2011 ATE Conference Panel Session


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Panel: Not Your Father's Textbook: EBooks and Self Publishing

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2011 ATE Conference Panel Session

  1. 1. Not Your Fathers Textbook:Ebooks and Self-Publishing Mike Qaissaunee & Gordon F Snyder Jr 2011 ATE Conference
  2. 2. What does the futurelook like if we don’t move forward with technology?
  3. 3. Some2007 - Amazon Releases Kindle for History - Kindle•Nov 19, $399• Amazon Kindle, Year 1: 523,678 e-readers sold (probably)• February 10, 2009, Amazon announced the Kindle 2• Amazon announced the Kindle DX on May 6, 2009• Fire - Android-based tablet with a color touch screen announced on September 28, 2011. It costs $199 and has a 7-inch IPS (in-plane switching) display
  4. 4. More History: Apple Launches iPhone • January 2007 - Jobs Unveils at MacWorld • July 2007 - Sales start in US • November 2007 - 1M sold in US and sales start in France, Germany and UK
  5. 5. • Launches April 10, 2008• Download programs (Apps) for iPhone and iPod Touch• Almost 500,000 Apps are available today (~1/3 free)
  6. 6. New iPhone Versions and Devices
  7. 7. Where Are We Going?• The prices of various eReaders are on a downward curve, ensuring that a significant number of consumers will be able to afford these devices in the near future.• eReaders encourage paperless reading, thereby curbing the need to cut down trees for making paper. This way, it can be argued, the devices help in the preservation of forests and our environment through the non-use of ink etc. The eco-friendly nature of eReaders will be a key driver in their future growth.• Government backing of eReaders, particularly in education, will add significant push to their popularity. Former Governor Schwarzenegger’s decision to put all Californian text books online was simply the first move of many in this sector.[Source: YUDU Media]
  8. 8. File Formats• Minimally, should support: –PDF –GIF –JPEG –PNG –BMP – ePub –TXT
  9. 9. 10
  10. 10. 11
  11. 11. Blurring Lines…..• What is a “book” anyways?• In February, Borders teamed up with a service called Bookbrewer. – provide a simple service that allows bloggers or anyone else with an idea to publish what is effectively an e-book and get it distributed through all the major e-book platforms. – Service allows writers to upload their content — which can be any length — set their own suggested price (within the boundaries set by such e-book retailers as Amazon, Apple, and Borders itself), then publish an e-book in the open ePub format that can be downloaded for the iPad, the Kindle, the Kobo, or any other e-reader. – Service has two tiers. One costs $89.99 and gives authors an ISBN, the universal book-tracking number used in the publishing industry. The advanced, $199.99 package also gives authors a master ePub file they can share or upload wherever they wish.
  12. 12. Blurring Lines….. continued• In a similar move, Amazon last year launched its Kindle Singles program, which is also designed for publishing less- than-book-length writing online. – designed for pieces between 10,000 and 30,000 words—or between 30 and 90 printed pages (about twice the length of an article in The New Yorker or several chapters of a book). – The company Is looking for submissions from outside the traditional publishing industry, including from —serious writers, thinkers, scientists, business leaders, historians, politicians, and publishers." – IIf you have an Amazon account, you can publish a book. See Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing page. [Source: http://www.businessweek.com/technology/content/oct2010/tc20101015_865569.htm]
  13. 13. Big Publishers Shifting (Cengage Learning)Worlds largest publisher/aggregator -products: reference, e-books. databases, DVI (digital vault initiative), Portals (aggregation of content by topic area)Evolution Print -> Digital Collections -> Online Databases -> Portal ProductsPortal Products are curated/refereed articles (by Cengage staff)Digital Curriculum -Custom curriculum solutions that support schools and districts as they transition to the delivery of more digital content in the classroom.Most portal content now is text and audio - primarily reference material. Intentis to enhance this with additional multimedia content. 14
  14. 14. Discover Education Digital Textbook (Sample Business & Implementation Tech Model) http://www.discoveryeducation.com/administrators/curricular-resources/science-techbook/ Features: Student Resources: •Teacher Resources •Leveled Reading Passages •Printed Teacher’s Guide •eBooks with Audio Support •Lesson Plans •Spanish-Language Reading Passages •5-Minute Preps •Interactive Science Simulations •Hands-On Activities •Hands-On Labs and Activities •Best Practices Videos •Video Library •Assignment Builder - Video Segments •Assessment Manager - Full-Length Videos •Virtual Lab Teacher’s Guide •Interactive Glossary •Companion DVD •Assessments •Trainer’s Toolkit - Unit Level •Professional Development - Concept Level - Brief Constructed Response •Take-Home Review •AssignmentsContent includes a very wide variety of media types (including mobile) 15
  15. 15. Some Readers
  16. 16. Amazon Kindlehttp://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0051QVESA/ref=sv_kinh_0
  17. 17. Barnes and Noble Nookhttp://www.barnesandnoble.com/nook/index.asp
  18. 18. Sony Reader - 3 editionsPocket Edition Daily Edition• 5" Full Touch Screen • 7" Full Touch Screen• 12 Dictionaries • Wi-Fi and Free 3G• Two Week Battery Life • 22 Days Battery Life• Up to 1,200 Books • Up to 50,000 BooksTouch Edition • 6" Full Touch Screen • 12 Dictionaries Cons • Audio/MP3 Capability – Limited collection of titles available • Up to 50,000 Books at the Sony bookstore.
  19. 19. Kobo eReader Touch Edition• Kobo is Borders partner• Wi-Fi• $129.99, ships in July• 1000 books, expandable up to 10,000 with 32M SD Card• Books: EPUB and PDF• Documents: PDF• Images: JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF• Text: TXT, HTML and RTF• Comic Books: CBZ and CBR
  20. 20. iRiver Story HD• first e-reader integrated with the open Google eBooks platform, through which you can buy and read Google eBooks over Wi-Fi.• retails for $139.99, is slim and lightweight with a high-resolution E Ink screen and a QWERTY keyboard for easy searching. It includes over-the-air access to hundreds of thousands of Google eBooks for sale and more than 3 million for free.
  21. 21. Apple iPad• 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS technology• 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi)• Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating• Support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously• Wi-Fi + Wi-Fi/3G models• 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB flash drive• Accelerometer• H.264 video up to 720p, 30 frames per second• Location based services
  22. 22. Apple iPad• Pros • Cons – Portable - smaller than a laptop, – Cost and ongoing data with connectivity options that are plans for ebook reading - up similar. to $830 + monthly 3G. – Can use any existing iPhone app. (although this is simply – Usability (on screen scaled up and can look odd) keyboard versus real – Uses a 1Ghz new Apple chip. keyboard) - there’s a dock – 10 hours of battery life. (very with a built in keyboard sold good versus a laptop, very bad separately to negate this. versus a Kindle) H.264 video – Heavier than a Kindle. up to 720p, 30 frames per second –Apps!!!!!!
  23. 23. The App Economy
  24. 24. Apples Are Not The Only Fruit
  25. 25. A Few Other App StoresAccording to Gartner, about 90% of app downloads in 2010came from Apples App Store. App Stores main competitorsare Android Market, Nokias Ovi Store, Research in Motions App World, Microsoft Marketplace and Samsung Apps.
  26. 26. The “App” EconomyCan an app be a book or..... maybe part of a book..... or maybe a book can be an app??
  27. 27. App StoresTotal Apple Apps Approved: 629,767Total Available iPhone Apps: 434,252Total Available iPad Apps: 147,758Total Available Mac Apps: 7,610 Source: http://148apps.biz (1/31/11)
  28. 28. Who Buys?• Median age is 33 for mobile media users • 40% are female• For mobile games the median age is 31 • 50:50 male:female split• Average person downloads 21 apps over life of iPhone (free and paid) • 11 are games Soure: Comscore
  29. 29. Most Important Category - Top 25 • Paid apps profit between $12K and $22K per day • Top 25 free apps will average >20K downloads per day • 54% of free apps have fewer than 1000 users so they cannot sell ads and don’t make money. • The average app is used ~30 days
  30. 30. • Puzzle game launched in December 2009 by Rovio Mobile (Finland based) • Over 12 million copies sold @ 99 cents • (12 million)*(99 cents) = $11.8 million • 70:30 split• Affordable • Developers: $8.316 million• Entertaining • Apple: $4.776 million• Easy To Use • Developers have kept game “fresh” with free upgrades.
  31. 31. Opportunities
  32. 32. XNA Development
  33. 33. iOS Development
  34. 34. Android Development
  35. 35. Back to “Books”..... Interactivity
  36. 36. Synch’ing
  37. 37. Why e-books?
  38. 38. EPub Files• The ePub format is an open standard used in many different devices to display books, newspapers and magazines. This format, unlike PDFs, is designed to flow; that is, content is not laid out on set pages with a set layout. Instead, pages are created by the device dynamically. This is what allows e-readers to change things like font size on the go.
  39. 39. EPub FilesDevices that use ePub files include:• The iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, via iBooks.• Android devices, via FBreader• The Nook• Sony Readers• The Kobo Reader• Any Windows, Mac or Linux machines, via a number of programs.
  40. 40. Creating EPub FilesExport from word processor:• Pages• InDesign• OpenOffice (download ePub generator plugin)
  41. 41. Creating EPub FilesCreating from scratch:• Sigil (can also repair existing ePub files) • tutorial• eCub• more at http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/free- multiplatform-tools-create-ibooks/• http://www.lexcycle.com/faq/ how_to_create_epub
  42. 42. Creating EPub FilesConverting from another format:• Calibre • e.g. Word to ePub • supports conversion to many formats• more at http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/calibre- ebook-management-synchronization-software- multi-os/
  43. 43. Creating an iPad e-book• the iBooks app supports electronic documents in the PDF and EPUB formats• To get these documents on to your iPad, just drag them to your iTunes library and they’ll be filed under Books in iTunes’ Source list.• Once they are you can select them for syncing in the Books tab that appears when you connect your iPad to your Mac.
  44. 44. Creating an iPad e-book • three hours to learn the basics of making an ePub book and put together a basic mockup using features, essays, image galleries and fiction from the site, and then copy to my iPad to test • Calibre can convert from ePub to the mobi format used on the Kindlehttp://shareable.net/blog/i-made-an-ipad-ebook-in-one- weekend-and-you-can-too
  45. 45. How to Publish a Book on Kindle 1. Create an Amazon account. Go to the Amazon site Digital Text Platform https://dtp.amazon.com/mn/signin? ie=UTF8&ld=AZEbooksMakeM 2. If you have an Amazon account, you will already be eligible to publish through Amazons Digital Text Platform.Read more: How to Publish a Book on Kindle | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_4912995_publish-book-kindle.html#ixzz1ALo3OHer
  46. 46. How to Publish a Book on KindleThoroughly edit the book you want to publishthrough Kindle.4. Format your book. You can upload books as: • Adobe PDF (avoid - formatting issues), • Word file, • plain text file or • HTML document.
  47. 47. How to Publish a Book on KindleUpload your book to the Digital Text Platform.using the built-in dashboard (You dont have topublish right away. You can upload a book and itwill remain on your bookshelf in draft form untilyou are ready to publish).6. Use Amazons template for writing a blurb for your book, entering author information and book pricing.
  48. 48. How to Publish a Book on KindleYou can publish your book with the click of abutton when youve uploaded your book andfilled out all of the information pertaining to thepublication. Your book will appear on Amazonwithin 72 hours.8. Use the dashboard to keep track of sales and to add more books.
  49. 49. https://kdp.amazon.com/self-publishing/signin
  50. 50. More on Calibre• free open-source utility• can convert from a wide variety of formats (CBZ, CBR, CBC, CHM, EPUB, FB2, HTML, LIT, LRF, MOBI, ODT, PDF, PRC, PDB, PML, RB, RTF, SNB, TCR, TXT) to a not-quite-as-wide variety of formats (EPUB, FB2, OEB, LIT, LRF, MOBI, PDB, PML, RB, PDF, SNB, TCR, TXT)
  51. 51. More on Calibre• can also • rescale font sizes, • detect and create chapters and tables of content, and • grab metadata (title, author, description, and cover image) from the Web.• Can also use Calibre to sync converted e-books to your connected iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.
  52. 52. Publishing on the iBooks storehttps://itunesconnect.apple.com/WebObjects/iTunesConnect.woa/wa/applyApplication: select books from the dropdown listOnce you click continue, youll see instructions/requirements and a link for a list of Apple-approvedaggregatorsHeres a support document - Best Practices:http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4168
  53. 53. Publishing on the iBooks store Technical Requirements:• An Intel-based Mac running OS X 10.5 or later• At least 1 GB RAM• QuickTime 7.0.3 or later. This is so you can encode and deliver content using our dedicated software.• At least 10 GB of available hard drive space (more for larger catalogs) is recommended.• A broadband internet connection with an upload rate of 128 kbps or faster is recommended.
  54. 54. Publishing on the iBooks store Content Requirements:• ISBNs for all titles you intend to distribute• Able to deliver book content in EPUB format, passing EpubCheck 1.0.5.
  55. 55. Publishing on the iBooks store Financial Requirements:• A U.S. Tax ID. Anyone (including non-U.S. residents) can obtain a U.S. Tax ID by phone, fax, or mail. If you dont have one, request one from the IRS.• A valid iTunes Store account, with a credit card on file• Apple does not pay partners until they meet payment requirements and earning thresholds in each territory. You should consider this before applying to work directly with Apple as you may receive payments faster by working with an Apple-approved aggregator.
  56. 56. Publishing on the iBooks storeAlternatively, use an Apple-approved aggregator.
  57. 57. Loaning a Book
  58. 58. Self Publishinghttp://issuu.com/mikedepalma/docs/instructionalmaterials/1
  59. 59. Self Publishing http://www.blurb.com/
  60. 60. Self Publishinghttp://www.lulu.com/index.php
  61. 61. Innovation
  62. 62. http://dotepub.com/
  63. 63. Instapaper Demohttp://www.instapaper.com/
  64. 64. http://www.crunchgear.com/2011/05/24/would-you-like-a-49-electronic-college-textbook-with-lifetime-updates/
  65. 65. http://www.businessinsider.com/amanda-hocking-2011-2?utm_source=Triggermail&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Business+Insider+Select&utm_campaign=BI_Select_022811
  66. 66. http://news.slashdot.org/story/11/03/09/0618234/Crime-Writer-Makes-a-Killing-With-99-Cent-E-Books?from=fb
  67. 67. Issues?
  68. 68. ContactsContacts: Michael T. Qaissaunee, Co-PI ICT Cdnter Brookdale Community College Lincroft, NJ Blog: q-ontech.blogspot.com/ Twitter: twitter.com/mqaissaunee! Email: mqaissaunee@brookdalecc.edu (732) 224-2879! Gordon F. Snyder, Jr. Executive Director / PI! ICT Center@ Springfield Technical Community College Springfield, MA Blog: ictcenter.blogspot.com Twitter: twitter.com/gsnyder Email: gordonfsnyder@gmail.com (413) 539-8900ex