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Audio Matter: An Intro to Podcasting & Storytelling

Presentation by Forum One and Goat Rodeo. June 2016.

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Audio Matter: An Intro to Podcasting & Storytelling

  1. 1. Audio Matters: An Interactive Intro to Podcast Technology & Creative Storytelling
  2. 2. Agenda Who We Are What We Do The Audio Industry Storytelling 101 Editing & Polishing Audio Content Breaking Into the Industry Q & A, Wrap-up #F1AudioMatters
  3. 3. Carlisle Sargent User Experience Designer, Forum One @carlislesargent Ian Enright Chief Executive Officer, Goat Rodeo @GoatRodeoDC
  4. 4. #F1AudioMatters
  5. 5. Why does audio matter? Seriously, what is so compelling about a podcast?
  6. 6. Podcast listeners, on average, consume 3-4 hours of podcasting per week. 1 out of every 5 Americans listen to at least one podcast per day. Podcasting listenership has increased 28% from 2015-16. 50% of Americans between 12 and 40 have listened to a podcast within the last month. Because people are listening to podcasts. #F1AudioMatters
  7. 7. Because the industry is growing. The recall rate of podcasting is 3x that of online video, 7x that of TV, and 26x that of print media. There is a 96% resell rate in podcast advertising as of 2015. More Americans listen to podcasts every month than they do Spotify. The average podcaster skews to have the highest sharing and social behavior online. #F1AudioMatters
  8. 8. Because the audience is captive. Among the 300,000+ workers in DC, 40% take public transportation. Otherwise, commute time is ~29.5 minutes. 70% of adults own a smartphone. 3 out of 5 drivers use a connected device to play media out of their car. #F1AudioMatters
  9. 9. “ -Everyone, Ever The best time to start a podcast was four years ago. The second best time is today.” #F1AudioMatters
  10. 10. Section 3: How to break into the audio industry. Let’s get started. Section 1: How to tell a compelling story using audio. Section 2: How to make that story sound professional and polished. #F1AudioMatters
  11. 11. Audio Storytelling 101 "...Have a big story, or have none at all." -Joseph Campbel
  12. 12. The big questions. Is my idea worth talking about? The formula: I want to do a story about X. It is interesting because Y. Who thinks so? How do I talk about my idea? If you are hosting a podcast, you’ll be speaking a lot. Creating an enjoyable storytelling method is key for returning listeners. How do I get others to talk about my idea? Be nice. Pry politely. Rely on your body language. Be a human being. #F1AudioMatters
  13. 13. What you don’t have in audio: ● Irony ● Built-in context ● Physical cues
  14. 14. What you do have in audio: ● A blank slate ● Inherent interaction with your audience ● A fast lane to your audience’s emotions
  15. 15. Learning to narrate a podcast. (Get used to hating the sound of your voice.) ● Script and outline your story. ● Get in touch with your emotions. ● Immerse yourself in the dirty details. ● Don’t be ironic. ● Tell your story from multiple perspectives. ● Just start talking. Listen: Nate DiMeo - The Memory Palace#F1AudioMatters
  16. 16. Frame your interview chronologically. “What happened first?” Ask the right questions. “Can you tell me about a time when…?” Mimic a therapist. Poker face without being a robot. The Art of the Interview. Create the right physical atmosphere. Your body language is their body language. #F1AudioMatters
  17. 17. The Beauty of Editing “Kill your darlings.” -Stephen King
  18. 18. There is no magic. 20% Gear. 80% Time. #F1AudioMatters
  19. 19. A light introduction to gear. (And a few of our other favorites.) Field Recorders: Zoom H6 Tascam DR-40 Microphones: Shure SM7B Heil PR40 Rode NT1A Blue Yeti #F1AudioMatters
  20. 20. Our Favorite Field Recorder: The Zoom H6 #F1AudioMatters
  21. 21. ● Audacity: Open source ● Hindenburg: Licensed, legit ● Audition: On the cloud ● ProTools: Oh you fancy Audio Editing Software #F1AudioMatters
  22. 22. #F1AudioMatters
  23. 23. #F1AudioMatters
  24. 24. What’s in a workflow? Annotate the entire thing. The more notes, the better. Smooth out all transitions. Find narration points. Listen to all of your recorded audio - just listen. Wireframe your story. Add narration, if needed. Post- processing. #F1AudioMatters
  25. 25. Get started in audio. "I’m an absolute beginner." -David Bowie
  26. 26. What we have learned along the way. If you’re bored, they’re bored. Listen carefully to your audio content and get rid of the moments that you lose interest. Where are you comfortable? Don’t tell stories about something that you don’t personally find interesting. It won’t translate. “Surf’s Up” Mic Rule Kowabunga, dude. Always keep recording. You will never regret having your mic on. #F1AudioMatters
  27. 27. Podcasting as human communication. Put life into campaigns, goals, and marketing. Reach your audiences in a way other organizations have not started to yet. Continue to enrich your brand. Engage your audiences more personally. #F1AudioMatters
  28. 28. Your primary audience will dictate your story. Listen to them. High risk storytelling means high reward content. Audio is forgiving. It’s okay to be new. Use the depth that you have already. Become a good editor. The rest is cake. The (audio) world is your oyster. There is a gaping hole in audio. Find your niche. #F1AudioMatters
  29. 29. That’s all folks! Questions, criticisms, AMA. #F1AudioMatters