motion® BlackBerry®, Nokia Visit
    10. 10. Embrace mobile across buy, market, sell, andserviceIBM Smarter CommerceApplying mobile to enhance business performance across the commerce value chain Client Challenge Improve engagement with customers, employees, and partners Key Capabilities  Empower employees and partners with extend mobile access to critical commerce processes  Reinvent customer interactions with mobile sales and service  Extend marketing reach with mobile campaigns and location-based services  Refine the mobile customer experience with analysis of mobile usage
    11. 11. Take your business with you wherever you goBusiness Process ManagementIBM makes it possible to integrate BPM into your mobile strategy Client Challenge Every day you are challenged to do more, better, and faster Key Capabilities  Gives peace of mind that comes from knowing that important and time sensitive tasks will find employees wherever they might happen to be.  Finding expertise is instant, and innovation doesnt have to wait for that mythical "down time―.  Provides a single view that consolidates tasks from multiple IBM process sources
    12. 12. All on a single platform to build, connect, manageand secure your mobile enterpriseIBM Mobile Foundation Includes • IBM Worklight IBM Mobile • IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Foundation • IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices Plus New Services Offering • IBM Software Services for Mobile Foundation
    13. 13. A deeper look at Build & Connect capabilitiesExtend & Transform Build & Connect Build mobile applications Connect to, and run backend systems in support of mobile Key Capabilities • Mobile web, hybrid and native app development • Enterprise data, service, and application integration • Enterprise wireless networking Manage & Secure
    14. 14. Key mobile development and delivery challengesDelivering for multiple platforms Consumerization of IT and need to deliver high quality apps• Highly fragmented set of … • High quality user • Platforms and devices experience is a requirement • Languages, APIs, and tools • Quality influenced as much• Native programming models not by design as it is by portable across platforms function Accelerated time to market Connecting apps and mobile users requirements with existing enterprise systems• Higher frequency of • Existing services typically need to releases and updates be adapted and extended for mobile• Added pressure on teams to deliver on time and with • Enterprise wireless networks are quality running out of bandwidth to accommodate employee devices
    15. 15. Delivering for multiple mobile platforms: Oneenvironment for native, hybrid and mobile webIBM WorklightFast and cost-effective development, integration and management of rich, cross-platform mobile applications Client Challenge Using standards-based technologies and tools and delivering an enterprise-grade services layer that meets the needs of mobile employees and customers Key Capabilities Mobile optimized middleware  Open approach to 3rd-party integration  Strong authentication framework  Encrypted offline availability  Enterprise back-end connectivity  Unified push notifications  Data collection for analytics  Direct updates and remote disablement  Packaged runtime skins
    16. 16. IBM Worklight is part of a full mobile lifecyclesolution IBM Worklight Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management
    17. 17. Rapid, simple and flexible connectivity formobile appsWebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integrationSimple and flexible integration for all connectivity projects, allowing you to rapidlyintegrate SaaS and back-end systems with mobile apps Client Challenge Simplified and cost effective mobile integration to back-end systems and cloud Key Capabilities • Native connectors and template integration processes (TIP’s) to connect mobile apps to backend & cloud systems, reducing project costs up to 80% • Bidirectional connectivity and business logic to increase data quality and streamline business processes • Centralized monitoring • Simple and flexible, user-friendly, wizard- based, ―configuration, not coding‖ architecture provides best-practices and repeatable mobile integration
    18. 18. A deeper look at Manage & Secure capabilitiesExtend & Transform Build & Connect Manage & Secure Manage mobile devices, Key Capabilities services and applications  Mobile lifecycle management Secure my mobile business  Device analytics and control  Secure network communications & management
    19. 19. Mobile Devices: Unique Management & SecurityChallengesMobile Mobile Mobile Mobile Mobiledevices are devices have devices are devices are devicesshared more multiple diverse . used in more prioritize theoften personas locations user• Personal phones • Work tool • OS immaturity for • A single location • Conflicts with and tablets • Entertainment enterprise mgmt could offer public, user experience shared with device • BYOD dictates private, and cell not tolerated family multiple OSs connections • OS architecture • Personal• Enterprise tablet organization • Vendor / carrier • Anywhere, puts the user in shared with co- control dictates anytime control • Security profile workers multiple OS • Increasing • Difficult to enforce per persona?• Social norms of versions reliance on policy, app lists mobile apps vs. enterprise WiFi file systems
    20. 20. Device Lifecycle, Data ProtectionIBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile DevicesA highly-scalable, unified solution that delivers device management and securityacross device types and operating systems for superior visibility and control. Client Challenge Managing and securing enterprise and BYOD Managed = Secure mobile devices without additional resources. Key Capabilities Common agent  A unified systems and security management Unified console solution for all enterprise devices that spans: Systems Common Security management management  Mobile Device Management infrastructure Single server  Software, Patch, & OS Deployment  Software Use Analysis & License Compliance  Security Configuration Compliance IBM Endpoint Manager  Anti-Malware, DLP, & Device Control  PC, Mac Power Management  Near-instant deployment of new features and reports to customer’s environments  Platform to extend integrations with ServiceDesktop / laptop / Mobile Purpose-specific Desk, CMDB, SIEM, and other information-server endpoint endpoint endpoint gathering systems to mobile devices  Security threat detection and automated remediation
    21. 21. Mobile Application Design andPlatform Selection Lifecycle atTBC Corporation From Ideas to Platform in 19 Days
    22. 22. TBC Corporation overview ~4000 locations worldwideRetail The largest private brand marketer of replacement tires in North America Wholesale
    23. 23. Many retail brands but one clearobjectiveSupport cohesive Customer Journey by designing for continuityacross touch-points
    24. 24. Web access trends tell a clear story of customer demand for mobile experiences 2007 2008 2010 20120% 10% 18% 34% % Traffic to TBC Retail Website on Mobile Devices
    25. 25. We sketched hundreds of ideas touching allaspects of the customer journey
    26. 26. Vehicle HealthMonitorfacilitated consult beyond point of purchaseEducational ContentVehicle Health Knowledge screendelivers educational informationhelpful when making an service orrepair decision.Vehicle Health StatusVehicle’s Health Status displaysinspection results from technician tocustomer. Educational content, actualvehicle photos, and alternatives alsoavailable.Social Sharing of Vehicle HealthSummaryDisplay vehicle badge and relatedhealth status on social sites.
    27. 27. The DigitalDiagnosisin-store or on device time saving andeducation
    28. 28. Make the ValueVisibleaction-cost-impact calculation showspersonal ROI
    29. 29. The InteractiveInvoicedelivered digitally to any deviceIllustrations and video contentinforms and educates inspiringtrustDigital record management - nopaper - nothing to remember (orforget)Sig Capture for purchase approvalvia mobile device decreases timewasted in checkout linesFull access to transactionalhistory means greater resalepotential when selling the vehicle
    30. 30. IBM Mobile: Delivering mobile critical successfactors standards-based and future ready proactive end-to-end security; centralized deployment, management, maintenance and support for applications, devices and infrastructure business processes and systems are completely integrated from the mobile access points to the back-end systems
    31. 31. © Copyright IBM Corporation 2012. All rights reserved. The information contained in these materials is provided for informational purposes only, and is provided AS IS without warranty of any kind,express or implied. IBM shall not be responsible for any damages arising out of the use of, or otherwise related to, these materials. Nothing contained in these materials is intended to, nor shall havethe effect of, creating any warranties or representations from IBM or its suppliers or licensors, or altering the terms and conditions of the applicable license agreement governing the use of IBMsoftware. References in these materials to IBM products, programs, or services do not imply that they will be available in all countries in which IBM operates. Product release dates and/or capabilitiesreferenced in these materials may change at any time at IBM’s sole discretion based on market opportunities or other factors, and are not intended to be a commitment to future product or featureavailability in any way. IBM, the IBM logo, Rational, the Rational logo, Telelogic, the Telelogic logo, and other IBM products and services are trademarks of the International Business MachinesCorporation, in the United States, other countries or both. Other company, product, or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.
    32. 32. Taser implements a 360 degree customer viewthrough cloud integrationA leading manufacturer of personal safety devices Centralized management of all integrated end-points “Taser International’s sales force has become almost completely mobile, from iPads to iPhones, Blackberrys, every single one of our varied devices are now clued in through” Kevan Bray Taser International Customer Needs Key Features & Outcomes Needed a full 360-degree  100% user adoption from field and enablement of mobile view of the customer from app usage on devices orders to sales to customer  $135K/year savings on eliminating ―paper mailers‖ in favor service to marketing of integrated web-forms initiatives  Increased accuracy & productivity in Sales department  50% reduction in order processing  Savings of thousands a year eliminating mis-keyed orders
    33. 33. Matco Tools implements an on-the-go solutionfor its sales team to reduce lead times Multi-channel customer experience Customer Needs Key Features & Outcomes  Provide a multi-channel experience for  Solution takes key information from dealers / distributors in the field enterprise systems to sales reps who can influence sales.  Multi-channel support: Desktop version, Mobile Devices: HTC Hero (Android), Apple  Representatives are able to respond iPhone, Research In Motion BlackBerry and instantly to customer questions and have Apple iPad tablet won their trust.
    34. 34. An American public utility manages 20,000mobile employees who BYOD Adding Mobile Devices Without Adding Infrastructure Serving 4.5 million customers in the southwestern region of the United States, this electric company of 25,000 employees is a leader in clean energy while exceeding reliability standards and keeping consumer costs below average. They are experiencing a migration from traditional endpoints to mobile devices. Customer Needs Key Features & Outcomes Support 20,000+ mobile devices  Scalability to 250,000 endpoints provides Corporate and employee-owned, many room to grow platforms and OS versions  Added mobile devices to existing IEM High availability for certain devices used deployment in days in the field  Ability to integrate with Maximo, Remedy Adherence to Internal security policies,  Responsiveness and agility of product and external regulations product team
    35. 35. AimArs Bank delivers secure mobile Internetbanking AimArs needed to reduce operational complexity and cost with a single, scalable infrastructure to secure access to various back-end services from multiple mobile apps. A customized authentication mechanism empowered the bank to guarantee the security of its customers while safeguarding the trust relationship with a safe app platform that encrypts local data and delivers app updates immediately. Customer Needs Key Features & Outcomes Extend secure access to banking apps to  Authenticates requests made via HTTPS mobile customers from hybrid mobile apps running on Enhance productivity of employees to WorkLight platform to back-end services perform secure banking transactions via  A custom certificates-based authentication mobile devices mechanism implemented to secure back- Support for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile end banking application
    36. 36. US Cellular uses mobile marketing to boostmarketing campaign volume and performance “We know that IBM Unica has the vision and expertise to help us—no matter which direction we choose or what challenges we face,” said Tompson. “That gives us a lot of confidence.” John Tompson, Senior Manager, Campaign Analytics, U.S. Cellular Customer Needs Key Features & OutcomesAs US Cellular expands  Strong campaign design and template functionality allowing companyand grows, it needs to be to quickly and cost-effectively design, execute and measure customermore responsive to local interactions.customer needs and to  Multi-wave and multi-channel support including ability to sendtrack and measure the marketing campaigns and follow-ups to customer’s mobile devices vialarge number of varied SMSmessages that were beingcommunicated to  Prior to IBM Unica, U.S. Cellular analysts executed, analyzed andcustomers. tracked two campaigns per month. Now, the company executres an average of seven campaigns per month—an increase of 250 percent.
    37. 37. Customer Story: Lotte CardB2C for a Korean credit card company 100+ screens build using Only native component provides web technologies and augmented reality so you can shared across platforms discover locations within the card network
    38. 38. For VCC, becoming a social business means newopportunities, increased sales and improvedproductivity “We can capture and tap all our information wherever we happen to be, improving the way we work and the speed and effectiveness in which we service customers, communicate and close new business.” Wayne Alley, Vice president, VCC Customer Needs Key Features & Outcomes Expand business  New business opportunities and increased sales: opportunities by enabling The ability to connect with other project managers in real time collaboration among remote contributes to an over 40 percent year-over-year increase in project managers, giving new business. them access to crucial data,  Enhanced productivity analytics and expertise Collaborative access to expertise across the enterprise enables while in the field – via their project managers to work five times faster while in the field smartphones.  Greater efficiency: Smartphone access saves approximately 400 employee-hours per month.