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E Pubs for Global-Health - the (rapidly!)) Changing Landscape


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Published in: Technology, Education
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E Pubs for Global-Health - the (rapidly!)) Changing Landscape

  1. 1. E-Pubs forGlobal Health – the (rapidly!) Changing Landscape Presented  to:  HIPNET     Suzanne  Rainey   March  2012  
  2. 2. I am…Suzanne  Rainey  Digital  CommunicaBons  Strategist  @suzrainey  
  3. 3. What Forum One Did – CDCComprehensive  e-­‐Publishing  strategy  for  CDC  –  2011:  1.  Research  2.  RecommendaBons  3.  Proof  of  Concept  
  4. 4. What is e-Publishing?•  Making pubs accessible for: •  Tablets, Nooks, Sony Readers, Kindles, iPads/iPods •  It is more: Like creating an HTML document from a Word document: requires some knowledge, the right tools, and some effort •  It is less: Like creating a PDF from a Word document
  5. 5. E-Pub Channels•     iBookstore   •   Direct  submission    •     Kindle  store   •     Intermediaries  •     Nook  store   •   DRM:  DistribuBon  Rights   Management  •   …and  other  important  distribuBon  channels…   Direct  submission  is  likely  to   remain  complex  and  rapidly  •   SomeBmes,  on  your  own   changing,  suggesBng  that  sites.   intermediaries  are  likely  to   play  a  role.    
  6. 6. Why ePubs?The  number  of  adults  in  the  U.S.  who  own  an  e-­‐book  reader  doubled  from  6%  to  12%  in  just  the  last  six  months.  And  8%  of  adults  report  owning  a  tablet  computer  such  as  an  iPad.  Apple  Insider:  Global  tablet  sales:  130  million  next  year,  According  to    DigiTimes.  That  could  be  enough  to  exceed  worldwide  demand  for  tradiBonal  desktop  PCs.  Total  worldwide  tablet  sales  in  2011  were  said  to  be  60  million  units,  with  Apple  40  million  of  those.  Industry-­‐wide  sales  expected  to  reach  90  million  to  95  million  units  in  2012,  with  Apples  new  ReBna  Display  iPad  the  most  popular  opBon  among  consumers.  Gurardian:  Sales  of  tablet  computers  iPad  will  more  than  quadruple  from  15m  worldwide  in  2010  to  70m  in  2011  and  eat  into  the  slowing  PC  market  over  the  next  four  years,  according  to  Gartner.  
  7. 7. Which device to target?Mobi  format   Epub  format  
  8. 8. E-Book Formats•     Amazon  Kindle—Kindle  (AZW),  HTML,  PDF,  MOBI  •   Apple  iPad—iBooks  (ePub),  HTML,  PDF,  ePub,  MOBI  •   Barnes  &  Noble  Nook—HTML,  PDF,  ePub  •   Sony  Reader—PDF,  ePub  
  9. 9. Determining What to Publish•   Create  use  cases  to  determine  who  will  benefit  from  the  e-­‐format,  in  what  scenarios?  •   Choose  reports  &  books  that  should  be  more  interacBve.  •   Think  about  distribuBng  to  the  field…vs.  prinBng:   •   A  med  school  in  southern  Africa  –  instead  of  prinBng  textbooks,   provide  an  e-­‐Reader  with  the  manual  already  installed   •   Partner  with  MOH  to  distribute  a  handbook…  •     Target  legacy  books  and  reports  rather  than  frequently  updated  content-­‐-­‐-­‐or  plan  to  go  through  the  process  again.  •   Start  small  and  experiment  
  10. 10. Converting•   Complex  process  overall  •   Either  need  specifically  trained  staff,  or  outsource  to  a  firm  for  bulk  items    -­‐  Smashwords:  e-­‐book  distribu-on/conversion  pla5orm    -­‐  
  11. 11. Distribution•   The  e-­‐book  format  should  be  promoted  alongside  your  tradiBonal  downloads  •   Leverage  other  channels  (iBookstore,  Kindle  store,  Nook  store)  either  through  direct  submission  or  via  the  services  of  intermediaries  
  12. 12. Tools•  Adobe  InDesign  –  Profesional  desktop  Publishing  •  Apple  Pages  (iWork  Suite)  –  Drag  &  Drop  Publishing  •  Amazon/KindleGen  –  number  of  tools  •  BookGlulon  –  web-­‐based  app  •  Calibre  –  open  source  app  •  PDF  to  Word  Converter  •  Sigil  –  WYSIWYG  e-­‐book  editor  •  Smashwords  –  e-­‐pub  store  and  distributor  •  Feed2PDF  –  Generates  a  PDF  eMagazine  •  Web2Book  (Windows  only)  –  Outputs  formaled  HTML  or  PDF  
  13. 13. MultimediaAs  with  the  primary  e-­‐book  formats,  to  accommodate  the  greatest  number   of  devices  and  customers,  it  is  necessary  for  the  CDC  to  use  the  most   universally  compaBble  mulB-­‐media  file  formats.  This  currently  means:   MP3  (audio),  MP4  (video)    Major  e-­‐readers  and  their  primary  supported  mulB-­‐media  formats:    Amazon  Kindle—MP3  (audio)    Apple  iPad—MP3/AAC  (audio),  MP4/MOV  (video)    Barnes  &  Noble  Nook—MP3/AAC  (audio),  MP4  (video),  Flash  (video/ animaBon)    Sony  Reader—MP3  (audio)  
  14. 14. Global Health Opportunities•   When  does  this  make  sense?  •  What  will  be  appropriate  metrics  for  success?  
  15. 15. thank you! Suzanne  Rainey   Digital  CommunicaBons  Strategist